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Thursday, February 12, 2009
I went to a "Lou Hei" Luncheon event at Expo, held by Singapore Expo last week. The perk of working in a publishing firm. :) It was themed " A Shanghai Afternoon" or something along those lines. We had to dress in an oriental style.

This lady was singing quite a few nice chinese songs from the 1980's. I like it alot!

It was more of a banquet style than a lunch buffet. There was about 280 people present. 8-course lunch can... not dinner , lunch.

Aha...The important post which i received today...A package in my mail box. From SPH...dedicated to me by my bf. :) Heat pads...might be for those cramps which i complained incessantly about.

The tag line on the heat pad : " Your Love Keeps Me Warm" and "I Have The Hots For You" Cliche...but i like..haaa

The Lovely card...not creative at all...design leaves much to be desired but it did create much anticipation in me. To buy the Sat's The New Paper. Cats Fastads on 14th Feb. :)

I am a happy girlfriend. VERY!!! :)


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11:34 PM

Monday, August 25, 2008
Life is pretty busy and hectic these two months. Work is great, I love my job but just need some time to adapt though.

Although im lesser of one friend, but nevertheless its good riddance. When i talk to someone, i claim those opinions to be my own, not exactly the truth but what i feel. I dun mind saying things to your face if you can take it. Along the way if things got out of perspectives and not the way it is stated in the initial way, then dont come and hound me.When i said apple, it turns out durian...you dun fucking come and ask me why i said durian rite. Stupid.

Anyway,i like to do things upfront, i can tell u how i feel abt you if i dun care how you feel. I can say, if you can take it.

Say we are not good friends, not up to her expectation. When i never see her do much for me when i was down and out. Keep asking us to go down and see her or whatnot, did she do the same for us when we require it without asking too? She got exams la, projects la, fyp la...then the two of us dun have ar? We sit around and meet her when she got probs ar. Diff expectation, fuck shit la...want us to do this and that for her when we see nothing coming from her.

Say i backstab her. Along the years i have no idea how many frnds whether in JI or out of JI, to have people asking me countless times "why are you still friends with her, she dun seemed like a nice friend, she always seemed to have attitude probs in sch, looks snobbish..." even with some close friends i tried to defend her. At some counts, i couldnt, i got it for backstabbing. Dun be stupid, i have always told you ur flaws, you can tell me mine. I just din wan to hurt you and tell you what people have been saying behind your back, i took it in, defended you when i could, not always but when i could. You dun appreciate its ok, dun fucking turned around after 6 years and say i badmouth you when i said more positive things about you to my frns, how loyal you could be, how you once stood by me in my bad times than the few flaws i mentioned about you (not the twisted truth part, thats not my fault, people twist their facts..not me).

When you retained, you told our friends that you didnt like JI and choose to leave the school to go poly. I stood by you, even you lied to our friends, i did not oust you, we did not leave you.

When you said you were once a hockey skater, but when we skated...you couldnt even skate in a straight line. you said its the shoes...I din care, as long as you were loyal and remain a good frn to us..we leave the lies and not expose you.

When you told a muture friend, you run 50 Km in 5 hrs. People asked you why were you so fast and all, were you sure about the timing. You got angry and asked to be respected and not underestimated. In the end, you got found out that due to some health issue, you did not finish the race, you skip some check points.

All in all, they are not an issue of life and death. Yet who wants an untruthful friend. Yet my good friend and i stick with this person for many years. We have not outcast her despite many things that happened in the past till this time. In the end, we got bitten back by saying we were lousy friends. I should have never stood up for her. Waste my time, in the end this is all i get. Next time look before i defend. See if its worth my effort. She arent. If you should have never tried, we were the once who should never. You are certainly not worth it.

She said i will get my karma for defaming her. Will i get my karma for defending her all this years ? For sticking by her? Defame? I would gladly tell you in your face, how i feel about you. Why is everyone leaving you? Why is your two "ex close friends" leaving you? Why is your ex bf and another of your current good friend saying same stuffs about you? You mean your character has no probs? I never claim to be a saint, just opinionated at times. Is it us or is it you? Ask us to reflect? We ask you to reflect...


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12:44 AM

Friday, June 13, 2008
The second place after Telok Blangah Park is the Henderson Waves...The place felt cooler as it is much higher up. I decided then to take black and white shots because there was alot of spaces and different sceneries. I felt that the change looked good on the pictures. I always feel that wedding shoot should have some black and white pictures as it connotes both tranquility and ever lasting images.

I like this range of pictures alot and i hope you enjoy them. These pictures are not taken professionally as i tried to take them before the photographer take his shot and then they had to change positions.


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12:14 AM

Thursday, June 12, 2008
The next day after my dear best friend got solomnised, i joined the newly wed at Emerald Hill for their make up @ Chris Ling. We went for her photoshoot at the Waves (henderson Hill Top walk) and the Telok Blangah Park. The photographer was really quite professional and took really good pictures. I was the errand girl that day. Busy lugging bags and passing out tissues to our HOT yet Happy couple. It was funny seeing lovely takes and when the camera was outta the way..Philip immediatly attempts to take off his jacket and lynn opens her fist revealing tissue to wipe her forehead. The photographer stood quite far away hence i had no choice but to follow suit as i cant be in the picture. Thats why these pictures are taken so far away...thats the best i can zoom. I think im quite a good photographer too. haa Good shots? No?


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11:31 PM

Ahhhh...im beginning to hate blog spot already. Blardy blog spot refuses to show me my pictures while i blog. So now i cant tag all the pictures below cos i duno which is which. Anyway... These are pictures frm Lynn- ROM day at labrador park @ The Moon Ladder. The Food was great. The company was great. The MCs and lynn's dad were super fun. It was a success i would say. The fun-est ROM i have ever been. Below the pictures are of Marian,Lynn,me. And the beautiful Bride herself...she is gorgeous i tell you. Kenny and i..the drivers unite. haha and the Jo-Jo couple ;) This is Lynn walk in....The funky music together with her unique style of marching in with philip...took the audience by surprise. I wasnt expecting it hence the camera was jerking up and down...cos i was laughing away.Sorry for the bad filming...Part 2 will be up next. KL road trip too!! Im back dudes

P.s sorry the video seemed to have some probs. will try again tonite


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5:28 PM

Sunday, May 18, 2008
Its a long time since i last blogged. Basically this entry is to summarise what i have been up to the last couple of weeks. :)
Before my last two papers, part of the Padai were already in the holiday mood. Coz Alvin was gg back to army while we were itching for a ktv session. So we went..
We took a group photo together with a new member- Jian Xing whom i feel sing "da du nan" very nicely. haha

Happy happy~~ I wish the happiness would always stay. The dress nice right? He has got good taste. ;)My very own T.W.U. hahhaa

He brought me to a very nice place for dinner. I have no idea whats the name of the restaruant...but the food wasnt bad, ambience was fantastic...and of cos i looove the dessert. :)

Holidays are to be spent at the beach. I love Sentosa...Batam!!!

After my LAST PAPER!! Josh bought me to NO SIGNBOARD at Vivo..he says last paper liao, shld get some good food. I love Crabs! Dont you??

The ferry to Batam and back...It was all very fun. Luckily he got me my motion sickness pills,panadols and medicated oil. Which makes my trip a better one. No motion sickness ar! :)
I had lotsa fun mates in Batam- Mariam, Xia Yan (must be pronounced the way as in her voice mail...slow and sexy..hehehhe Just kidding XY..hehe), GQ my partner in crime.

Did i Mentioned i love A&W , i love root beer float and curly fries. :)

And its time to make it up to Brandon...so many years, he always come down to JP to find me n Gq when we were busy with our stuffs. So its time GQ and i travel down to Northpt for some LIL 3Some bonding session. hahah As usual, we ordered tons of food, completed with lotsa jokes..the company was absolute great fun. :)


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我不配- 周杰倫 I'm Not Worthy [Wo Bu Pei] - Jay Chou MV
Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Awhh...so sad. :( haiii

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4:33 PM

Its the exams time again...This semester is the worst. Gotta mug real hard. 3 more papers till freedom!
Meanwhile...my lovely Best friend is getting MARRIED!!! IM SO EXCITED! Let you catch a glimpse of the bride to be. ;)

Pretty Hor!..My best friend. Of cos la~

Chocolates never fail to bring a smile to my face... ahh.. Chocolates. ;)


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12:20 AM

Monday, April 07, 2008
ahh...i have got 5 mins left to blog before i venture to my tuition kid's house. Im under his condo, beside a swimming pool, enjoying the sunset.. darn cool rite?? GO DIE LA. SO many mosquitoes here can...TMDDD haha

Last Week, i went to IMM with dear Ms How and i saw two of my ex school mate. One is Wei Yang, who just got married last year. He was with his wife and his wife is Pregnant!!! so cute...i asked their permission to touch her tummy. hehehe

Than when i went out of IMM i saw a car...with flurry stuff at the dashboard. I was like...oh my god..whats with the fur..haha in the end, the car turn's out to be Edmund's. He was waiting for his gf. Gone were the days when he sported the HELLO KITTY car. Fur is in now...with bling bling....haa...


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