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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
When life starts to swirl around and becomes a blur , it usually kinda means that you are confused..Because nowadays i seemed to be having too much fun that im not entitled to.
All the zillion of crazy things that i recently do...eating ice cream and running around at FAr East plaza..going to sentosa in the middle of the night to wait for CHERyl's friend to get off work (hmm..see im soOO nIce to my cHeryl keke)

Anyway recently im very happy too (though still abit upstrung sometimes cos SAmantha made me wait for her 2hrs at bugis junction yesterday...) cos i have met someone whom i can click very well with...and people who shared the same interest as i do (guess ?) -Volleyball!~
However i seemed to perpetually upset people though...getting myself into lots of trouble. I guess THats okie..i will try harder and make sure i don't have people getting angry with me anymore...

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11:34 PM

nEarby every 7-11 there will always be a CHEErs!~
Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Did you realise that anywhere you go , with every 7-11 there's always a Cheers Store somewhere nearby. Coincidentally , one would reflect upon it and realised that Cheers (maybe)is linked to the State , (NTUC? i forgot...if u know please tell me) and its location seems to be extremely favourable. For example at Lakeside Mrt station , a Big Cheers store was built out of nowhere and the CHeers culture has since started to infuse into other MRT stations like tampines , Kallang ... I really wonder at it's amazing ability to "chop" all these wonderful locations which is practically always crammed with people . Sometimes i find myself viewing these Bright neon lights stores with bad vibes because i find them spinkled with Favouritism from the G**(oops ..cant say that ** word if i wanna continue living in Spore..hahaha).
By the way , the structure of the shop , the shelfs , the counter ..even down to the Ice-MIlo , Instant cup noodles being sold in Cheers...other than its Bright yellow uniform and the shop Sign outside , One may find themselves in a "imitated 7-11" . For all the talks that our country rattled on and on about "piracy" and creativity ..i find it ironic that all these Cheers stores "sprouted" up soo fast and furious ,with all its branches soo coincidentally near 7-11. I mean it aint fair is'nt it , that the 7-11 culture took them soo long to cultivate in our local hearts , their unique management style and instilled "Ice MIlo, other ice blended drinks and instant noodles " into their stores when "overnight" another company (simply just change the name ) just copied their idea and improvise upon it (as some branches even sell Laksa and Dumplings) and TA-Da...
Half of 7-11 market shares are gone and profits will be shared with his "Half brother" .

However please don't mistake me as one who likes a Strong firm dominating the market (monopoly) cause i do not really encourage that too. I dont mind the fact that there are more 24 hrs stores around (who in their right mind would? ). Anyway , i just find it Unfair but i aint gonna complaint cos we- consumers get to benefit..hahah SO after all these grumbling , Its okie!~

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8:59 PM

lOve VolleybaLL!~!
Monday, August 23, 2004
Last saturday i went with Pearl to watch my friend's team playing a match against Pasir ris C.C....the matches were exhilerating man..
Hence i decided that whenever i have the chance i should always take time off to watch matches (good ones of course..) .

Anyway this few days i have been out with this friend of mine...who is soo much fun that helps me enjoy and relax throughout the outing..Does'nt matter whether we were in queensway or J.p , we seemed to have soo much fun that even the retailers and salemen are amused by our public display of immaturity. Even crossing the roads , we manage to self entertained ourselves and laugh along the way. Just Love this lIfe!~! :P
And Everyone outta there , do take some time away from ya stressful activities or routine events , inject some Fun into ya busy schedules and shove away all guilt thoughts (for 1 day only haha).
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11:06 PM

Hows EveryOne??
Sunday, August 22, 2004
Hmm...Many days went by withou blogging..hafta suppressed all my sudden thoughts and incidents that i witnessed and wanted to share it with everyone ..but i could'nt. Due to the fact that i had not unpacked my computer (last few weeks) cos i was simply lazy..keke

My Emotions nowadays: Feeling Cranky and escalating stress that is building up as the nearing of my Prelims . Could'nt seemed to endure any sort of inconsistancy from any of my friends ( the insincerity,the lateness etc..) although i know that i suffer from these bad habbits myself ..but i just cant seem to be as understanding as i used to . Because in the past i was'nt this stressed and uptight and probably able to take in more craps than present ,and with all the problems that my close friends are experiencing right now..that kinda limit my patience.
One should probably fathom that my short temper does not occur because im stressed (only) but that in the past im more equipped to deal with their lack of sensitivity , irresponsibility and "heck care " attitude (not that im claiming that im a saint or anything of that sort but plz try to understand that i cant always be kind and nice to you especially when i used to have a past record of being a "tactless and easily frustrated" person )

Deeply embedded into the culture of being a motif -> "Nice and Understanding " person (at least credit for no lack of trying right? haha) i just wanna *wave a white flat and give up now.
This is my limit , i deperately wanna be the "spoilt brat ME" , The "dun mess with me " and please don't take me for granted ...Please dO CAre and lavish your concern on me because despite all the advices that i once dealt out and trying to seem nonchalance about the emotional burden that is rapidly piling up..*I seriously need care and understanding now..

Actually i know that my inner circle of friends may feel that " Jolyn ..actually u are also a selfish , timely short tempered , impatient person who is only constant at being late (which is a paradox as i hate people who are late..eh come to think of it , its not ironic because i don't like to wait for people thats why im always late ..to avoid the waiting part ..*SErious* ) Therefore i aint the nice and understanding person as i claimed to be (in above paragraphs) . I Agree...but lemme tell you although what i give out to everyone , may not be the best or the nicest treatment that one have experienced but IT IS THE BEST THat I HAVE and Tried sO HARD OVER THE yEArs to CUltivate ..ITS NOT EASY..THIS IS the BEST that i can Offer although it may not seem much to most or any of you.
LAstly this is'nt a battle with anyone outta there (except Alevels ) but a battle within the struggling me . I yearned to be as Happy , as Carefree as i portrayed but one knows that *Appearance does not amount to Reality * and maybe no one will know the way im feeling currently as the intricate mask that i have mastered over the years have been polished finely.
One Loophole exist ..when last friday pearl keeps bugging me for the reason to my repetitive *sighz* which was when i realised that i was'nt putting up a good front as i normally would. Guess she saw through me even before im willing to let anyone get a glimpse of the *sad* me .

WHY am I lIke this?? *i DUnno..you tell me? Lastly i love to share a sentiment with you , that i found ,which rings rather familiar to me ->Its necessary for me to state that I saw clearly that it would be a dishonour to myself to even continue an acquaintance with such a one as you had shown yourself to be ?That i realised the ultimate moment had come and recognised it as being a great relief? ( If you thought that this comment is for my friend then you are dreadfully wrong cos its not. Or if the tone of this comment sound hurt and spiteful then please let me lament that in my case its not either..as Oscar wilde stated there ..Its Pure relief..To reflect and attain enlightenment)
COnclusion : I Hope this entry will not offend anyone cos its not meant to be . Its just a spur of feelings that im experiencing right now ..im just not particularly elated right now..hence please don't start getting upset with me okay? tHanKz. :p
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9:06 PM

Feelings of a drifter...
Thursday, August 12, 2004
Guess by now i would have realised that im a drifter..from hobby to hobby...friends to friends..(although i only drift around the same few groups of friends...) drift from one favourite clubbing place to another shamelessly...Maybe nothing has ever strike me as Important or exciting that i would have to commit myself forever ..like a Full time Exclusive Membership. As my elder brother once lamented..im a "san fen zhong re du" ..that my frivolous desires will vanish sooner or later after i achieve my "self-actualisation" from any activities.

However my friend..(i cant reveal her name....See SaM i Sooo nice to You! haha) once said im (still is) an opinionated person. I wonder how in the world i could Stick so strongly to one view but lack this form of determination in other areas. eh Maybe im not opinionated??Ermz..cant be..because fact reveals that IM...so i probably should change this bad habbit of mine. keke
Lastly ..guess if i could commit myself to 1 view..maybe i could just ..just learn to not to be a drifter anymore..
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9:15 PM

Disconnected from the Virtual World..
Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Ahh..Just shifted house and everything is in a chaotic manner...I will not be able to online till sept arrives...as thats when my phone line is diverted to this flat..*arGhz..
ANyway the last weekend has been a blast for me..(always getting home at 6am ..) although my mum wasnt very pleased with me ..she wants me to *clean up my room..(ME...clean up??Broom??...the consequences are dire...)
Last Friday=tired out after moving furnitures..slept throughout the day and missed Weekeong"s syncronised dance.. (heard it was rather funny...all the slap- stick steps..)
Sat: Went to NTU's bash ..because Ruo jia dragged me along , luring me with the idea of a beauty pageant held that day..In the end i did not get to watch the pageant because we were late . Initially the crowd seemed alright ...However the music was not. Its was playing retro... *dying..till 1am the DJ started playing R&B . WOah....It was FUN...*FUN!~! hahhahaha
Thats how i managed to hang out till 5am....NEwsroon Bar Rocks!~!hahhaha
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9:56 AM

Whats up nowadays??
Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Hi guys..hmm the reason why i aint updating my blog this few days is because of a slight technical problem..and just to let everyone get an idea and enjoy some sort of entertainment. I have decided to let you..take a look at the complaint letter that i feedback to S** firm ...I was rather pissed at the point of time hence do disregard any incoherent points that you have notice later.
P.S this is purely for entertainment purposes, although sad to say ,i did submit this feedback *yES! Because of the opportunity cost involved in this case- i was unable to go online and blog or msn due to this (im using Dial up you see..hehehe)

COMPLAINT letter in a *Informal tone*

This feedback is regarding the quality service of ur employees (phone number:1608). Though i did not take down the name of the 2 female operators whom weren't Polite thus leaving me with an extremely bad impression of your company. Due to the fact that i paid my telephone bill -phone number:_ (after it was disconnected) ,using AXS machine on August04. On top of that, i made a call to your operating service to enquire when the line would be connected back and was told by your operator that it would be reconnected within 24 hours.(This indian or malay lady had an extremely bad tone of answering my enquiry.Time: around 9+pm) But this was not the case,as i waited patiently but still after 25 hours my line was not reconnected. Therefore leaving me with no choice but to give your operators a call again and this female operator that i spoke to , "decided" to inform me that AXS machine needed 2 days to allow the bill to be process through . This leads me to question their inconsistency in answering my enquires.
Another upsetting issue: why do **** firm (i decided not to tell u the name of this prestigious company in case i get sue for it..keke) allows one to pay bills through AXS machine but let it takes 2 days to process. Why is this process so inflexible?? Is'nt it a waste of my time if i paid immediately but it still have to take 2 days? And Why cant your after 8pm (1608) employees attend to this payment Immediately instead of telling me to wait till tomorrow while the "billing personnels" will attend to me??IF these employees are already paid to attend to TECHNICAL problems, cant *** (firm) have JOB ENLARGEMENT , widen their scope of job content and allow them to have access to the "Billing, Payment,reconnection"? SInce they are working during the night and i believe that there are many more unhappy residents who are not satisfied with this form of service of waiting while *** firm has a ready pool of employees working . Im regret to lament that all these bad services and inflexiblity may be due to *** being the BIGGest telecommunication and the ONLY telephone Service company that we have. This Monpoly of the market has allowed your firm to degenerated into upmost incompetence. My family and i are extremely displeased and wish to elicted a satisfied response regarding the issues (services and others as stated above) from your management team if not im sorry that i may have to bring this up to our local SPH or other interested parties who is willing to entertain my feedback.

EH..after proof-reading this informal letter again , i actually felt that it is more hilarious than expressing my displeasure ..hmm and judging from the technical jargons that i use in this letter , Miss Tee and mRs Ching who are my mgt teachers may be proud of me..if this complaint proved to be of no avail. ANyway ppl outta there, do not take this seriously and scold me if you see me..cos its not meant to be taken that way. :p Whether this letter is fabricated by me + Cheryl (my accomplice..dun deny..) or its real...Thats for me to know and one's imagination to guess. Hmm Maybe ..just maybe ..i have a flair for writing complaint letters..keke..(even nonsense letter like this..need talent hor..)
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11:41 PM

FreakiNg Life....
Monday, August 02, 2004
SLeep for afew hours ...go school and attend lessons..go home and sleep (keke)while everyone stays in school and mugged like crazy ,then up again to revise and online...Back to LALa LAnd to sleep again...ANd it continues till A level. Where's my lIfe? MY fUN? MY KtV???Ahhh , nope...i hafta give up on all these , as according to Ivan LIm..we cant even smell the university...Wahaha
THAts the crude way to saying it..but maybe its true... Regardless of all my individualistic ideas (if i have any..) im still enslaved to the social codes as all are. Why???...MAybe i should go and live in TIMBATU...with Mdm ZArinah who seems to love this place alot as she always mention it in lessons. :)
My FAv LInes : Is woman a thinking unit at all or simply a fraction always wanting its integer?
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10:13 PM

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