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Saturday, July 21, 2007
Yes, It is as the picture suggested ..my blog entry is this random. ;)

Finally i decided to blog just for blogging purposes. It
has been a long time since i blog for leisure, by not
mentioning the events that i went to or what mischiefs
i had been up to.
Thus a random post ahead, it is the "essay time" so called , by
helaine which was a name tagged about my blog entries b4 i
introduced pictures into http://www.reeluv84.blogspot.com/

My blog i garner, may never be the exciting cum "happening"
blog ever in the blogsphere or even provide a good read during
one's boring blogs surf at night. However my blog did reach it's
main purpose for the past 4 years in which this blog site was
created, which is to pen out my thoughts and allow friends
whom i seldom contact and go out with recently, to at least
know where i have been and what i have been up to. My blog
keeps my friends updated about my boring life-not, and it is as
if my blog readers/friends are with me, in this part of an
extended version of me and my life.. Thus blog-
reluv84..Thanks, You have been a great help to me. ;)

Why then "reeluv84" which is such a childish name, many may
wonder...(eh wait maybe nobody ever wonder about my blog
name...with "LINKS" and "favourite", no one bother to
remember web site's name anymore..such a pity.) Well, the
reason (whether you wana noe or not, im going to tell you as
Cheryl Poon once lamented, "It Is My Blog, i put anything, any
pictures i want..You Can dont read..." haa) which is many
many years ago i had to put a name for my Icq nick..yesh to
many people like Siling, Cheryl, Mat and Glynis..we do have a
generation gap...in our secondary school time..we used Icq the
way Msn is being used nowadays. With an urge to get a quirky
yet elusive identity, i came up with reeluv84(The yr i was
born) , it is ok liao hor..dun hiam...You guys were lucky..My Irc
Nick used to be MiyuKI ok...afew years b4 i got stuck onto
Icq..it was Miyuki k.
If not you guys could be coming to
http://www.miyuki84.blogspot.com/ ar.. count yourself
lucky..how bad was that yea? Dont blame me for the cliche...it
was the Jpop times when i was still badly smitten with the
Jdrama then.

The Window to your heart..has us in it. :)

I was debating with dear Keongie (latest nick..muahaha..he is

so gonna kill me when he sees this..Wee wee was bad

enough..) over a cup of coffee and of course a cup of iced milo

with toast for me.. about Choice in life. which goes somewhere

along this line--->

Do we really have a choice in life? If yes, why did Jude and

Sue ended up the way they did in Jude The Obscure? Is

Determinism a facade sprayed with human's stubborness to

conform, yet laying blames to fate for whatever happen to

them? Is Fate really a mirage to confuse man in his quest

towards a better quality of life, and yet fail ? For many things in

life, i believe there is a choice..one can choose to do

this..this..that to achieve his dream which was Keongie's stand

that day.

My stand being the fact that everyone has the choice for most

things in life however with afew exceptions. One being you can

never choose to be born or Not to be born, what if i never want

to be born? I want to be a soul wondering about (not in the

errie sense ok, just spiritual sense..a soul that has somewhat

of a mind) what if i wanna be a blade of grass swaying about in

morning breeze, a dew that last for a few hours a day, wind or

even a drop of rain? Just because you cant see their brain in a

tangible sense, doesnt mean these things arent alive as in

alive per se..

Jude being the sentimental guy he was, almost thought he

could hear the grass screaming in pain when people step

upon them, R.Dahl once wrote in one of this books that grass,

trees and other living things could "speak" and communicate

but we never seemed to know or even fathom that they could

have that ability.

Do you have a choice , being born into the particular family you

are in? In golden spoon, silver spoon or rather for many of

us..the wooden or Plastic spoon in Singaporean's context. So

lets say, after arriving in this so called Earth ( i dunno who

gave Earth this name, now that i mentioned this...it is like

Millennia Institute..a name so pompous..Only geeky people

can come up with names like this..If we had a more creative

ancestor, this world could actually be named as "Quirk",

"SONAR"-probably another geek who comes up with this

name, "Shiok"- confirm a Singaporean...too bad Singapore

wasnt literally or politically speaking even born yet..hahaha.

Shit, i kinda digress eh..Back to topic)

After arriving in this world, dressed in pampers and milk bottle,

do you think from then on in every single thing you do..You

have a choice? Most people feel so, that people who blames

fate are people who are weak and lazy to work hard for

success...these people are usually the workaholic and do turn

out to be successful people in the end.

However for me, in most things...we are given a choice ..you

can choose to be what you wanted, but sometimes no matter

how hard you try the ending results may never be the aim of

your choice initially. You are left with a choice then, to be

satisfied with current situation or not and attempt another shot

again. Yes, you always have a choice, but is the choice -

>a,b,c,d what you really wanted? What if what you wanted is

not in the multiple choice answers given to you in life? Can we

then have the segment-Others:______ , so that we can write

out what exactly that we want out of life? Can we?

Are our life limited by the multiple choice answers given to us

in this test of Life? If yes, can i opt for Comprehension instead?

At least i can write out a unique answer that i want and not

bound by the red tape perimeters of society.. Can i dont


Is your success/failure a

reflection of your actions?


Penned @
6:54 PM

Tuesday, July 17, 2007
I say Let the pictures speak, shall we?

I was pushed to the front to play some sorta game, it was dictated by none other than Sun Tze..another VP. They are really quite fun and everyone rather sporting i say. Me too!

Thats roughly our 4th floor department. Not too bad eh? Im the lil one at the left hand side.
Drink UP la...Ok in my own words..that would be "Lim La..."
Aha...Thats one of our intern. Krister and i. They are rather fun to be with , ehum *disturbed* haa
Another Intern , Juan.. I kinda hmmz had a hunch that he likes ehum FfffffIiiiiOOOOnnnna... but well, just a guess. ;) The Crazy guy dancer. ;) He is hilarious. Too Bad he is into the famous Fiiiionnnaa.. haa

Claudia and me. Fun girl..always chat her up when i have the chance ( to go to the loo)
Its the kissing game all over again

ANdrew n Fiiiioooona. Dont they look nice together? hehe


Penned @
11:59 AM

Friday, July 13, 2007
1st..before i start writing about last thursday , our company event at St James-Bellini, the pictures currently here are all "kop" from Siling's blog. I will upload afew more photos when i go to my company's computer and transfer them to my thumb drive and into my blog.

I never wanted to be one of those girls who blog incessantly about clubbing, drinking, PARTYING..and drinking...it seemed as if life has nuthing much to offer if your life revolved around clubbing ONLY. My life used to be somewhat around there afew years back, well almost 3 years back i fathom. Those were the days we go Dlb O, Mdm Wong (yesh..back then it was one of the popular clubs..haa) , Mambo Nites, Phuture, Velvet (which i did not really enjoy the music) , MOMO and even MOS on certain occasions i entertained. Well, that seemed to be quite some time back when Lynn, Marian, Cheryl and i plus the Jinx group from Shatec or Jasmine, Samantha, Shan, Jing Fang and even Joanne clubs every week. That was then and that was one passing phrase which could never back tracked in time and returned as a slot in my time card i guess.

Right now, i cant imagine clubbing every week lest twice a week. haa..I guess most of my friends who clubs then, think the same way too. Working takes alot outta us even though i dont work as hard ( Hey wait, i do..haha..Im busy oki..just that im able to msn ..hahaa)
Well, what brought upon that thought was COZ LAST THURSDAY WE HAD A COMPANY FUNCTION AT BELLINI. haha All thanks to Jennifer and Tammy that the YADA YADA SISTERHOOD gets to join in the Buffet Dinner cum Chilling Session. I kinda grew attached with this company, we had lotsa funTimes.
1st Team: 3 Crazy gals. ;)

Yada Yada Sisterhood With our VP!

The jokes we made in the bus, teasing Andrew and FffffIOOoNA was hilarious. The day everyone including the upper management let loose their hair..drinks came in trays after awhile. Food were not to be enjoyed, just devoured hungrily and fill stomachs so drinking became an option. I drank afew glass throughout the night, was high but sober. Organisation functional and management lines of authority blurred when one enters the door into the club. The intern danced and eat with the upper management, all the scoldings, the snobbish ways of not interacting much with the "lower caste" were discarded as everyone mixed around like Fruit Punch.

The small lil insignificant Me actually went to kinda ehum shout for my CEO when Jennifer casually mentioned that our CEO was within view. (KIV) That night Lulu and CEO was very much in our line of vision...haha.. CEO asked me if i ever thought of "pocketing any of his name cards." I reckon ,1: i must be outta my mind, 2: i must be feeling honest that night, 3: i must be alil tipsy although i drank little ( i told you guys i dont drink , right???!)

At first i thought i heard him wrongly but after awhile when he caught me walking aimlessly back , he asked the same question again. I ANSWERED : "YES!" WTH??? I seriously am one girl who never conform or perform the required normal mannerism of saying " No sir..i have never thought of it.." Stupid me went to say " Yes, but i never did. BTW did you guys attend functions mainly to received name cards? There was a Huge stack you know? (At that instant, my eyes widened and asked the question as if it was an intelligent question which would IMPRESS ANY CEO." Sigh..im outta my mind.

But he laughed it off and we had quite a short chat which he introduced to me the Marketing VP and he asked her to intro The Editor of Stomp and Straits Time to me when she had the chance,

but well we all know that talk are all just talk when it is within the four walls of the club. So well, Back to the PPpppAARTTTy lar.
The blue guy is our Ceo and the purple top lady is another VP.

Thats where the pictures come in..the fun joy of inter level socialising- Dancing. I say ..aint OUR HOTLINE HOT?? yesh...hahhaa Cos one of the philiphines intern was dancing really funnily. ( i will upload the pic soon)

we are at the highest leve(eh 4th floor mah)l..Thus we rulez i say. ;)

We had Joy, we had Fun..we have ppparttty at BELLINI. Bottoms UP laaa
Well on another note, Wk and i chatted about everything under the sun and i realised certain things. One being both of us aint that into clubbing which kinda includes Cheryl, Siling and Leb leb into our club. Wk and i probably preferred pubs, cafes , places which we can slack comfortably and hear ourselves well. It is really nice to be able to chat with my bf about anything, discuss our life, aspirations, meaning/s of life, concepts of Choice in life, the vagueness of Time concept and other man made concepts throughout the few homo sapian's generation.


Penned @
11:34 PM

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
Tada~~ The Famous yet cute body builder.

She is the funniest and nicest gal i ever met. I present. SSSS-IOOONA, the Body Builder. Part Timing as FHM model too but i dun have the video today.

Then i will present my cute buddy cum friendly co-mates-Senniferrr

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Now my Team Leader. The Xmas season is here eh? - PRAMMY

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

FUn le!!! Haa..Working has it's up n down. But there were many perks and fun guys around for me to ponder long. The Gal in swimming pool once lamented "its the attitude..be positive. You can choose to be sad and it will not change anything."
Ever since Samantha went to Shanghai, not many people can tell me things that bluntly yet bring their point cross effectively.
Im always the more rational, straight to the point person but for once in my life..i find it a tad harder than usual to keep going on brightly. But i found the "unusual production"- positive thinking person in a swimming pool. I fathom at the end of that day , its easier to give up and soak in pity ..but i wun take the easy way out (especially when my hp bills and transport fees are gonna go on strike if i quit.) plus nice ali found me this job full of lovely people...its bad mannerism to not prove my worth.

Jia You... GO Go Go as my Pa di Xiong. He is my Sticker pad..im the STICKER LA! ;) Im the GOU YO POH..haa
This quote comes from him and not me.."If im the Coke then he is the ice that i relinquished and need every time i drink coke."

I miss the girls..its a long time since we 4 gather at Rochester 1.

My Best friends...i miss you guys lots. Lynnieee, yan yan, Cheryl WONG of cos...where R U??????


Penned @
12:52 AM

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