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Monday, April 30, 2007
Story of Lovoly
Due to msgs i received the past few days..i decided i shall come clean with everyone. The way RnB did..Oh RnB stands for Rachel n Brandon. Hahhaa.. So yea here goes the story. I made it with pictures n less words. A chapter of my Story. Here goes.. Dun need to speculate, dun need to ask me..Im telling you the story now... ;)

This is The main lead.. Oei not i bhb la..My story le..of cos im the main lead la. A few years ago..in a school that looked more like a factory than a junior college. She met a guy who looked more like a malay than a chinese. I wondered how come i have a malay in my chinese class. So powerful ar.
The other main Lead..The left side not the right side guy la. Right side guy taken liao..wait the left side one oso.. :)Aiyah his eyes so small, open or close the same.

2002 is when the story starts. We all became friends. Especially the 4 of us. Year 1 , and we started having lotsa fun. Noo... he likes some pretty gal at 1st. I not pretty what bo bian. ;)Then after Ji ..He MIA..due to some Known reason which i shall not say. haa...We were neglected for many years. Last year, the lost sheep joined the herd back during our class Xmas outing. LAo pa Sat...His eyes is still small, he is still as black Erms...TANNED. And yes..me..rounder
The Crazy days start all over again. He does have all the weird ideas. He is always a guy of few words yet somewhat fun loving at times.

Then March i presume..we sent our beloved Samantha off...

Then we all went to JB with Gq taking the pics. The usual SMS n long chats over the phone. He is a good friend yet something more.
With the friendship as foundation.. the past few years , gave him a textbook that i cant never cover up with. He knows who im ..i Cant act demure and nice . I cant lie about being a serious and studious gal cos he knew me way back when i was 17..And he need not lie abt him not being blur, being punctual and all. Cos way back during past examinations, he sit INFRONT of me, we were both 10 minutes late for Exam. And we stroll in..we did. Our lockers were Messy and PACKED..when you open them, things tumble out. Our desks were organised mess as quoted from Samantha.
We remained the same , yet we changed abit. We are still blur, still not punctual for appointments, Still messy...
And we are Happy. We are stubborn.. Im impatient...but he understands.
This is where we start the story. You seen the first chapter. Lets hope he will be a tad more patient with me yea.


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11:39 PM

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Muahaha..Im stuck at home. Dun wana read notes. So bored. DUn get me started. but i did.haa

Life is somewhat hard to fathom over the years

It kinda gets you puzzled

coz the older you go,

the more you dont know.

I used to think i was a kid

not afraid of the impossibility.

But as Time passes

I feel as if i could defeat alot of things

But only if im smarter,


And more Eloquent.

If life dealt me a bad hand

There is basically nothing much to do,

Except to say i can.

I can Climb not the highest mountain

But i know i can climb Bukit Timah Hill.

I can swim not in the deepest sea,

yet i know i can swim in Nus normal pool.

I can Sing not like jon leong (im not a guy nor a professional singer what)

But i can sing without the Kbox glass cracking.

I wana lay like this forever..

Lie with you it seemed

In library level 6 it is.

Im sorry if you decided to shift to level 5

Cos then i cant lie..

Lie beside you that is.

Cos i have never heard you sing,

I disturb you simply only for the fun of things.

Yet you looked at me, as if thinking im your fan

Jolly well wrong you are

Coz the only person i ever admire


Even though i said im nothing much fantastic

But to Me..Im pretty much so

If not the best..to you that is

But to me..im the best i can ever be..

The best i can ever have.


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11:11 PM

Life in Library is indeed boring. Everyone seemed to either be mugging, sleeping or playing games on their lap top. Alvin is the worst, he even bring remote controller to play Winning Eleven with Jian Xing. Im reading but nothing seemed to get through the thin skull, into the THICK BRAIN which i DO HAVE..YESH i HAVE OKOK!!!

Anyway Samantha sent me a poem her friend wrote the other day and Brandon showed me 1 too. Hmmz..i have the inspiration to write 1 too. Since im bored.I shall attempt a short yet sweet one. *Dedicated especially To YOU la* muahaahaha

When we go to the Movies,
I feel all so Happy but
You lose the tickets
and make me feel so pek chek..

I wana eat a simple Dinner
You said ok
I thought we were gonna eat "ZAP CAI PENG"
In the end You brought me to SUN TEC
and we ate KUISHINBO

I wanna eat Char Kuey Tiao
You brought me to eat Botak Jones
And yet everything seemed to fall into place
When i see your Botak Burgers.

I Thought i was nice
I went Novena to find u for lunch..
You came CCK, CLementi and JP for Lunch and Dinners
I brought You Muji Chocolates along the way.
You brought me Roll ROyce, CHOC and raisin chocolates
all also along the way.
Which way did you go,
i wonder?
How come all longer and nicer ways than mine?

I love chocolates
You love everything
I love Chicken
You Love Fish
I Like Samantha
You Like Brandon
Samantha like brandon
Noo...not our Brandon
I disturb Brandon
You Disturb Samantha
Wait..Its getting messy
I stop here

How come my poem doesnt ryhme?
Yet my meaning did its time
and told you what was meant to be said
It was simple
yet not easy
It took lotsa courage
and lotsa free time(apparently)

Im just bo liao in library. So all dun come ask me hor. You dun like the poem leave it..i never say im good at writing poems what. hahaa...This is the SINGLISH POEM K


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3:41 PM

Sunday, April 22, 2007
Whenever i Mug...there is always lotsa temptations luring me forth. I wan no temptations but i get lots. I succumb to Xiao Jing's calling and my Best Friends outing to Rochester. Im glad i went cos it happened to be some sort of 1st month celebration cum catching up for Lynn and Marian @ their new jobs. The place was fantastic..im gg back there for some lovely dates...No dates then i date my best friends lo. ;)

Anyway im still stuck in School , LT 10 tables with the cool wind blowing and stress piling ..reaching my neck in a moment i tell ya. Tml is the supposedly birthday party of the 3 XGCs memebers -K.H , SHarann and Jarrod. I cant attend cos its too far away at Seng kang and im not prepared for next week papers. So yah i aint going. XGC gave me lotsa memories with the nerd parties that was uber fun. Xmas party cum Danny birthday at Hilton was quite a party too. I miss them at times. But yea.. HAppy Birthday although i doubt they read my blogs. But as they says , its the thoughts that count aint it?

XGC's Parties..the few that i went. Fantastic Merry Xmas n Happy New Year

Happy V-Day At a Nice Jap restaruant.
Yesh.. Happy Birthday especially to you. You are always gonna be a nice friend that i will always cherish. We may not click cos i dun play DOta nor do i like PInk (oops Purple) stuffs...But u r a nice friend that im fortunate to have. Happy 23rd Birthday..

Sharann Thanks for being a nice friend and teaming up with me against KH n Kenny whenever we r in the car. We had so much fun playing Board Games and tag team when the guys doubted us. Hahah... Although i selom join the XGC outings liao..but u will always be the nice n chatty gal in my heart. THe New year party was so much Fun.. ;) We looked so much like a nerd yea ?


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1:27 AM

Friday, April 13, 2007
Im stuck in school on a friday night. Freaking lots to catch up on. ABu is infront of me, duno busy with Msn or notes. But whatever it is, we are the Undate-ables on a friday night ...hahaa...nooope we are dating our notes for the night. ;(

Anyway past weeks passed like whirlwind..so fast that exams are gonna arrive without appropriate amt of work being done yet. I wish to be like Siling and Cheryl, so motivated and fast at completing their revision. Woe on me~~

I wana watched P.O.T.O at Esplanade..Everyone seemed to dressed to the nines to go watch that play. But exams are coming, and i have no time to even go town. Too many friend's birthdays so near my exams...Im looking forward to Rochester PArk for our long overdue meeting with my Besties...We need to catch up badly although it is just a few days away from my 1st paper.

MAny semester came and passed...I am practically left with afew good friends and hang out with the few that i have. I have no idea why but many of my good friends are headstrong or have "attitude" , which includes me i guess. Which unfortunately creates friction sometimes.For example, Samantha and i have lotsa problems with that issue but we always come out alright, not too badly hurt la. During my birthday last year, i made 2 of my good friends unhappy. Not that i admit im at fault but i feel that under the difficult circumstances im faced with, pls understand sometimes. I dun wanna lose friends cos of character or simple stubborness of who is at fault when the frndship is valued much more.

Im not like other friends that you may have. I garner i have many friends...and may have many more good friends that the norm. Just cos im not like you (you as in any of my frn) as in the way you can spent time with me and i cant...you put that blame upon me and say i have "new friends" liao so no time for You, you or you. No..im not Bhb..just that at times this accusation that "yah la...got friends liao..now dun wan "us" liao la"...is unfair. I love my friends so much that i try to arrange quality time between school and everyone. I noe you guys have alot of gd frnds too thats cos u are good at managing everything i guess. I aint that good but beliff me when i say this i try my best so pls tolerate my behavior.

And im a friend. Not a boy friend. At times i will do things for my girlfrnds like ppl do in a r/s but not always.( Ar bo why you need the other half for? You just get me enough liao lo) I appreciate it but doesnt mean i will have to do what you expect or want me to do. I dun cos i dun have time. I dun expect my friends to do the extra ordinary things either. I appreciate them when they did, be there for me but dun expect credits when one do things. EVery one do things for their cherished friends, if not why do you think there are FRIENDS and GOOD FRIENDS? So why calculate all the "loose changes" and compare? I do not wanna discuss fairness cos is Friendship all about that. DO things and not expect returns, if yes then not dun do it . EVeryone expect things of cos but if one gona pray and hope on them then you can jolly well forget about it. It irks the life out when comparision gets in place. I may not be a fantastic friend but at least i dun compare or have nuthing much to compare? I just dont wanna do that. It became like a weighing Machine..Can we weigh intangible stuffs? Is friendship measurable? Cos im not gonna jot down whatever i did and write in my list , hoping they will be returned.

Sorry. Sometimes they dun. And No , im not being irrational or what. Im just sian. Bogged down by work and thoughts. :) happy weekend!


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7:42 PM

Way back into LOve
Friday, April 06, 2007

DOnt you wana be happy and think you finally sees the light that goes back into love..?

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2:19 PM

The padai Gang with their New Polo Tees!! Lovely lovely n judging the way we are, of cos we must Hao lian abit la. (sing along while using the tune of MARY HAS A LIL LAMB) PADAI HAS A POLO TEE..Polo Tee ..POLO TEE..PADAI HAS A POLO TEE..We Must all wear it!! haa

And i wanna be that happy like the lil kid...i wanna smile that way.. dont u?
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2:04 PM

Tuesday, April 03, 2007
Wana see what we did on SUNDAY?? Brandon calls us the Foursome..call us the Hei long gang or whatnot . Go check it out at
By YI ZHI SHU-B is the Name. He made fantastic Notebook Cover with Wires too. Customised them ..Go order NOW!! My sample is at his blog..i buy 1, u shld too! ;)
gonna link him and Aliah soon ;)

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10:24 PM

Pictures speak a thousand words..thus i shall keep this entry short n simple.. Few words so that the pictures get to tell u stuffs abt the FAB NITE SAFARI Trip with The PADAI!!!
Lemme intro the twisted gang to u

To all the BAngas and BIBARASA...All the CAst AWAY, the SPARLINGS.. u guys make me laugh like crazy in NiGht Safari and i tell u guys its the 1st at Night Safari ar. :)


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9:27 PM

Sunday, April 01, 2007
My mum is a lovely yet hilarious lady. She is rather like Sreekumar in fact. JUst for the benefit of letting everyone have some bit of laughter..im letting you guys in. BUt no mocking of my dear mum yea...just laugh at her "cuteness" will do. Knowing english or chinese is no biggie...she is lovely and she is my AH BU. so there goes nuthing.

Mummy's original..yet not original Pun.
1st incident:
Mama: hey, mei ar..you want some "meh lok"??
Jolyn: eh..mama meh lok...orh okie lo..i want iced meh lok hor...* Jolyn goes !!!!!! 5 seconds after lamenting that..."meh lok"....ahhhh mama...its MILO la, what meh lok , meh lok...
Niece(start running into kitchen..gasping for air) : Ah Mah...you make what? I want "Meh lok" oso..
Jolyn: --__-- ... MAma, see la..i tell you liao.
Mama: aiyah, nvm lah..anything oso can la. ok la,"MY LOK" "MY LOK" lo...

2nd incident:

Le Xuan (my 4 years old niece) had some home work to do over the weekend. The home work was to draw some thing that starts with "i" and "j". And so i had to help her with it as usual. Mama was outside my room busy ironing clothes.

Jolyn(me) : Ok, Le Xuan..I for what? (not I for Im LIM CHIN FEN HOR..i cannot ask my niece to draw me right??)
Le Xuan : I for Ice cream...

Gd gd..she start drawing ice cream on her book. Then we went on to "j"..
Jolyn: wah lao... JAm abit hard to draw le, i cant even draw nicely la. Ice cream still easy, Jam abit hard le.
Mama: draw jelly la.
Jolyn: wah...u think jelly easy to draw ar, you come n draw la..How to draw jelly sia??
Mama: eh, yah hor ...draw "jeep" la
Jolyn: You siao ar? Jelly dunno how to draw, you think i know how to draw jeep ar?? (i was envisioning the jeep car which is extremely difficult even to imagine lest asking me or my niece to even draw it....)
Mama: har? Where got hard? Just draw *zzzzssss* ( she was making the zizak sounds)and 2 lines can liao mah.
Jolyn: ??????

Jolyn and kor kor : started laughing NONSTOP...

Realisation start dawning upon us after 10 seconds of hearing and seeing her animated gestures of zzsss . She was saying..."ZIP" not jeep.

Jolyn: (in between laughters and trying to explain to my mum) MAa.... J is for JAm, for Jeep that car..not "JIP", ZIP -"LA LIAN" is Z....Z for ZIP mah...Not J for JIP. muahahhaa

MAma: (laughing and bending over) after awhile...OOh ok la...same la..J for Jeep , Z for Zip lo. Sounds same la. *smiles sheepishly*

MY mum cute right?? LOvely lovely


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12:21 AM

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