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Tuesday, October 31, 2006
Hey , guys this entry is for my Wed tutorial Purposes. SO ignore it .
To Nm1101 E grpmate : Im Jolyn , This is the details sent to me by our tutor and i decided to upload it here which will facilitate our discussion instead of letting you guys d/l the files. Any way i try to high light the IMPT parts in bold red and what we need to take note and discuss. Due to the Time Contrainst , while reading pls write down the main pts that is inline with your department's problem and bring it up in ICT . Thank you.

NM1101E Online Simulation: Decision making Processes

Students will participate in a group decision-making simulation using an online collaboration tool. They will experience how groups and teams make joint decisions using Computer-Mediated Communication (CMC), and observe how CMC affects the ways group members share information/knowledge and build consensus. Each group will present their recommendation for the provided case problem and rationale for their decisions.

Case Introduction

You have been assigned to a Task Force which has the mission to develop an e-commerce strategy for Trevor's Toys, Inc. Your team has been asked to deliver a recommendation quickly; you have only about 1 hour to complete the case. You must use your time wisely if you are to maximize value for Trevor's Toys.Company BackgroundTrevor's Toys is a regional toy retailer focused on the technology and communications toy market in the U.S. Its 30 stores, primarily in urban areas, generated $600 million in revenue last fiscal year from locations throughout the U.S. Northeast and Midwest. The management team has considered moving online a number of times, but has never been convinced that it could make an informed decision. Revenue growth has historically been strong but has slowed in the last few years.The Issue Many of Trevor's Toys traditional off-line competitors appear to be forming online strategies and making, or planning to make, a move to the Internet. Additionally, a new breed of solely online toy retailer has emerged, and while still small, these competitors are enjoying enormous growth. Senior management is feeling significant pressure to do something. Trevor's Toys has asked YOUR TEAM to help it come to an informed decision on the following questions: Should Trevor's Toys go online and, if so, how?Your JobAnswer the question posed by the Trevor's Toys management team. Each member in your team is from different functional departments (e.g., marketing, finance, operation, strategic planning), and has different sets of knowledge/information on respective areas. It is very important to share critical information so that you as a team make an informed decision.
Remember! Your team has 45min. to solve this problem. You won’t be able to share all the information that you have. You must use your time wisely. First, decide which aspects of this case are most important, and then try to formulate a couple of questions about the most pertinent topics. Each team member should quickly provide his/her knowledge with other members whenever necessary. Afterward, as a group, write down your recommendation and rationale for your decision (see attached document for guideline). At the end of this simulation, you must upload a one page report to IVLE (you have until midnight to do this).


In order to analyze this case efficiently, you may focus on the following issues. [IMPORTANT: You do not need to write up answers to all these questions. These are your guides. Submit one page business solution based on discussion of these questions.]
Market opportunityHow attractive is the market?
Is the market large enough to support a profitable Trevor's Toys online venture?
Is the market growing fast enough to support the online venture?
What about online toy market? Is it fast growing? Is it large enough to enter?
Customers What are customers' needs and how can an Internet offering address them?
Will a move to go online add value to the customers' experiences?
Are your customers willing to adopt and embrace the Internet and online shopping?Competitors How will current and potential competitors in the Internet toy space affect the design of Trevor's Toys' online offering?
Are there any dominant players in the online toy market?
Can Trevor's Toys get first-mover advantages if it enters the online toy market right now?
How about its traditional competitors? Is it too late for Trevor's Toys to enter the online toy market, if they already entered the online market?
Can Trevor's Toys offer any special values to customers that other competitors cannot?Implementation Does Trevor's Toys have the resources and capabilities to go online? <-This is the Finance and Hr DEPARTMENT Qns..pls look through Does the company have enough internal IT capability to launch a new full-service online shopping site? As a regional player in traditional toy markets, can Trevor’s Toys handle the nationwide distribution?
What about the potential for outsourcing?
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7:57 PM

Shagged..but some Updates..
Friday, October 27, 2006
IM Shagged...tired to the Core..No, not the Dependency Theory that core and pheriphery. (oh , just dont mind me. Its the aftermath of doing a 8 pages of sociology )
Its Ina birthday party tonight at Chevron, but i was too..too tired to even go over. I skipped my 4pm lecture , cancelled

an outing with Kong Zi and Peishi , a movie with my 2 long time-no-see frnds, to come home and rest.

The intellectual beings..Marx and Weber , Capitalism vs Communism , Protestant Ethic and Confucism..they keeps revolving around..round..and round
. SEE!! The Jeep at the left hand side is my favourite. Sometimes i love my forum! ;)

Left:PeiJun, Mei ru and ME! Thats taken at Mei Ru's birthday Party! Its a long time since 3 of us gather together. Irene from St Margaret, Peijun from F.G.S,Mei Ru from B.L.S.S and Me from J.S.S . During our 1st 3 months , we used to have so much fun in sch. That 3 months was one of the happiest times i have during my span of school life.
4 years later ,things never changed much. The 2 Grumpys (haa..;) ) still love to tease me about my Acs "new friends"...Some things just never change..haa
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9:07 PM

Saturday, October 21, 2006
I was doing a psychology test afew days ago. He yi and i had nothing to do after lunch at the Deck hence he asked me to do the test. He said to draw a ROSE , with a bee ..
The test was supposed to depict a person's ambition and his future job that he/she envisioned. And let me show you what i drew..
. The little cute rose beside my Huge Simple "rose-not" , is Cheryl's rose. I gave Cheryl the same test to do. The differences were HUGE..

When He Yi saw my picture , his eyes almost popped out of his socket . He went like " WTH...why your Bee so BIG? Bigger than your Rose ler...Sumore i ask you to draw a ROSE le , not a cauliflower...*mutters on.." Then i was abit irritated , i mean he says draw any rose that you have in mind wad..never say what size should the bee be...i also forget how to draw a bee and a rose. Or to be exact , i never knew how to draw one in the 1st place. haaa...

Cheryl's little rose was soo cute..i laugh when i saw her's . Anyone would when they compared it to mine.
Anyway , the shape and pattern of the rose implies the methods or different job you may have in the future. Eg : if you drew a simple type of rose , (single track mind )it meant you are only fitted for 1 occupation in the future. If your Rose is an elaborate one , you may have lotsa different type of occupation offered to you ...or something along the line la.
The torns drawn indicate the level of trust you have of people who works with you .

If a flowerPot is drawn (usually its girls who will draw that.aha) , it means you would like to have a strong foundation(career).
The size of the bee drawn indicates how practical your ambition or dream is. (look @ mine..haiz...)
The distance of the bee to the rose implies how near you are to achieving your dream.

In conclusion...my picture depicts me to be a simple minded , with 1 occupation that is suitable for me nia..Go die la..i dun believe ar. Make me out to be like some Bimbo..just cos i draw a BIG not-rose..Big Bee-like Butterfly...haiz..i find it extremely funny though. Either my drawing sux..(which i knew it does) or my future as Yan wei pointed out is to be a "Rich tai tai" - as my amibition is not practical yet near. Wahaha..I love the explanation.
Left: Cheryl , Me Left : Kenneth , ME
See how stressed kenneth is?! Dun wanna take picture with me lo...idiot guy..
Both are pictures from last mon , my Nm2216 presentation . Michelle , Phui san and Mary were too busy with the preparation for the presentation. haa.. My fun group mates.. *winks.*
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7:45 PM

Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Im Bored..Was life always this meaningless , i sought to wonder for days..was my life always this "routined"? During my JSS days , i was so hippy , chirpy and goes to school with alittle jump in my steps , i practically skipped to school! What has happened ? I trudged to school in draggy steps , i wanna sleep everywhere and anywhere.
Was my late night accountable for this ? Yep
Was it because lynn and gang ceased to be in the same school and i have less "gossips" and Lynn's funny "scoldings and sarcastic remarks" , Cheryl's weekly idiotic actions to look forward to? Cheryl is an unintentional clown , her simple thoughts are usually so idiotically funny that i wonder at times..why is she so GOOD in Maths but a klutz in other stuffs. I miss the JSS days..The chicken wings Friday..

But i love NUS..i may grumble but thats my fav pastime so yeah i like my current school. The surge of knowledge that i get here , is something i relinquish and cherish alot. What i studied here is what i love doing. I need not struggle to do maths problems or do stupid GP essays. I like it here. Nonetheless..IM still Very Bored at times..

Luckily i know a new bunch of project mates from Nm2216. They are a fun bunch who makes project meeting a breeze and lovely to attend to. Cheryl ,Kenneth , Michelle are darn fun people to be around with. Phui san and Mary are the studious kind , steadfast and balance my group with logical answers.

Ok...after my truckload of grumblings..im going back home to sleep.
Yesh..i skipped 2 lectures today. Im just not gonna be productive..
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3:05 PM

Starry starry Night...
Friday, October 13, 2006
*FOUL MOOD* When i got home just now , i was already in a pek chek mood . Made me cancel a appointment with my dear Mei Ru , then the meeting never materialised..Sigh...should drag Mei Ru out even without her camera.
2nd- I had to walk past the dark and silent track field to reach my bus stop , after 30 minutes of bus ride i had to walk 2 bus stop back home. The main thing was i had to drag my heavy bag full of books , notes , laptop and charger and hand carry a file plus a coursepack. Im kinda petite so it was considered superby heavy. That is why i wasnt feeling too happy , when i was perspiring , weighed down by tons of stuffs and had to walk home...hungry somemore..!!!!!!!

Guess what i saw when i got home? My make up pouch ransacked by my dear little cute niece...and one of my favourite necklace broke into half. !!! *arghz*
Unluckily for her...i was nt in a forgiving mood today and thus she got a few stroke of caning from me. ;p

I thought i was cheering you up..brightening your days
In fact it was you who brighten my days with funny and cheeky msgs

I thought i was being the carefree one , not the lonely one
But i was the lonely one today

I thought i was accompanying you always...being there for you
However it was you who was keeping me busy , typing away in lectures and everywhere..Hence you were my company ..whether you r here onot.
Hence i fathom upon a starry night, i realised something.
It was all the other way round...it was you helping me
Thank you..
I hope your Big Box of present gets you what you wanted. Good Luck :)

Life is good when you have a gd frn to keep you company .I miss the Triple J , i took the weekly meet up for granted . They were so nice to accompany me , jio me out even with their bfs..they never forget my lonely weekend @ home. Shan knows i hate being at home on a weekend . I miss them...
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11:33 PM

Key To Passion
Another nice night that i had..i had fun company and watched an ok movie-WTC. WTC could have been portrayed using better visual effects and surround system but the impact din come hard and fast. The movie was rather slow paced and not as emotional as i thought it would be. However i had fun and the movie aint that bad , just not what i expected it to be.

I saw Marian @ Bugis Junction today...She made me feel sad. Hence i went up to the cute stationery shop in Bugis Junction and bought her a cute Purple notebook and a Purple colour pen for school usage. I think she needs us..she needs lynn especially . I Love her..it pains me to see my gd friend sad.

I have a lovely night but my friend wasnt that happy today. Haiz...
Why cant everyone be happy? Why is everyone around me falling rapidly outta love recently? Darn the gals that run away with guys..darn the guys that got over their gf (exgf to be exact) so soon .Darn gals that like her bf's best friend, I mean what the hell were you thinking?? No..obviously u werent thinking if you could actually do that . Is Cheryl's theory of "Shu Nu-i" correct? That they are not as decent as their looks claimed , they are indeed F***ed up ? Then my dear guy friends , please do not go looking for sweet looking harmless young ladies as your gf or potential wife to be..cos they can be with you for many years but may still leave you for another guy. Aiyah...females of all shapes , patterns and characters do that ALL the TIME. So well...i just hope my friends will be happier.
Pls be..
Lovely lovely....
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2:09 AM

A Creative/Boring Sunday ...
Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Wana know what i have been up to on Sunday? Okok...nobody wanna know but i will still lament upon it! Cos its my blog...*heehee*
I was slacking over at Cheryl's house on Sunday ..we were supposed to mug but in the end i ended up ransacking her jewellery counter and made some lovely accessories myself

The black tear drop with the kissing charm is a keychain that i made for my little brother..he likes the kissing charm *shrug*. The earings are my personal favourite...took me quite some time to come up with the design (while reading my sociology notes...haaa) . I Lurvvve It!!
Some more creations that i came up with on a boring Sunday :
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1:03 AM

Saturday, October 07, 2006
I had a lovely Mid Autumn Fastival night..Ironically my lovely Cable car wasnt the highlight of the week. Cable Car was nice ...very tranquil and i love that feeling. However i have motion sickness too...thus that got me rather dizzy and drowsy after eating motion sickness pill. Mid Autumn Eve was rather a blur night , with me not remembering much. LOve the scenery nia.

Too much Hype spoil the real experience.. *;l

However last night i had a lovely night on my "MoonCake Festival" . I watched Rob-B-Hood and it was hilarious. I thought this chinese film is one of the few that makes the weekend movie price worthwhile. Sadly we couldnt even get a glimpse of the ROUND moon yesterday night. I had 3 little mooncakes , and mango pudding that i requested. Im happy :) .

Makes my Mooncake festival a lovely night of this year.
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12:23 PM

Movie @ Padang!
Monday, October 02, 2006
1st day of the week...im in library , not mugging..but slacking away.

ANyway i wanna go watch STARLIGHT MOvie @ Padang.
I always wanted to go watch ...but it never materialised. The only time was when i watched a show there with Xiao Hei 4 years ago. Haiz....
That was on a piece of newspaper...this time round.. i dun even have gd frnds to go with.
They have bfs....i feel guilty asking them to go with me on this "romantic" trip. haa..

Maybe i will drag the TRiple J to go watch on Wed...with me. MAY be...
Actually i wanna watch "BREAK UP" on Thurs..but thurs i will be @ in the Cable Car celebrating Mid Autumn festival. haiz..i STILL wana WATCH BREAK UP @ PADANG.

DARN! NO body to go with me..No Date...
aiyah go alone la.. haa
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6:31 PM

SunDay BluEs...Greyness covering my RED
Sunday, October 01, 2006

The days passed by in a blur..blurness that i could hardly catch nor see clearly- a lil blob. May be i do deserved what was coming to me , its karma they say. My family breds players , people whom has no qalms about hurting someone esle feelings . I was insulted . In the past , i may have hurted afew people along the way , to achieve my so called happiness..i am not proud of it and i do regret certain tactless things that i have done. I repented . I reconcile with the fact that if i do hurt someone , some one ESLE would come along and "return" the favour back. Well...now i guess , i have collected all the "payable debts" back , any Bad Debts still outstanding , pls let go and not pay them back cos i have gotten my debts back with interest owing too.

Gimme a Break....Life a chore for everyone. If i look "wild" or clubber kind to anyone outta there , YOU R SO WRONG. IM vunerable , simple , and NORMAL. It should be written all over my face , if you din get that message , it must be you did not look hard enough or know me well enough . You look @ my appearance and depict what you saw from there , the topics i raised may be open...but do not suggest im THAT open. I talk in a matter of fact manner however i do not act that way...im EMOTIONAL , feelings churning everywhere ...Do not interpret what you saw as what it is as i wear my heart not upon my sleeves..upon my face nor upon my gesture..But upon my feelings , deeply embedded in a pool of water ..that can be seen and not found.

I feel nothing...im happy...im sad...
haha....dun ask me why i suddenly felt this way. Sometimes i will just suddenly feel melocholny...Sometimes i feel happy out of nowhere...
Now im ok cos i just ate SUNDAY BRUNCH with Mama and Lexuan.. ;)
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12:53 PM

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