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MerrY Xmas everyone
Friday, December 24, 2004
Hiya...tonight is the night to party yar!~ Go ahead and have fun , it has been a long year and one should compensate oneself for a screwed up year (at least for myself) .
On the other hand , despite all the festive mood and decor all around the tiny little island , i did not really feel the Xmas-sy mood in Singapore . Either im an overly skeptical person or it is really not there . Appearance wise , Singapore has not let herself and her "inhabitants" down . Orchard seemed quite glamourous and festive this year . ( Okok , i can hear some debate going on there . Although this year decoration is not comparable to certain decoration afew years back but compared to last year when it looked totally "CheapO" , i feel that this year seemed much Better . Hmm maybe Xmas decorations at Orchard is an indication of Singapore 's economy of that particular year . hahha...)

Anyway , while i was in Takashimaya afew days ago buying presents for pearl and jasmine , i felt the mood there to be Tense , Hostile and frustration all around . Gone were the days when Xmas is exclusively for politeness , kindness and giving and "Grumpiness" and Pek chek-ness could be here to stay . I cant blame these people , as the whole of Orchard is cramped and malls are literally stuffed with people . [Ren shan Ren hai or rather Shui Xie bu Tong would be deemed appropriate for this occasion ] The waiting and the que is freaking long and ardrous , after awhile it even seemed tedious . If Snow white were in Town these days , she would undoubtbly would be transformed into Grumpy .

Haiz...Long wait for the Bus , mrt and squeezing with many many people everywhere . Even walking or getting around seemed such a chore . I hate IT... Eh you cant blame me ..look at me , my height , it aint the best height to be squeezed and rubbed against other people 's thighs or even Breast . You call it blissful , i called it a torture ..unless you are a pervert hahhaa. Haiz..Oxygen finds it hard to reach my lungs and eyes find it hard to see clearly .
Bye ..thats all..im gonna go for my Xmas Dinner. hahha...Merry Xmas...Away with Ques
Penned @
6:59 PM

My Happy Ending?
Wednesday, December 22, 2004
WAhhahhaha Finally im able to enter the virtual world again . It has been somewhat 2 months since i last blogged and came online . Typing feels soo Good , msn chats feel simply exhilerating , i can actually feel my adrenaline flowing ...Quickly ! hahaha...Feels so good to be able to exggerate in my blog again , period .

My birthday has just passed (okok , maybe 2 weeks ago cannot be accounted as 'just passed ' but i simply love to indulge in that idea ..im still delusional ..Ok? :) ) Yippee... i have got lotsa birthday gifts (THanks ) but only 1 important celebration ,with Jiashan and Jasmine . They took me to Coffee club and have a wonderful meal , completed with a MUDPIE -cake as a replacement for my BD cake. Hahaha They celebrated it with me till 12am , and sing a B.D song for me . Kistal who is my ex classmate in M.I , works there and she actually gave me a $10 voucher . My , my , im starting to like her alot .. (eh , thats my shallow self speaking , Do ignore the comment if you are a rather moralistic person . )
Kelvin bought me a GUESS watch this year , ohmigod ..That guy must have thought that my previous entry was to ellict people to buy watch for me . Poor guy , he took the wrong hint .. HE ShouLD HAVE BOUGHT A MUCH MORE EXPENSIVE PRESENT !!!!! (hahaha im Kidding . Im not THAT shallow although i cant deny the thought of getting such a nice watch ..as appealing . )
And i did not write the last entry to ellict any sympathy nor to act as any hint , no matter how similar it may seem so . *Take note , Jolyn at this point of time is not crossing her fingers .
Bucky thanks for a lovely present , i LUrVE it....Really . I cant announce it online cos it may deem like im BRAgging . wahahhaha( no lah , again im kidding . You have no idea how many people who read this blog and aint really my close friend , would have taken many of my supposedly sarcastic or intended humorous remark literally . ) Bucky thanks for enduring with my "silly temper " that day . (there is a reason why i named it as SILLY temper . SIMPLE= because my temper was triggered due to silly reasons . *faint* )

Okok ..i know that my friends out there , are always complaining of the fact that my entries are like composition , long draggy entry that seemed to have little link with my title . *eh , that may be due to my wonderful digressing skill .
Hence Sayonara ..have a wonderful Xmas everyone . Till we meet again .
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7:18 PM

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