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Monday, May 28, 2007
Thanks For the lovoly 1 mth.

Although it has only been a mth, it seemed way more than that. May be caused we were "lao niu tu-o che" (i dunno how to spell that word) . It is alil more than 2 mths since the day we chatted on msn n everything spill out. Im glad for that day. I am glad u decided to love me all over again. Im glad for ya comforting presence in my life. You are like a friend, yet much more..The way you take care of me, hug me..never fail to let me feel blissful and Happy.
The day you brought me to kuishinbo. You sent me this pic, wanting me to rem the date you got a cut cos of me. I do..i rem the honey bottle you bought for me when i had sorethroat 4 yrs ago, the raisin chocolates you got for me when im down n feel like eating chocs. The Emily card tag you bought which you said reminded you of me, the cd you burn for me which had many things you said you wanted me to know yet dares not say. All the "dian dian di di" i rem, i do. I wana tell you, thanks for waiting. Thanks for giving me another chance to appreciate you.

Thanks for making me this happy. Enduring with my lil disturbs here n there, my tactlessness, my lil fiery temper at times.
The day you held my hand.. You gave me happiness and comfort.
I wana lie like this forever..Until the sky falls down on me. I'll be your dream, i'll be your hopes, be everything that you need. :) HAPPY DAY!!!! Vesak day..Holiday!! yeaaa


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12:32 AM

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Classic Faces!!

Eating nia..why does WK have such a funny face while eating my FAV MARY BROWN. I even make up a phrase just so i cld go to MaryBrown that night, i said I (Jolyn) am Mary aka Merry , You (pointing to WK) are Brown...hence we must go to MARY BROWN. :)

I tell You...I like Genting nt cos of Genting cos i dun play much in the Theme Park. But cos of the Crazo Gang i hang out with. The room was small yet comfortable. However i cant say the same for the loo...it was cut into 2 and even the basin was outside. The shower Cubicle and Loo Cubicle yesh..cubicle is the best word i can use for that pathetic space. My clothes even got drenched while being hang on the hook. I mean which Idiot designer placed the blardy clothes hook beside the shower head?

Wah..Look so nice rite. Fantastic View ;)

A Sets Of Her's n His. :)

EveryOne-As Happy As Can Be :)

Jun An n Xiuwen, Peishi n Derrick, Xiao Jing n ALex

Me n darling...Alamak why does his smile looked so forced?
.aha..this is way better yea.
We are tourists...in a lil red Box @ Sunny Genting. TMD i was kinda sun burned after being under the sun for afew hours. WTH...sun tanning at Genting?

-MAy 17th. Happy Birthday buddy! Kelvin...thanks for being there whenever im down. You are the best anyone can have as a friend. Thanks for enduring with all my nonsense , my scoldings, my temper, my unreasonable requests. And yesh..i will intro a pretty yet lovely girl when i see one. But i doubt you will have any difficulty finding pretty girls. haa..

May You be forever happy buddy. :)


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2:15 AM

To the Loveliest ladies im so fortunate to have as my close frnds..
Thank You for enduring my "lateness" always, my temper, my short fuse, my laziness, my spoilt brat attitude time to time, my bossy attitude that irks everyone... Im sorry and I thank everyone for always being there for me . Ladies in this post nia..hahaa

1st : My best friends.... Always the best n irreplacable i assure u

My Nus Mates...

The siao Kia Gang...

Jasmine..the one whom i can always Niam n niamMei ru n Sherin.
I may nt go out often with u guys but i do treasure u all alot alot... SIgh...I cant seemed to find Pearl and Samantha pictures cos after i kinda reformat my comp..i dun have their pictures.
Only Ladies this round... Guys next time..i appreciate my buddies tooo..haa


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1:53 AM

Saturday, May 12, 2007
Here Goes Nuthing.. Every one Koon k..6 Hours of ride..Luckily there was many toilet breaks. ;)
Aiyah.. Genting is Fun la. BUt FOOD is expensive and it SUCKS. hahaa

1st Night we had nothing to do, thus we turn to games. Forfeits: Scary Faces

Yep..Thats Me. Why does Wk looked so intrigue by it??
Wah Cao..Xiao Jing Really look like a Monkey la..hahaa Win Hands Down
TMD!!!!!! XUI WEN.... You are the scariest. hahaha

Then To the Guys Forfeit : my Moto..If you Have it Flaunt it. Welcome to Men's Truimph Show. The Boxers....I dont mean Human Boxer la..

The 1st Season : Cartoon Series

Tom n Jerry~~ Get it while stock lastttttt ...
Thats a Tom and Jerry Boxers if u guys cant see..hahhaaa
This is the "StarLight StarBright" range everyone. Get It while it Last..If you think You are a STar..You wana be a WANNABE? GEt IT now!

See the 2 kids behind us?? We were being Bullied ..They keep chasing after us cos i de siao them..hahaa
Im Scared..Peishi forced me to take rides!! yea..i noe i look more like being excited rite?...hahaha
8 Of us taking the train or monorail. Fun laaa
Ladies...Pole dancing can occur anywhere, anytime. Let us girls show u how. hahhaha I have no idea why the pole became a horizontal bar with Jun an holding onto it. hahahhaa


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4:07 AM

At first i was blardy pissed. Getting called a BITCH wasnt what im used to. Im more used to being called Dear by Samantha, Cheryl, Pearl and Jas. Hahhaha Especially when all along the years, i din noe her that well. Suddenly being accused to "eyeing her guy" all along and she "knew it all along" was more than misrepresentation. I could no longer sit by and do nuthing after all that she did to my bf whom she tramatised badly.
Every gf would do whatever i did and probably more. I tried enduring but she went past my limit by calling me names i do not deserve at all. And thus i friendster msg her.. In it , i stated mean things which under the circumstances were understandable, i assure you... and i lamented that i would Go to her house, under her block and to her work place if she ever did that AGAIN to my bf , yep it could be referred to as a "threat" i presume but the way she put it across was as if i threaten to break her legs or whatnot. How shrewd is that? She even msg him saying i threatened her and all that sorta nonsense and said she would call the Police. HA...She can wait under the block, in people house that she has no right to be in, and i cant? And she wana set the Police on me cos i am gg to do the exact thing she did to another person? Did i not mention i took Law Module the Last Sem? Police so easy to call..she thinks she calling Dog ar?? Alamak.

But i guess i cant blame her friends whom probably caused my viewing ratings to jump like jack rabbit since my msg was sent. She did not reply my msg but went around to complain abt me to my bf. Why not deal directly with me if she has time to msg my bf har? I wonder... She says she dun wana see me under her block, siao 1 le...Like i wana travel all the way to the north side to see her ar? Waste my petrol, waste my $$ lo...SOmemore not seeing some fantastic , pretty lady...i might as well stay at home and look at the mirror le. Not very pretty but at least not a waste of my time. haa...

But the crux of this post isnt all of the above. Its what written here and now, darling im sorry if i have caused you distress over the entire matter. My fallen pride caused me to overlook the fact that i could cause you more trouble, i should have ignored everything and concentrate on you, you alone. Im being a teeny weeny bit mushy but guys bear with me..i promise other posts will not be this "Tian Tian de". ahha Is that phrase copy right-ed Rach? hahaha WK understood why i did what i did and im glad for all his support and understanding. I promise to be abit more patient and mature while dealing with this. I dont wana waste my time on her, i rather spend it thinking of you and with you. You are lovoly..yesh lovoly...The Genting trip was an added bonus when you managed to turn up last minute. We just started off...small yet stable steps..we wobble along the ways..I failed b4..many times, you failed b4..but it doesnt matter cos now I have you to hold onto.. Lets walk the path together, with the support and TLC.

I wan you to be this happy ;)


Penned @
3:45 AM

Tuesday, May 08, 2007
IM PISSED... IM IRRITATED. I GIVE HER 1 MORE CHANCE...AND I WILL NOT BE GRACIOUS. SAM...Im 1 Impatient Gal..and im gonna show her how nasty i can be. Even Worse than she can. I have alot on my mind...to let her know how i feel abt her. MAY BE I WILL SLAP HER..MAY BE I WONT.. IM A NICE PERSON. EH wait im the small size one hor? If i slap liao then i tell u guys k.
If this is nt settled...Its killing her gastric...its killing my beauty sleep.


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11:33 AM

Thursday, May 03, 2007
Last Paper today..
Tml Morning im setting off at 6plus for breakfast n a loooong Coach Ride to Genting with my frnds.. Hope it will be a safe trip to n fro...im rather scared of the winding road up and my motion sickness striking again. Its gonna be troublesome.
Hope im gonna come back lugging more pictures, more happy memories and more relaxed mind.
So yea...No calls frm 4th till 6th May yea. Not that i dont wana return ya sms n calls but its rather expensive. Cos always when i dont return sms..i get another sms coming that says "IS YOUR HP IN WATER? PLS CALL BACK OR REPLY." Well, i "cant". Im Broke. :)

Take care Everyone. Have a Good Weekend.


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9:50 AM

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