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Sunday, May 18, 2008
Its a long time since i last blogged. Basically this entry is to summarise what i have been up to the last couple of weeks. :)
Before my last two papers, part of the Padai were already in the holiday mood. Coz Alvin was gg back to army while we were itching for a ktv session. So we went..
We took a group photo together with a new member- Jian Xing whom i feel sing "da du nan" very nicely. haha

Happy happy~~ I wish the happiness would always stay. The dress nice right? He has got good taste. ;)My very own T.W.U. hahhaa

He brought me to a very nice place for dinner. I have no idea whats the name of the restaruant...but the food wasnt bad, ambience was fantastic...and of cos i looove the dessert. :)

Holidays are to be spent at the beach. I love Sentosa...Batam!!!

After my LAST PAPER!! Josh bought me to NO SIGNBOARD at Vivo..he says last paper liao, shld get some good food. I love Crabs! Dont you??

The ferry to Batam and back...It was all very fun. Luckily he got me my motion sickness pills,panadols and medicated oil. Which makes my trip a better one. No motion sickness ar! :)
I had lotsa fun mates in Batam- Mariam, Xia Yan (must be pronounced the way as in her voice mail...slow and sexy..hehehhe Just kidding XY..hehe), GQ my partner in crime.

Did i Mentioned i love A&W , i love root beer float and curly fries. :)

And its time to make it up to Brandon...so many years, he always come down to JP to find me n Gq when we were busy with our stuffs. So its time GQ and i travel down to Northpt for some LIL 3Some bonding session. hahah As usual, we ordered tons of food, completed with lotsa jokes..the company was absolute great fun. :)


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1:28 AM

我不配- 周杰倫 I'm Not Worthy [Wo Bu Pei] - Jay Chou MV
Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Awhh...so sad. :( haiii

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4:33 PM

Its the exams time again...This semester is the worst. Gotta mug real hard. 3 more papers till freedom!
Meanwhile...my lovely Best friend is getting MARRIED!!! IM SO EXCITED! Let you catch a glimpse of the bride to be. ;)

Pretty Hor!..My best friend. Of cos la~

Chocolates never fail to bring a smile to my face... ahh.. Chocolates. ;)


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