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Saturday, July 31, 2004
Friday's night :went holland V to slack with Cheryl , lynn , marian and Jia ming . The atmosphere there was quite gd..the 4 of us (gals) went abit crazy yesterday as we were discussing about "dog leash" on guy's necks (ermz to make them feel high?? no offence to guys. EXPlAination: because afew of us read something about tying a string from the door to one's neck..And when one's get to the point of getting strangled, is the point when he/she will get really high . ) "Conservative" lynn seemed to enjoy the topic alot (ironically ..haha ) , she even ask us what type of cord is better ?.. Anyway Jiaming upon hearing this , decided to make us change this "disgusting " topic hence we went back to using Cheryl's new hp to take photos again..*self obsessive group"

AFter that coffee session , 5 of us decided to pile into 1 car and go rounding...with jiaming asking "where do u all wanna go?"
Lynn: go Labrador park?? Go....etc....?
Jiaming: hUh..? don't want la...not fun 1 la...So where do u all wanna go??
And so on and so forth...(If u are there , you would find it rather funny as someone who is asking for opinion ,is actually not quite open to suggestions..hahah )
At last they decided on Sentosa...(fun ler...at 12am arh ) we went to Fort Siloso..Its rather errie along that stretch of road to the Cliff...but the View at the clifftop was worth the "night walk" .

WAh..btw these few days i was abit "blur".
1st incident : I went to my school liabrary to return a novel. On my way out , i heard the librarian Called Very loudly for me.. (as if the liabrary very big lidat...wah lao then everyone turns and look to see whats up...) She says : "Eh gal ar , why do u want to return ur "Own book" ?? Can't you see that there's no liabrary tag on it??" Then she goes on to prove her point , by opening the novel and depicting that it's my "OWN" book..(Like im an idiot lidat...still have to show it to me..Arghz.) Upon realisation , i remembered that i bought this book afew weeks ago ,hence it has not been Officially published in my mind as "my" book . *DoinKz *

2nd : I was at Holland V 's noodle house with the 3 crazy gals (as stated above :p) ,as usual i took the longest time to finish my food while busy watching the 7pm drama serials on Tv . Out on the Corner of my left ear i heard marian saying : " Two-fifty lor." Then Cheryl mumble jumble something esle..Then Duno why i interrupted (must be trying to act smart again ..) :" Huhz? Two fifty? Yesterday i only bought it for $2 ler.." The three of them exchanged "weird glances " and ignored me...Till Cheryl turned and ask me -what am i babbling about? Of course i answer ..:"Thought you all talking about 8 days ?Its $2 what ..why Two-Fifty??"
THree of them went......because in fact they were actually talking about marian's eyesight (250 degree).. Ermz don't ask me where i got the idea of 8 days from..cause i duno..maybe i know-> Maybe because i was watching channel 8?? (Where has my mind gone to?? Probably eloped off with my brain because its nowhere to be found nowadays too...especially during tests... :( )

4th:Anyway just now when cheryl and lynn was talking about "house party" while i was busy daydreaming away...i actually heard "Hush Puppies.." which led to cheryl giving me the "WHat??" stare again.. AIz...
5th: when the 3 of us were at Cold Storage just now , we were positioned right infornt of the condom section (not our fault hor , its directly staring at us at the Cash counter ..), i SUddenly Saw somEthing..The something was ..i saw the caption that says "For Gd ,Long TASTING experience..buy This !" (hahaha....Ermz..what were yOU THinking of??Nope..i did not think but saw it that way..)
But the second look proved me wrong ...It actually wrote "For Gd , Long LASTING experience..buy this" ............ *Must check my eyesight asap liao..*

Hence ..guess im blur , having hearing and eyesight problems recently...Pardon me these days if i continue these way..*maybe im Over stressed from studying toOO HArd* hahahhaha
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11:58 PM

The Disadvantages of having a blog
Thursday, July 29, 2004
 DArnz..The New ConDeNseD TimeTAble SUx to The Core..Is'Nt It Suppose To Be "cOnDensed " instead OF a LOnger TimeTable?? (HAHa..Eyes PAin right , because of all the capital and small letters eh??haha Sorry Elson!~ cos i promise this guy to try not to write in Big ,small letters as he finds it frustrating..i guess some of you share the same sentiments too eh??heeh ) Well , anyway not to digress further..this entry is to express my discomfort , as having a blog means letting everyone knows about ur current events , how you feel etc... Okok Maybe Discomfort arises because i always Kana bEatings , pinches from pearl..haha.. Nah , having a blog is extreme fun and things that i declare , of course..are not controversial issues that will get me into trouble with my friends la ..hence nO worry. But nowadays it seems that most of my new news are not news to anyone anymore *aiz*..

 Ok give ya all a scenerio to picture -> Me : "Eh...PEArl (frantically waving hands..) , tell you arh...SAt me and lyn they all went to Zouk ler..superb fun arh!~ hahahha "
   Pearl : (uninterested..looking eslewhere and biting her straw still ) yah i noe..i read ur blog liao..
  ME: HUhz?? (sianz ) ooh ..nvm ..eh That day i saw MAggie Q, rachael lee and MArk Z ler..Cool ler!~!kekek
   Pearl: (continue drinking her coke and gimme a Duh~ look) Yah i know , i read your blog liao . So MAggie Q really not very pretty har??
  Me :( Feeling upset that i cant get the expected "WAh...WOH...sooo Gd...." outcome , i felt all the fun of gossiping swiftly slipping away from me..leaving a sense of frustrations behind..) Eh...you know everything liao eh..not fun sia..next time must write all the boring stuffs on my blog , must leave all the Juicy gossips and news to allow me the privilege of fluanting the 1st hand experience of bringing it forth to my mates.. (at least i get to see their expression and indulge in it..darnz..)
  Hence after this dialogue , i simply feel at a loss of things to converse with her ( 1st time eh?haha) and decided to say ...: "PEArl..i gotta go...having class liao..bYez..."

Thats when it hits me that this may be detrimental to my ego , by not having any newest gossips to share or start a conversation..Even Guo qiang (my classmate) came and ask me about Kelvin's Ns ..Now everyone who reads my blog seem to know alot about me and my current lifestyle . Hmm i reckon thats good , because I and my "readers" are  connected through my personal details and thus embedding intimacy. (ermz they may feel that they would know me better after reading my blog ) HAha ..thats craps lah , i just wrote it to practise my techiques of Literature-paper 8 (craps=only the part about readers..the rest is true..i would'nt delude any of you..*swear* )

Lastly i Just had a phonecall from WALLACE (note his name..he bullys me whenever he have the chance and yes..he is the guy from my previous entry , who brought me to mt Faber and tiong baru ) He calls to mock me , to laugh about the fact that im a "BA ZHANG"... Having a pear shaped body..and continues to "de-flatter" me by proclaiming :" JOlyn ar , you dont go on deluding yourself that you are pear shaped la..You ARe A WaterMelon-Shaped..Short and Round ." (whats???mE=watermelon??worse than a pear?? ) OKok..He never really say the words short and round..but then thats the meaning of comparing me to a watermelon is'nt it?? He must have thought of it that way too...must be..stOOpid guy..keke Anyway , anyone who has read my past entries would realise that all the pear-shaped and Ba zhang are mentioned by me in my last entry. (THus adding it to the negative effects of having a Honest blog) By the way , is'nt him suppose to sympathise with me??Instead of laughing like a mad man on the loose..Hence i vow to Publicise his name ,photographs in my blog , and make all of you who are free to call him up constantly and bug him till he begs me for mercy ..Because he is always ..forever sleeping and calls will irritate him aLOT. keke(Eh he definitely would not beg me for mercy la ,and if he is reading this ..Im Dead..he would mock me all the more..but i dont care...~~~hahaha)
  Although there's disadvantages to blogging., i still find the pros outweighing the cons . And although im still getting complaints from all over my social circle , that my forms ,style of writing and my grammatical + spelling errors makes it hard on the eyes , its fine because on the bright side of it..HAving a blog allows me to voice thoughts that i will never attempt in reality and connects me to all my friends as they can read it whenever they are free.Anyway hope everyone will find reading my future blogs a pleasant experience . *grinz
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8:39 PM

Current msn Topic: Im a Human PAradox
Wednesday, July 28, 2004
MOod : Kinda down .
Events that happen today : Had my 1st volleyball photo-taking session in M.I as the past 2 years i managed to M-I-A (Vanish)  during the photo-taking sessions . Hmm Hope it turns out alright , i dun wanna look like a black (its the colour of our jesery) BA zhang (DuMplings) . MAybe ..just maybe i hafta go on a Diet...to slim down, have a nicer, more curvy contour..than my current PEAr shaped body . (think i probably look like an oversized Piglet walking around)

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10:12 PM

Sunday, July 25, 2004
  Im Currently declaring my LOve for Jia shan and jasmine...Cos they are my best buddies.. (okok.i knew that these recent entries are all about my proclaiming of my love for my galfriends..but that definitely does not imply that im a lesbian k.) THats it for today.. I love my Friends and They had better love me back..haha... btw i agree with pEarl that Friendship is not made up of presents...Soo True.. buT i lOve to Buy pressie for mY friends (well , who does'nt like to receive 1?)...OR MAybe I should go befriend Cheryl's gf..(ermz...cant , that gal is only especially nice to CHeryl exclusively..i wonder why ) hahah...Anyway...I cherish all my friends..with or without presents Bcos They LOve mE!~! wahahah... NO la..joking matters aside , i just wanna have all my gfs to love me simply as who im ..thats enough. I thank God that Im able to have soo many gd , caring and super DArling gfs around me always . :)
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10:26 PM

A Gals night OUT!~
 WOohhh..Yesterday i went to Zouk with my 3 FAv counterparts-MOi best friends , lYnn ,cheryl and marian . SOoo funz..i was pratically bursting with excitment last night (eh serious la , not sarcastic k) because its like ages since the 4 of us went clubbing together. Its really gd to be able to see Lynn's confident self on the dance floor (heehee) , Marian's -I-M-High- Punching dance steps (but she dances real nice :) ) and cheryl's swaying that depicts exactly her gentle and sweet personality . MIsses these fabulous Trio..i will have to meet them up often.
  Anyway ..GUys OUtta there ..We saw MAggie Q , RAchael Lee and mark Z there too..(not 3 together la). She is PreTTy..but then again she was'nt ultra pretty (okok..not bcos im sour grapes..its true..thats what my friends say too) . Yesterday she was'nt the "glam" type , she  wore a simple tube dress . Eh...RAchael lee ar , "No comments ..but i can only lament that the FHM must have presented her with some miracle arh..hahaha .
 Anyway , i knew my ex bf lOves MAggie Q to the core hence decided to let go of past grudges and call to tell him this piece of exciting news . THis Guy who did'nt even msg or call me after we broke up recently this year-> Suddenly became all CAring and "nice" - by replying :"thanks LAdy for the info (*blah*) , btw how are you nowadays? "My thoughts:..yah right like he cares..this shows how practical guys are ..hahah OF course i did not help him to get MAggie Q no. ( duh~ like she would give )..
  Hence I love Yesterday...mY best friends..however due to approaching A level , don't think i can go clubbing any time soon. :(
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4:49 PM

Sentimental thoughts: dedicated to MOi friends..
Friday, July 23, 2004
  Hmm today would probably be my last time goin out with kelvin before he is off for his National Service on next tuesday. We had lOtsa fun (as usual ) , all the teasing , running around and acting like some 16 years old kids. DAmn...since the last few months when he broke the news ( going to Ns soon) , i suddenly felt the Jolt of Realisation- "What am i gonna do without him ?When im sad , very depressive or simply need someone to Tease ,who can i turn to??" Eh , till now i really could'nt fathom my Fridays without KelVIn-my favourite buddy ,because all these years (5 yrs to be exact) i have always depended on him to be around-Always . No matter Where im or how late i Call him , he will sure try to cheer me up or lemme take my temper out on him. He never has any grivances or get frustrated with me.(maybe sometimes but say never ..seems nicer mah..keke)
   I REmember one of the few outings that we had , we were at Kallang Stadium...the carpark (eh..eh..stop, people just mention carpark..what were you all thinking of?? *tsk* )  ,Playing a mini soccer game using a BOttLe . We actually managed to play for 1hr ++..till we kinda drop dead.It was  One of the Best memories of my life..As Kelvin is the only one who can/will  do all these "siao " stuffs with me.  OKok ..i noe..this blog seemed to be dedicated to kelvin only right..? No..its not , i just wanna show my appreciations toward him. Over the years , he has actually infused a big part of him into my daily life , which i just got enlightened by his nearing Departure.
   And Yes..i will miss him alot..alot..(feel like crying ..buT DEY he is oNly going for Ns la.. not going to jail..) but maybe its a great opportunity for me to lessen my dependance on him.
  On that ,i would like to digress abit and announce to all my best buddies..gd friends That they are the BesT things that ever happen to Me!~ My Best Friends :lynn, marian , cheryl-> i will always lurve ya all to the core , thanks for being here with me all these while.
  2: My favourite buddies :jasmine , jiashan-> you 2 are the best!~ All the heart-to-Heart talks really bond us together tighter. Lastly Samantha who is always around when she sniffs gossip (eh..kidding la..),  counsel me and 2 of us can chat about anything under the sun.. :)
 OK thats all...hahah..PEArl..juz teasing you lah..How can i Not mention you in MY blog while im appreciating all my best galfriends right?? You..are simPLy another me..just a different race and *heiGHT*..same mindset , same laughters and Egoistical personality...haha *i simply LOve u... :)
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11:48 PM

Appearance vs reality
Thursday, July 22, 2004
    Yesterday i went to eat at the rather renowned "tiong baru market".. but find the food there not really that fantastic.  After that i went to Mount faber with my Friend...(Yes..a Friend..just because its a Romantic place , does'nt mean i cant go there with A friend...hahah)
   Anyway..I love that place..the lights and the atmosphere always make me feel light hearted and peaceful.  My friend and i was talking bout his Dreams , his aspirations and i- about my life ...  It just feel good to talk about uncertainties in my life and everything under the sun ..or the moon for that matter . When we were discussing about "clever people.." , he tells me :" jolyn , clever has a broad definition , how to define..?" Eh..yah hor..i also dunno how to define or limit the scope. Hmm , he kinda gimme the idea that when one is in different sort of company , one can actually adjust/change ur attitude and behaviour accordingly to the crowd. Its just like dressing up to fit different occasions. Wah...like that then maybe one fine day you may become soo engrossed in all this "stagings" and forget who u really are.. Hmm a thought that i ponder for awhile and hope that when he is with me, he will shed all his acts and become Just HIm.
  As he didnt like me to put on make-up when i go out with him..(Really , i swear!~He said :" JOlyn if later i saw u with any make-up on ,i will just turn and go home hor." He lamented that he prefers to go out with a au natural person .hmm *wonder if it is because i look even worse if make up?? ) Eh..For people who knows me well , knew that i would usually have some make up on because i would look more presentable mah..Aiz..
  When the night ended , i realised that this outing has made me understand my friend more and i certainly learnt something from him. :)

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3:30 PM

Tuesday, July 20, 2004
             DAmn..can anyone tell me why am i taking A levels , i mean why did i wanna do it in the 1st place... I should have been with all my buddies like cheryl , chengjia ,hui bin , peisee , elson....complaining about the endless projects , what clothes to wear tmr and what to do during the weekends. I can sleep late , "4get to go to lectures" , bio my faculty's  poly mates and slack in the Big library. Although Poly is also not all pleasant heaven..but at least it does'nt have thousand and 1 rules to abide by ,( especially the 7.30am classes every morning..Sux) . The Freaking sch's management team that threaten to call ur parents down at almost every single offence , suspend u just because u skip a detention session or ..... NOt to mention the bottomless pit of homeworks and assignments that they expect one to complete when u finished sch at 4 or 5pm daily..(okok sometimes 2/3 pm) 
        No matter what ..im here now and the fact that i was the one who chose this path , makes it more difficult for me to blame my Dear Heartless parents.. keke Hence i-Jolyn lim jingfen hereby promise to study *ermz  hard and try my very best to complete any homework and not copy ..heeh Anyway everybody ..please pray for me when u have the chance..keke
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10:14 AM

Sunset BAy..BEAch BAbes and HUnks everywhere!~
Sunday, July 18, 2004
 YesterDAe i went Sunset bay and it was loads of fun..!~~Hence now im "chao DA"=sunburned ,( amidst of bio-ing all the babes and hunks..i 4got to keep piling on tons of sunblock, :(    )
There were more than hundreds over students , kids and adults ....8 courts of matches going on simutantuously. MIng jie , Pearl ,me, jennifer and Kelvin were simply having soo mUch funZ (ermz ok, maybe not ming jie bcos he just started picking up the skills of volleyball yesterday and to make him endured 1 whole day of "volleyball"  with us ,may not be the World's Greatest fun.. ) We were watching matches , playing volleyball , eating and sipping coke (Pearl and i drank like...5 cups of coke yesterdae which totally broke our "coke routine -only 2cups per day) ... I   LOve Volleyball To the Core~~~~ooh...btw every monday night 9pm, at channel 22 -there will be Athen volleyball matches , hence do watch it if you have the time .
  Anyway , my sch's volleyball team new coach was there too..he joined the Men's 2-on 2 beach volleyball catergory and He and his partner WOn the Campionship !~!~ Eh, maybe bcos he is in Singapore National Beach Volleyball team...but well thats still COol... **How i wish im still in the team ,then i can always go for his Training ** hahaha...
  Anyway during all his MAtches , my friends and i were Cheering for him , although i kinda cheered too LOuDly and "differently" , bcos pearl and jennifer were cheering "Guo Liang..jia you " and Me- "RONAld...JIAyou". You must be thinking, this sounds pretty normal right? Except for the FAct that he was'nt called "Ronald"..I simply named him Ronald cos i think he suits the name  "Ronald" and anyway Guo liang sounds like a mouthful and "chi-Na" during a cheering session .  Hence during the Finals , when i shout "Ronald~~~~" everyone turns and look at me, pearl,kelvin and jennifer gave me the evil eye, and of cos as usual i got a HArd smack from pearl.. *Aiz pity me*
  After so many months of not being in contact with vball , yesterday i played like shit till 5pm when pearl and me were "dui da ". Yesterday made me realised that i miss vball man..miss trainings ..miss my team mates and the laughters generated during training..i even miss Peifen's scoldings (ohmigod..i must be getting "xiu dou" =*sots sots*)  Ix shen qing shan was there too , his skills were quite ok ..although i find it not as fabulous as his vball's skills in the drama serial "sui xin suo yi" which i guess some other stuntman probably played for him in that show. I found  it ironic yesterdae when i saw him in the matches..As he and Zhen binghui were the ones who bought beach volleyball and sunset bay to popularity these few yrs (due to that drama serial ) however oxy-moronic-ly yesterday he was simply just another "someone" there..When almost everybody who was at sunset bay yesterdae ,was there bcos its a popular sport in singapore..Partly due to hIm.. 
  Today while all the excitments have died down , i woke up with the realisation of  the after effects->my Sunburned Face which was extremely painful to say the least... *touch touch..Ahhhhhhh~~ I will have to suffer for my oversight from now on..to have a peeling and ugly blotchy face. *serves me right for being over engrossed in volleyball and forgot Mother Nature 's POwerful Influences-UV rays.
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8:31 PM

totallY mE!~
Friday, July 16, 2004
Hm today a complaint was lodged , saying that my blogs are StIll tOO Full of Shortforms. I will try to rectify that and makes it a pleasant reading for everyone .  Another thing is That one of my close friend askedabout my daily life , it shld be.. Well after much pondering , i realised that it is true..however i did not want my blogs to simply become an online diary for me. Because i never have the habbit of keeping a diary , i just dont find writing down my daily happenings -fun. But i always like penning down my thoughts and certain issues that intrigue me alot. As these thoughts are not gd conversations (as in who would want to chat about my ideas of flowers , women's desire , Myself...) and i love to share these views..
  Well, since im not here to Impressed readers , pull votes , Raise ratings of my blogs..i hereby decided that Im simply gonna continue to share my thoughts (no matter how wacky they may seem ,and if my online "jokes" aint furni..just take into considerations that im not a entertainer,im juz Being ME!) and if you dun like my entries..then..Go to another friend's blog lo.
 Apart from that ,i feel that it's time to infuse abit "about Me!~" into these entries. To tell about some daily happenings ,certain funny incidents and my personal feelings . As my blog is for me to Unleased all my emotions ,my thoughts so as to relieve me of being overly mentally stressed. *hee*
 Nowadaes im currently depressed..that accounts for the reasons for all my "depressive entries" . I have just gotten over from a Short but bad relationship that kinda makes me lose faith about myself , that maybe im simply not cut out for a long term relationship . Dont get me wrong , this ex bf is'nt why im fretting ..cos im way over him, its the failed relationship im unable to deal with. These 20 years of mine i have never proclaimed to be in love (not even once) ,but i did like 1 guy alot..but "Australia degree " seemed to be in his mind more than *mini me. Eh all these cum my LOusy results = depressive Jolyn . Hence my dear friends outta there , please endure with the short Fuse Me..*promise i will feel better and i will be a better company for all!
But for now ..Endurance and patience is a Virtue , greatly appreciated.. :)
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11:34 PM

A philosophy abt Females..
Thursday, July 15, 2004
Recently i watched this variety show where the host(its Nono..i tink) Depicted females to different sports.

Girls in their twenties are like BAsEBALL..Everyone want to make a Grab for it..(very alluring)
Women in their 30's are like Volleyball ,Kana Hit here and there ,Everyone wants to get it over the net within three hits (the most would be 3 hits and *women's attractiveness would vanish..)
Women in their 40's are like SoccerBall-with many guys kicking it here and there.. (which pratically portrayed women as Less-Than-attractive..)keke..In a Crude way,its true to a certain extent i guess..Thats y women spent a fortune on Sk-2,lancome and oTher equally expensive skin products-to MAintain everLAsting Youthfulness .*ermz*
i mEan not all guys think in the same sentiments(as above) but lotsa guys do. Not that im the self proclaimed feminist as you think but the fact lies there , that women's attractiveness decreases with age and looks. Men all over the world Complained of their wifes growing old and ugly, being career occupied and all hence they went forth to look for "Extra activities". You don't see women complaining about their Aging husbands with Wrinkles,dysfunctional manhood and all, right? keke no offense gUys!~
Looking at all the young girls marrying man who are like 10-18 yrs older than themselves(i know of a particular eg-18 yrs younger than her husband.. *grinz),You would know that we(women) appreciate MAture Men and Not degrade them to a..a..SoFT DRink (gas fizzled after they are opened)! OKok noT fair to say that statement -Hence minus all the women that marry for money and minus guys who aPPRECiate MAture Women. And btw Soft drink was juz an lousy eg,keke

HENce Men Plz aPPreciate MOre EXperienced and MAture Women..COs they are stuck with the Aging you ,definately not for Ur $$.haha
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5:57 PM

Hellish MOments..
Tuesday, July 13, 2004
Had u Ever have a Dream whereby u are walking through a Dark Errie...NArrow Tunnel(Never-ending somemore), U suddenly realised dat u are a claustrophobic ,thus Finding it Hard to breathe..(In ..Out slowlY..)The DArkness that u may haf gotten acustomed to,may leave you feeling melancholy during the journey. The Continuous walk makes u feel Drained, Hunger for LIghts and Company ,The yearning to See Sunlight and breathe Fresh Air again and at last leaving u a sense of incomplete-ness(meaningless).Its Highly possible that u will wake up ,without being out in the Open yet..Feeling Weird and Stressed from tis illogical Dream ..

Thats how im feeling right now, the Dark tunnel being all my current Failures (bad results, bad relationships ),Never ending = this problems aint solved yet.The Claustrophobic & "drained out" feeling arises due to the stress that these problems are causing.Melancholy = u feel lonely in this pathetic journey, u yearn for a SpEcial Some1 to accompany ya.
Sunlight and fresh Air= you yearn for Hopes and excitement back in yr life.The reason why u wake up without being out in the open yet ,is bcos you do not have the solutions to your frustrations and problems hence its a hint to start solving them or let it rest... :)
Eh this is just moi view upon my life ..if u do have similar dreams or mirage,hope it would help..
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9:20 PM

Confused Mindz..
Monday, July 12, 2004
These few Days i haf been going to Performances, shopping and Church meet + i saw James Lye and Diana Ser...OOhz He Sure is CutE..
and Diana wore a Beri cUte PInk top..*cUte cOuple!~ Then There was this Starbuck's employee who Scream at the sight of them..*ohmigosh (that kind) My friends and i were like DuH~, Never see actor/cute guys before har??Anyway, DAts the End of my sat.
SUn=Church and Xiao qian's birthady dinner at Fish and Co.
The Preaching was on the topic of who is The REal wiNner -Its nOt the end product/Journey to make one a Winner but the essence and quality of IT. Actually Over these years , Being a winner does'nt really matter much to me anymore..maybe bcos Winning is not my goal or piority .But Being happY or Having fun is. However now..i seemed to question myself-Is this My goal in life, Is this a Meaningful LIfe??
I have no idea..What about u?Is this Life what u have been yearning for ,A meaningful life??
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1:17 PM

How Successful is THE DAY AFTER TML?
Saturday, July 10, 2004
I have heard from my frnds saying that this show is rather Cool and the computer's effect is great blah blah ...Personally , i have watched that show and find it quite alright but somehow feel that it LAck excitment & could be a better Blockbuster Movie.
As a Geography student i find the concept of Global warming->causes ice caps to melt,resulting in major floods..a cool concept for a movie,as it may Really become another ice Age(logical). (genre of this film is better than Titanic..but..)

-ve:Well,Titanic dint juz Have a mAIn plot oF a "SINKINg ship" rite ..theres JAck and Rose to spIce up the show..^especially with the NAked portrait heeh.-Although this film did focus the story on 1 young couple but the romance part was'nt much of a intrigue. The whole show is overly embarked on the Technical part, the Flooding, the tell tale signs of Climatic cHAnges..It did not try to tap onto viewer's emotions and trigger much suspense. ^I MEAn Like There's SOOo many ppl Dying in that show , the director could Have MAde us CRy Buckets (but he did'nt). Dun you think that the Trailer seemed far better and more exciting than the actual show??
Hence although overall it is a nice show but i felt that it could have been Way better.The lenght of the show may have to be longer in order to really develop the storylines. MAybe they LOw Budget.. :) Tis is juz my views..Do u feel the same way..nOT?
Penned @
1:02 AM

Moi philosophy of Flowers!~
Thursday, July 08, 2004
Sunflowers: Love Nature and is usually an oPtimist.PPl who love tis flower is Cheerful And "BrighT" (da yellow colour lar..),*however BRight in tis case=smartz student too wahahah ^me..Me!.. -ve:usually love to chat and kinda noisy at times..Hyperactive and overly energetic hence tis person may need to have lotsa different type of friends as she/he may has too many interests and a dualistic character.
Roses: Blue= smooth and sweet,gentle personality but at times may still tends to Have an insistant point of view.
Red:Reflect A Daring and sexy person inner or exterior self. Not afraid to Flaunt her assets (anY Kind !~~)Decisive and usually str. 4ward.
PInk: HAs a Girly and sweet personality and loVe a tint of gentleness in anyone.

*however ppl may only love this Flower (any of those mentioned) but not share the same chtristic of what i wrote. Either U live tis character in a Particular some1 or u simply lOve the colour!~~ haha actually its all CraPs, BUt i Wanna Declare i lOve PInk Roses..Yes..yes!~ ITs nOT me but iTs Pretty eh!! wad bout U?? wanna share?
Penned @
10:56 AM

Nope..duHz Mood Today
Wednesday, July 07, 2004
HAhah...i finally kana lotsa complaints from other bloggers that my blogs have too many grammer mistakes , shortforms that is making reading extremely diffcult. *sHeesHz *Jolyn's left hand raise up and nod ^sorryz!~ hmm a Long Long time ago i juz had the inspiration to write something , eh its nothing fanciful and gd.Just my passing thoughts and hope ya will enjoy it k. *smiLez
One day i may find Success
or my own niche in this great World,
But before i find any of this
and amidst of the crowd i see,
You are the first on my list
Whom i want to share my laughters with.

haha abitz corny eh..but well liking some1 sure makes 1 corny and foolish wad..*nonono, dont anyhow think,i dun think i like any1 now cos guess im over that period liao!~ dat was conjured up a lOng Long time ago..rem?haha
Penned @
8:42 PM

A furni Incident !~
Todae while i was in Bus:985,along the journey saw this apprehensive ang Moh gal got up da bus. The conductor didn't close the door but waited for her to tap her ezlink...1st she tried tappin using the whole of her wallet.Again..again,Till bus driver lamented dat maybe she shld take out her ezlink to tap.WAd happened next kinda shoCked me..she took out her phonecard and AtM..tryin to tap them separately.
It turns out that she does'nt have any ezlink card upon her thus she hafta get down the bus..eh lidat i feel sorry for her now but juz now i ermz was ermz sniggering to myself..*guilty
Bcos if u were to put me in NYDC or London for a dae ,in the Sub/Tube or Train, TRam...i would sure make a fool outta myself..sO if Time wld turn back i WIll help hER To...try to guide her to the nearest Mrt station to buy an ezlink card (cos im damn broke now, cant lie in my own blog by saying that i will help her pay her fares todae..cos i cant heeH)
Penned @
1:18 AM

Does woman's love for Being Loved surpassed Her own
Would you rather be a minor chtr in a meaningful story,a good script,Or play the MAin Lead of a lame or Duh~ story ,wif a genre unlike ya preferred kind. For me..and all the gals outta there who Yearns to be the next princess in her own Fairytale ,we definitely want to b the main lead (whu wants to b "pei Jiao" in her lifestory?keke) starring our HAndsome and Talented prince in a Meaningful story..ending HappIly ever After.*REAlity ChecK** HAiz..however One being in tis cosmopolitian society would reckon dat This wonderful story usually ends up in "divorce Made in Heaven" and alimony for the alReady Rich Wife.Hmmz..or maybe the FAb pRInce happen to HAve a Wife already?? One ,of cos does nt want to see urself acting as a concubine in your own Stage *not if you are the director eh? OKok (will stop destroying all ya delusions of Disney FAiryTales) pUshing all pessimistic Views aside , mAybe i will end up with a normal guy ,in a 5 rm flat and Look like -Vicky zhou IN Commercials .(keke, leave me a little rm 4 self deception k)
Hence to the Crux now->Does women's Love of being Loved surpassed the guilt,unleasing the cruelty of Making a Cat's Paw out of a Nice man?That ,even if there's no feeling or tint of chemistry for the guy, would u still be a Teaser? If women can tagged "playboy" guys as jerk , tHen what's da name for woman who lead guys on,simply for the sake of showing these "nEw Bloods" as trophys? U have any ideas?
Penned @
12:21 AM

The Reason Y we r Here?
Monday, July 05, 2004
OKie GUys!~ hmm now,heres afew reasons of y we are here in this world, tis society. *ATT :All Reasons are fictitious and siMply generated for Fun and laughters , Any Reasons dat u think is tRue are Purely coincidental .Heeh
1st:To Gals whu are in the power of ya relationships-Are u Here to Torture ya past few Bfs??Always making them Carry ya purchases, paying for all the clothes or shoes dat u may nt even nid or want? Relentlessly belittling them always..making them Feel the smallest..(feel Guilty rite?sadly its true..keke)
Guys:If u are cute or smartz(if u r not both,mayb u haf ur own special attributes), Are u here to flirt with all the pretty gals,whether or not u haf a gf?? (okok, mayb u r still LOYAl to ya gf, its juz Harmless Flirting rite??) Or here to Torture Gfs? Telling them They are Fat?MAking them Buy BReakFasts, Brunchs,Dinners..(u got the pt rite?) and specially delivering it to ya hse,When u r Still Aslp? Hmm OR Ensuring them(ur flings or gfs) that Getting u as their bf is the Best dat they cld ever haf and they shld CHerIsh u..even though u noe dat it may nt even b TruE!~ HAh!
Every1:MAyb we were here to haf a FAb shopping experiences , Sex life And /Or TO prOcreate (eh they r dIff k, ask the Guys..:) ) MAke LOyal frnds, fUn cLubbing Partners And to SAve the WOrld- WOrld peace!~ -If us,Homo sapians wanna live for thousand more Generations. Cos all i noe is dat , we aint spose to b here to HAf wars-kill each other , political wars-to push blames onto other countries or fellow politicians,or Destroy the earth bcos of our Fast and "Advanced" technology due to CFCs and nuclear weapons..or Clonings.cos God Made us special as an individual,If he intended 4 cloning,he cld simply made us all as similar manufactured pdts!~~ *SAve time and efforts

hahha..DAt was Crap!~wad do u tink??Every1 feels differently..tis is juz how mini me Feel!~ *grinz
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8:47 PM

Y flea JAr?
Saturday, July 03, 2004
haha..cos Bell jar is da diary of the famous writer or poet *4get which ar. aniway since im always talkin abt nonsense stuffs thus the Name Flea jar then haha..Aniway made a big blunder afew daes ago, my frnds were talkin abt slim gals being pretty and all.I interrupted and said :aiyah last time dat wad "fei" so fat ,ppl oso sae she pretty wad.It all depend on the era of society la..eh i rem liao:da Yue fei ar!~ then all my frnds burst out laughin and 1 ask :is'nt yue Fei a guy?(1st guy whu got a tattoo keke) erm..in da end i was enlightened by them dat its YAng Gui fei and nt Yue fei..They made a big issue outta dat *cos all were frm Rvhs and took Chn lit in the past!~
Todae has been slpin and simply eating my dae away..keke Tue my last 2 papers..hope i will start studying soon!~
Penned @
11:42 PM

Windstruck:my Sassy Senior..found tis movie a super sad 1.
Hope my Lovestory would b as Fun as dat but not as sad though!~~
Once i haf all but lose faith in u
U lemme down and left me there on the same spot.
Cld'nt haf done worse..now i learnt to let go,to move on..
Away frm u..the sad past,the secret u.
Tis sad movie do trigger some emotions frm mOI, kk..i Cried till Big
drops flow smoothly down my pink cheeks k. Now dat i admitted it out in the open, dun tink anione wanna mit me 4 a movie session anymore eh?? *Takers ani1??i promise to b mOre discreet in future when I *sobz
Keke ahh anyway Starlight Cinema Out again and i wanna Go oUt in the Open field and watch MOvIes...tis yr hope i get to do it again!~~~
Penned @
12:44 AM

Do we Realli noe whu we r?
Thursday, July 01, 2004
1st of all..u r here nOw..yes..u.plz do prepare urself 4 grammatical errors ,typo, limited vocabs cos tis is how all my entries r gonna b like.Cos Its mE!~~
lately been wondering..whu m i?do i noe whu i realli m?my character after tis 20 yrs?cos change is supposed to b a constant in our life rite?we keep changing ..till we r not whu we used to b years ago..u realised? One dae u ask urself..y u changed and u may noe sum reasons however sumtimes u simply ChanGed..Thus r we controlled by our mind or Brain? As we change bcos we FEEl the need to Or Want(brain) to. Is the Current WE wad we want years ago? If not y do we keep changin?External environmental Forces, conformed by the society?
haha...i duno,when i noe i will post up my ans..mayb u noe?u tell me yea? *winkz
Penned @
10:20 PM

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