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Night SafarI~~
Thursday, September 30, 2004
Yesterday..i went to the Night Safari!~ It was all Bucky's idea . Actually he wanted to give me a "Surprise" , but due to my curious nature...the secret was let outta bag not long after we boarded the bus. Because he tried to use the "I think we board the wrong bus " line , i ended up being frustrated and keep wanting to press the bell and get off the bus ..to take a cab back to CCk. I think it really took him "nerves of steel and endurance of a block" (idioms are slot in , to show that i still remember my idioms after so many years..keke) to deal with the Cranky me that day . When i knew that we were going to The Night "ZOO" ...i was exhilerated!~! My brain was going on and on like in the song.."WE ARe GOING TO THE Zoo..How about YOU?YOu? you? ...We are going to the ZOO~~" the NIght one that is. He knew i wanted so much to go there because he read it in my friendster . I kinda felt the gesture and the efforts to be rather sweet and it certainly warms my heart. The walk , the sightseeing , viewing of all these animals in the "mysterious" darkness..One would never realise that its in SIngapore. The scenery was beautiful..Okok..i LOve that Place..period. keke
The only -ve thing was that we were suppose to catch an animal show at 10pm..the setting of the show area was great , the starting of the show was great , the ambience was excellent-> in short the audience was all riled up, sitting with anticipation!~ IS that GREAt or what?? BUt...it had to RAIN...rain with a capital R..that starts off with a drizzle and ended off with the host saying "we are sorry , please leave by the blah blah exit. " *darn...thats a real killer of my fabulous mood ar.

One last thing ..to the guy who made everything possible.."Bucky ,thanks for the endurance and the "sponsorship" for that day..hahaha ,for the efforts and thoughts you put in it..lemme tell you something: THE MONEY was WORTH iT, every single cent, even the BONGO MEALS AR!~hahhaa..i appreciated it. " Ermz im sorry for the bus and BONGO burgers incident ..(Ermz thats the "Fast Food joint" where we got our dinner..the open inverted commas is there because it aint really as cheap as a fast food joint should be..it Cost us (or rather Bucky to be political correct hahaha) $28 ar. Wah lao , we could have gotten both of us buffet meals for $40 odds lor. In the end , the bOngo Burgers compensated me with a barrel of naggings , illicited endless streams of "TOLD YA" scoldings from HIm . Hence if i could turn back time , i would delete the BONgo Burger and the "Rain" episode nonetheless with all these i still had a wonderful time EVEN though two of us are having major exams in 4 weeks time . *SigHz
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10:16 PM

Me and My Baby!! Posted by Hello
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9:22 PM

Tuesday, September 28, 2004
I wanna go for manicures..pedicures...facials (Im definitely in need of this...keke) and slimming sessions ar..Hence with all this luxuries in mind , my "ambitious" mind decided that i have to work real hard to secure myself a high flying job in the near future. (darn...its real near lo , cos im already 20 .) Eh , on the other hand instead of securing myself a job ..why not secure a "RICH Husband"? some asked. Thats a good idea...not that i and my mum (we were just gossiping whenever we have the time ..hahaha) have not thought of it before. But that its not easy to do that ..to "Seduce" (aiyah...rich guys are not taken by intellect *which i dun have* but by looks and lust *which i dun have aslo ) rich guys i need fab. body + wonderful assets . ER..which is kinda difficult for my calibere , plus my "petite " height there is not much of a possibility is there?? hahahha...

I have once dated afew rich guys and they are usually rather opinionated , sometimes overly confident (i did'nt say all rich guys...just the few that i have met.). (but they are rather nice people ..serious*)The fact that when guys have extra money ,there is a higher tendency to find "eca" and indulge in their own way of leisure. I definitely don't want that to happen , just like many other women out there ..i LOve a Loyal and committed guy who makes me feel secure . That trait win over any rich guy any day , no matter how pragmatic i may be. Every women is materialistic , it just depend on the extent of it (thats the way i feel) .And for me , i aint that wealth concious to give up a happy life for a rich but uncaring guy. End of story is that i better secured myself a good job for a better life in future.
Hahaha....but i still want my nails done..maybe at a cheaper place then . keke
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10:12 PM

Im Sick!~ ..NO voiCE~~~
Sunday, September 26, 2004
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9:01 PM

Finally i knew the meaning of "i knew i love you b4 i met you" but the knowledge was useless..Anyone felt like this b4?
Tuesday, September 21, 2004
* This entry is simply written for my personal reference hence if u do not understand any of it..don't worry , its not a confusing entry..its just not meant to be understand by everyone.

These recent times have gotten me thinking about some stuffs-that i have used up 2 , 3 years of my life on someone , who makes my life miserable and ironically was the same person i had most fun and confiding moments with . Few months ago , something happened..and i realised that it is time that i wake up -from my self delusional idea that he gonna change or the situation will signal a turn of events . I come to the conclusion that a leopard will never change it's spot ..may be he will one day , but i won't be there to find out . Because i gave up on him ..i finally {"wake up my idea" (as lynn would have put it) and decided that he is'nt worth my time , my youth on . It took me two years plus to realise a simple truth..even though i had other "diversions " in between , nothing could pull me away from believing in an non existance ray of hope.

Really , i have no idea that many of you outta there share the same sentiments as me, till recently. Surrounding friends of mine who used to jeer at me , pass snide remarks about me and other nicer ones out there who simply thinks that im a fool to still continue or a sentimental stubborn girl who hang on to a thin thin of thread . Now some of these friends are facing the same exact situation as i had been in ( most of these girls are the nice ones who just sympathise with me in the past ) and i could understand their emotions and dilemma ar.
So girls who feel like a fool and feel torn..don't worry it will pass..its just a phase of our "Singleton" life . One day when u are jolted up by some "jerk-y" stuffs that he did and which is the last straw..then u will Give up . Right now just have fun and take things lightly till then .

For me..im glad that the phase has passed and may be we could even get a dinner before he went overseas. The 2 -3 years have not left me without a barrel of reflections , lessons and growing up along the way . I appreciate the lesson learnt but hope sincerely that my Right One will be here (soon) before i go mad and become a "NUN"...hahah...
Hmm that suits my conservative self...will tell my mom that tml. hahhaha
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10:20 PM

DAmn...LIfe suX
Sunday, September 19, 2004
Yes..while proof reading my last entry ..i got a call. And now im feeling exactly the opposite of how i feel in my last entry.. what cloud nine? i take that back. What happy ? i think i was just being delusional ..in self denial i guess. Currently my mood sux..feel like sleeping but i cant . Feel like going to east coast and let the breeze ..blow all my bad moods and sadness away.
I want my HAppy ending ..a Nice Life ...but i cant ..im a spolit gal..a girl that is not worthy of having everything going smoothly for her. Maybe thats life...to have more ups than down ..make the wound stings more and have your happiness transformed to a part of your sadness. How nice is that?
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12:44 AM

HAhaa...These few days im on Cloud nine ar...Because i got to see Ronald last wes..and talk to him ar...*Imagine that the whole hall has only the two of us..*delusionalise* there was no DAncers Nor other training going on...especially ignoring the fact that there were Samantha who just "happened" to come and look for me ->which totally spolit our private moments lo..if its still considered private...hahahha...Ok and the crucial fact that he said only three words to me..YOU better not ask me what words...cos i was in a daze to remember..hahaha NO la..i simply forgot.

Nah..all thats bullshit la.Im on cloud nine because this whole week has been a Blast for me. *Discounting the fact that im having A level...Prelims now* hahaha The reason due to my darling having his holidays this week...which is gonna end tomorrow arh. *Sighz*
We simply have soo much fun together ..okok..maybe i should not be so presumptuous and say "we" . Fine then.."I" have soo much fun because i literally forced him ,almost everyday to meet me for hours . I knew that when his sch starts ..i will only get to see him 1 or 2 hours everytime . Therefore i am making full use of this chance to get myself be infused into his lifestyle , and be a part of his life ..then in this way he gonna finds it hard to get rid of me eh *Heeh...*
*Chey* you all siao arh...really think i have nuthing better to do than being a "sticky and infuritating person"?? Nah..actually im just enjoying myself this week before the real hard works begin , transforming me into a Full Time Nerd .

What is one to do when realising the fact that you have fallen way behind everyone esle on the track while running towards your destination? Give up ? Think of excuses to give your friends when you reach the finishing line Last? That you do not have enough trainings before the competition? That you just don't feel like running that day..not in your tip top form? That its just too hot to bear and *erm maybe the sunlight affects your eyesight and you cant see the trackline clearly? Well , what about this?-> suddenly realisation dawned upon you , that you have never wanted to be in this competition, this rat race before?And so on and so forth...
HAve you ever feel this way before??Ok , may be not exactly the part about the race nor the excuses..but something similar to these feelings? The race and all these excuses are simply a metaphor to relate to any similar incidents that one may be facing . For me its A level and all of the excuses stated above is genuine..i think maybe im gonna use all of it to tell my mom , dad , friends who are not in my school...
What do you think one should do? You tell me? :P
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12:44 AM

Thursday, September 16, 2004
*Argh...darnz i missed my circuit lesson today. All because i felt too fed up with today super idiotic management paper (think i gonna flunk this shitty paper man...its simply how badly i flunk ar. ) Hence after the paper i went with Pearl to go bukit batok ...for my favourite mos burger. Me being the usual blur self ...jio Pearl to go Harbourfront to buy Heels...While paying for my fab. pair of heels...i realised that I MISSED MY CIRCUIT lesson! Argh....i still have to pay for the freaking lesson that i never go ...*DAmn...Together with my heels purchases..im actually paying a HUndred for this freaking heels.( cos the stupid lesson that i never go , cost me FREAKING 60 BUCKs....) *What an expensive day man.

I simply feel like Knocking my head against the wall...$60 can buy many heels...many mos burger meals...many cute top and my bags...Arghz..
okok..i empathise with the whole lot of you that are stuck with reading all about my bad day. But well one have no choice when ya in this site. hahahha Bear with ME and MY self regarding writings . Why, you ask? Eh , simply because its MY blog ...haha...im given the Green light to rattle on all about myself . Hmm because i cant do this (talking endlessly about my day and my thoughts ) all the time in public right?? You guys would simply ask me to Shut Up , thats why i can only do this whileblogging . Hence please do endure with ...ME!~ hahhahaha
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10:33 PM

Prelims finally arrived!~
Monday, September 13, 2004
Everyone ..hmm do you wanna noe how my prelim went? (okok maybe you don't care two hoots about my prelims but then again you are reading my blog hence i dun care u are suppose to be interested about my daily happenings hahah...i would simply assume that anyone who is here reading ->cares deeply for my results. kekeke)
Well , as predicted by most of my friends who see me bumming around most of the time... i sux at management paper and lit paper 2 today . Alot of my classmates were having an easy time (from the way i see them in classroom ) and i guess its just me who is having a major (ooh I mean MAJOR) problems in doing all my papers ..
*arghz..i regretted not studying as hard as my classmates (people like xiayan , vera , WAtI and of course samantha...eh dun grasp hor she is quietly mugging at home arh..she is a dark horse ar she heehee.)
Ahh..No more blogging for me liao!~i have made up my mind to study hard liao .BYE!~~~~~
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9:20 PM

Friday, September 10, 2004
ZOuk tMl??? Should i go Zouk tomorrow?? ahhhh...Prelims coming....Eh W.T.hell.... If i feel like going tml , i would just go. Heehee.....
My DArling sick today ....Get well sOOon k!~
Everyone who is having ya prelims...Work hard yah...
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11:51 PM

Thursday, September 09, 2004
Ahhh...Mon is the day->A levels Prelims ar!~ W.T.F..(Pearl do excuse me for this kinda language ...) The worse thing is ..im not even in the least urgent about it...or even getting frantic....Oh my..sometimes i really wondered what am i getting myself into...a real slacker mode ar!

Before i go off to hit the books ...i would like to share this poem :

People always make war when they say Love peace
The Loud Love of Peace makes One quiver more than any Battle-Cry
Why should one love Peace? When it is obviouslyvile to make war .
Loud peace propaganda makes war seem imminent .

Very true...what do you think??share....
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9:56 PM

Some Kinda appreciation to MY darLingz...
Tuesday, September 07, 2004
yUppie!~! I Missed you when you are not around..but lurve to disturb you when you are right here with me!~ Love to tease you when you get all blur and starts to ponder about all the Chinese sentences that im rapidly rattling away...You try so hard to *act and nodded knowingly..thats goes *ooh...yah....* I simply find it cute when i tell ya about "Culture clash" and you just shrug it off , telling me Its ok. Though i think that you feel the "misfitting touch" too.
I lOve the way u disturb me about my "fatty arms...thighs..and Tummy" (aiz...i probably should start dieting real soon ..to stop all ya sniggering..) . *Pearl..will hit ya the next time she see you because she says iM NOT FAT!! *proclaiming proudly*....okok...everyone , do forget about the period when there's NANCY LIM MUIYEE (spose to be my baby due to my growing tummy after breaks) in me. And the way i made you listen to the radio station 933 , the *why do you have to torture me with THESE??* facial expression ...however you try to musked it , the flicker of expression vanished immediately when my face GLowered at you, it was replaced with a pleading stare that says :please...lemme listen to 98.7, can? hahhahha....The cruelty of pure torture-iM simply loving it!~ *bleah*

LAstly ..I will try to Be understanding (with ya studies and **GooD BuDDies**)..try to be patient and nice . keke...enjoy it while It lasts .. HAhahha....Anyway for all the difficulties that i have pile upon you , im just being the usual difficult ME! You are YOu....just be a nicer YOU and stop being a BIg MEAnie k!~ ANd to All my DArlIngs outta there ...The same goes for all of yOu, do study hArd and mIss ya Buddy->me LOts k!~ JIA shan -pls do lavish more attention on yaself and pull through any difficulties that you will meet k . SAmantha- you are my Favourite and all time telepathy friend , because you are the only one who can understand all my weird thoughts . Im soo glad that i met ya in this lifetime if not i would have died ,thinking that im a Weirdo of my Time. hahaha...In short you are as twisted as me, more sexually provocative though *tsk tsk...wahahhaha PEArl: As again YOu are the most caring and nicest buddy cum my Volleyball companion . Cheryl, lynn and marian...my dearest 3 musketeers who has been around since im 13 .Therefore the 4 of us will continue this way or even better towards 30 k. hahhaa....MIss ya lots gals when you all are busy studying and working. :P
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11:02 PM

Dude..hows ya LIfe?
Monday, September 06, 2004
Hows everyone's life? Hmm judging from my circle of friends...not many are having a fantasic life right now. There seems to be an element of chaos in everyone's life. And recently i find that *flings seemed to start getting popular all over again..haha..Anyone who wants to have a real bf or gf that do commits , please stay away from this *plague ->Flings. Because i realised that once one get entwined in it, its kinda hard to get outta the sticky web. Haha.. *BewaREz...

My life kinda diresome now but ironically its kinda Fun too... (Eh , of course im aint siao and feel that mugging is fUn lah!~ Its just that im having fun when i aint studying.)
Ya can call me a easily satisfied person or a *simpleton* ( eh SAmantha may not agree with me upon this view because she always feel that im simply too scheming for my good...*JOlyn pause and appear *blur with bambi aka innocent eyes...*blink blink....-> me =scheming?? Cant be..im too simple minded to even know HOW to SCHeme!...Samantha's imagination must be running WILD (literally....hahahha) as usual. ) BAck to the point that im easily contended...i absolutely agree with that as i find myself indulging in simple delights like eating ice cream at a busy street in Town , exchanging corny jokes while having a walk at my nearby Pasar malam or even having a simple dinner with my darling at any fast food restaruant. I find it amusing that it actually takes so little to get me so Chirpy (okok..those people outta there..i know that you are trying to say that im always very chirpy right...dont need to do much to make me happy or talk alot right?? hahha...Thats why i say im easily contended cos most of the time im self entertaining mah! hahahah<- just like noW!~) AIyah...at the end of it , i gather that i would love someone who could actually enjoy all the simple pleasures of life ..with me. You know like sharing food (cos its cheaper that way ...hahaha NO LA!~), watching sunset ,the sea , Playing volleyball and BAdminton (that can be done with my friends if my bf dont like it ) or even sitting down and enjoying the breeze while snuggling up . Well , if i cant find that person to share all these with , at least i have pearl who has already done all these with me (except the badminton part ) . If not Maybe ..just maybe if im getting desperate and feeling LOVELESS (thats the word that cheryl has been mentioning about me,cheryl..and other Friends...) I MIght just go and Seduce RONALD!!! REmember the sunset bay gUy in the last few entries?? Hmm thats if i cant seem to find mY guy...hope MY guy will come looking for me soon because i don't think that i have any assets great enough to seduce anyone(i just use the word *seduce* because i dunno what esle would attract an older guy's attention. hahaha...I was not being condescending to MAture guys , just a matter of fact . heehee) Okok...Pearl ,jiashan and Cheryl must be all protesting now...they simply dont think that im Ready for a "Mature Relationship ". Hmm I don't care , if Jasmine can date an Older guy , i don't see why i cant . HAhahha... *Back to Earth Jolyn*...I aint jasmine , thus i will just have to settle for guys around my age or slightly older cos then they can endure all my crappiness .
Thats All -Ciao!~ P.s Do not take the last paragraph seriously because that is simply a paradox with my last entry of being a "traditional girl " . Hence all that i have just mentioned was purely for entertainment purposes..the real Traditional Me ->remains . :P
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7:55 PM

Im a Amoral person , Ignore me if u are a Moralist.
Sunday, September 05, 2004
FreakinG hell!~...*Upset** Because its the 1st time i saw certain gestures that infuriate me to the Core...(u wanna noe what is it rite??) lemme tell u , its a best gal friend touching and holding her Buddy's hand (who is a guy...) Well , one may feel that its perfectly fine and normal as in people are getting closer to each other nowadays..why am i so uptight about it? Eh , maybe im conservative and traditional..i feel that in order for a platonic friendship to remain that way , there should probably be a certain amount of distance between the 2 person. Although there may be instances of pure friendship occuring ,even when 2 are becoming physically close and still remained extremely good friend. But then again , which girl dares to take this chance of letting her guy be physically close with his good Gal buddy because one would never know when chemistry Or even *biology* would strike..well , for all i care you can freely call me a coward. Maybe im , maybe i cant trust (i don't even want to learn how to trust ..as in take a look at Hilary Clinton, the most she got out of her Trust ,was by telling the whole wide world about the Affair and How much it actually HUrts .That even the most powerful political woman , gets hurt by a *simPle affair..its SIMPLe..cos its just sex..*haha..) Don't even mention Margaret Thatcher , she was too busy being the 1st women prime minister to care who her husband is having affair with...eh its just pure speculations on my part hence please dont go around telling people that i say this, im simply being childish cos im Pissed. *Honestly gets one far ahead !~ haha

Okie..yuppz please remind me not to digress because i have not finish the story of -why do i feel that guys and gals who wanna remain friends should not get too close . Eh on the other hand i dont care and actually im done with blogging about this topic. If people wanna touch , hold hands or even kiss (All the PDA) , i have no right to stop them do i? Just because im too traditional in my upbringing *sheesh* , i should not expect the whole world to be as narrow minded as me right? Well , if any of you is nodding away now , you better not lemme see it (hahaha...) cos im exclusively self centred , self regarding , Egoistical...thus u should not agree with me on that particular statement above . If u are not galfriend-bf , Please dO NOt (I repeat...if any of the you dont get the Impact of Reading THis-> DO nOT PDA (public display of affections) infront of me because you should respect my private space of being a conservative person.

LAstly , if u wanna ask me why do i care so much ? I will only lament that from now on , i will not care...and would try in a last desperate attempt to ignore all these intimate gestures . And if any of you see me behaving intimately with any of my guy friend (which is HIGhly Impossible..haha), just smack me on the arm and exclaimed : " OI...do as u preach ..." and i would gladly obliged. Hmm then if any of my girl buddies outta there , tells me that occasionally i actually do that too (intimate gestures -that have just been considered *wrong by me ) , i will gladly correct you and says : " Its just harmless flirting my dear..nothing wrong ...it aint intimate gesture at all.." *winkz

Do not Judge from my above *wink and think that im alright..cos the above episode that i have witness just now, has been recurring continuously in my mind . Therefore i remained *Upset* Period.
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12:41 AM

Days that pass me by unnoticed.
Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Wah...16 days b4 prelims...im Dead!~ sOOo DEAd...Aiz, there are just so many things that i wanna do..like clubbing , shopping , badminton and vball. Did you know that you will get guilty if you are not mugging when u are suppose to? well, *darnz..i do and it sux cos i wanna play and play till i drop. hahah...
Everyone please work real hard for ya coming papers and try not to be tempted by ice creams or chit chatting , sms-ing ..like me okie? :)
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9:02 PM

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