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A preview of King KOng ..Best show of 2005!
Saturday, December 17, 2005
Anybody who has watched the movie-King Kong yet?
I just watched it afew hours ago and i was engulfed with emotions throughout the show . It is kinda like the Movie of the year ( as my bf depicted it ) for me . Why so ? Lemme tell you then..

This cliche story of a King Kong is a myth that is almost as old and used up as the story of Spiderman , Superman etc . However much to my surprise , it turned out otherwise as the 3 and 1/2 hr show tells a story not only about a King Kong but a romance and thriller one at that . The director or writer that manages to squeeze so many genre - Tragedy , comedy , thriller , sci-fiction into one movie , must be some one who is truely into arts . It is definitely not an easy task . It tells of many morales and shows insights about love that $8.50 can selom relates to . *winks

The King Kong that shows no mercy to any humans or animal , no matter how powerful they seemed to be , he never lets that deter him . He falls victim to one pretty but a simple girl with a dream of her own , his whole life then was left devoted to her and his love alone . Love in this case transit all boundaries , cross different worlds that the primitive King kong and city Anne was in ..a case of Time transition , his love overcome the fact that he is an animal and she is a human . Im confused..what form of love does he pursue? Is it just a animal to master or BGR love or Love that encompasses all sorts ?? I believe its more than Love for a master (human) as his jealousy to anyone who may take her away from him portray so , his love is somewhat like BGR kind . This romance is more tragical than Beauty and the Beast as the Beast is never human to begin with , the Beauty has her own love and her love for King Kong cant amount to his Love for her .

They come from different world , a boundary that should never be crossed in the first place . The wall depicts a symbolic meaning that once crossed , you can never return to your own world , you are banished forever and left to tragic fate because you were only meant for this (primitive) world . A world that one can live comfortablely but flaw is - this world is devoid of your Loved one . To get one , you must sacrifice another . King Kong when he first laughed at Anne's comical act , he is a goner . He loses his control for his life , he gives his life and all that he has in him to someone , he never regretted what he did (in my opinion , as one can see in his dying eyes . That if given another chance , he will do exactly the same thing to simply get close to his Loved one ) .

The stupid director guy whom i have no idea why , reminds me very much of Oscar Wilde although i do not know Oscar Wilde personally either -haha . Maybe because he is very artistic , overly idealistic and that caused him to sacrifice alot of lives to get what he intended for his MOVIE . Was all that he did worth it ? Never . He causes a tragedy that he with his selfish mind can never remedy .

King Kong - His selfish or rather selfless LOVE , empowered his whole life and devote to one meaning and for his idealistic love -he died . I will use HE and not It because to me , King Kong has more human qualities than some humans i known of .

King Kong (during the scene at the clifftop -sunset ) , Anne realised that King Kong despite his arrogant self is rather melocholny . Both of them share something in common -Loneliness , isolated from their follow mates . The feeling that only they themselves can identify in , thats why the atmosphere of that particular setting is so touching and romantic . They can connect cos they understand each other , a feeling words cant explain but minds can translate .

Above comments are my feelings and way of looking at this show . A great show , do watch if you are a sentimentalist like me .
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3:54 AM

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