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Thursday, June 28, 2007
Tada...My last Month "runaway trip" with my dearie~~~

Bo bian...no $$ so we went to Batam. Yea...its a relaxing and cheap holiday.. I love the Sun, the swimming pool but the tons of food there. All the lure of buffets and dim sums and japanese teppanyaki gets me drooling all over again.

The day we went...in the ferry itself.. We super duper excited. Holidayyyyyyy!!!!!!

Thanks Honey~ for agreeing to my cheapo holidays. I hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. I had great FUN..A kiss for YOU. SEE he happy leiiiii
This Room is so much more spacious than that of First WOrld Hotel In Genting during our May Holiday. See WK so glad that we have a decent room this time.
Myyyyy...I tell ya the food is great. I LOVE IT!
We even spent afew hours sitting outside the SMALL balcony with our munchies..eating and chatting away. Relaxing ~~~
ALL The FOOD!!!!!! SEEE thats when he is Really HAPPPYYYY....

He Thinks Its Funny... That was Butter..he made it look like Cheese..My..what a FUNNY bf-NOT!


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5:45 PM

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
I say work is draining ...dont you agree?
Yet they are fun times too..Especially with my Paai..
We are weird..nah we are just impersonating animal or people. Guess?!

Days flew by..

Holidays gonna come to an end

"They say why does all good things come to an end"

But i say it will come again..

relinquish the time spent.1 more month ahead and back to school we shall go.

So much more to do, more bills to be settle, more items to buy..

I want a new tv, laptop and rollarblades and new clothes to don on for the new semester.

I always yearn to dress hippy yet i ended up dressing like a casual school kid going to the beach.

Im lazy to wear make up, heels and are far too troublesome when all the while i meet up only with the padai gang in school.

Pay Not ENough!!

Wants too much!!

Bills Too Many!!

I have been communicating more with Samantha..on the phone and online. Weird that we suddenly became closer when she is so far away. As the cliche goes " You only treasure when you lose the thing"..

Although i never lose her but i only learn her true value when she is not with me. I wana gossip but not at the expense of he phone bills.

*i want pictures!!! My laptop is threatening to crash on me while i desperately wana watch House online. My Weewee is trying to help me downsize pictures so i can load them Up.


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1:26 PM

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Yep..no photographs..sigh..im unable to upload pictures.
The more recent photographs are the one we took when Santa elf-Helaine gave us our gifts coming from Dearest Samantha. The gifts were lovely, that shows that she truely misses us at the far away land. Yesh, it is faraway as we had no $ to fly over there to visit her.

Working life is tiring but having a bunch of chaotic and fun people in the department can prove to be endless fun and light hearted work at times. Lunch is super entertaining as everyone kinda let down their hair and irritate each other to no end. Siling is kinda appointed the entertainer and i would probably be the MC who schedule her performance. We have guest performer time to time during working hours, who show us briefs or gave us reason to laugh at his quirky behaviour. I kinda love the team i was assigned to, they taught me lotsa stuffs and improve on my articulation while handling customer's enquires, mannerism and even surfing the net discreetly **during Lunch time!!*. haa

School term gonna start soon again. Although i like this workplace, i kinda wana go back to studying soon. The sleeping in late and not doing much work except attending lecture kinda attact me now. I render life is much more precious when one has to go through certain bad patches or boring segments to think the grass is greener back then.

Life is not meaningless if one could fathom the meaning in it, if you do not know your calling you probably have to search for it within you or wait patiently while your calling arrives at your doorstep. As the quote goes " If Mountain dont come to Alaska, Alaska will have to go to Mountain." Well, every single time i say these i will hear lotsa disagreements claiming that either i made it up, or i made it up. To many, i seemed to be a rather inventive linguist who CAN make up quotes, words and phrases by myself. Although i do, i assure you..i have seen this quote b4. Be wary not of my quote but of my analogy. hahaha...

Btw I have some well wishing to do:
Hong(16th June)
MAT(19th June)

I sincerely wish you a happy birthday on ya birthday. ;)


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1:24 PM

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
I love working with Cheryl Poon n Siling, and of cos ali but he is in another department, another level. I loooove having them at work, they make work all so much fun. Every time after i get bored i will "sooou" to the pantry or their desks and chat alil with them Be it "pat or MICKEY jokes" , SHrek in S,M,L, XL sizes or even female Shrek. They made me laugh endlessly, especially P.P antics or their newly created song abt " ma ma bu zai jia" ,M-I-C-K-E-Y...*repeat in High pitch voice for this singsong verse->* mouse and then ALL raise ur hands and cup them around ur cute lil ears and go "HARRRRR?" Thats our "cheng ming qu" . We aint mean, just bored..we irritate each other , like the way we irritate Cheryl with Msia accent that gets Cheryl in utter disgust.Cheryl n i will irritate Siling aka Fiiiiionnn-A with vomitting sounds-gurgling with vomit in our throat kinda sounds.. She totally irks it and will go into mumbling madness just to drown out our "Oooeeerrrkkk"

Yeshh..in short i used to be an entertainment for other people but now i get entertainment from the both gals who lit up my life be it in sch or at work. Although they aint nice all the time, they call me short la,makes all the short people jokes and joke abt me being a "flat" gal cos im NT as well endowed as them. But nvm i have shown them my asset, as i bought Jasmine to show off last week. *Scared le* a particular Siiiillli** was in awe.. She havent yet seen Sam n Jas in cahoots yet. I may not inherit these assets but i will always have them nearby. hahhaaa

But at times i get doses of "Sam withdrawl" when im confused, sian and wanted to tell her all about my life now. Especially with wk in my life, things would be so much fun if she could come out with us and disturb every single one of us during our class meet up. You never know how important your friend is, till she is not right beside you. I miss You Sammy gal. You irritate me n scold me at times, but i guess im a misochist..i love you still..haa

I will dedicate a post entirely about you...soon cos i cant access websites and blog as easily as i could in the past. Let me wait awhile and tell everyone my side of the "love-friendship-relationship" affair we have since the day i met you in year 1 orientation. You will be surprised my side of the story doesnt quite coincide with your's. haha

A shoutout to every friend i have...I Love my life. I love my friends. I love monday tueday, weds...and ehum DUCK rice and MIckey MOuse...jokes la.

A special Shout out to SOme One SPecial Far away, yet always close to me near my heart and in my mind, I miss YOu , i Do. I love you..for enduring with all my temper n spoilt brat behaviours, Thank You and SHanghai is not too far away for us. Cos you are always near by. :)


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11:21 AM

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