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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Thus i decided that it is not worth it,I will not let anyone , any issue or even some fat irritating girl to get to me. Our r/s is worth way more than my lil ego. You are worth more than my ego. ;)


You Carry my bag for me..You wear the light blue T shirt that i bought for you..The colour which i thought you will Detest.

YOU Bought me Xiao Dou Mei to hug everynight when you are not by my side.. Such lovoly ways to pamper me..

You introduce wonderful friends of your's to me..and try to make me feel welcome... i did.. :)

HAPPY 4 Months Darling...

You Made me a Very Happy Gal...


I will walk with you, by your side..always..

No one esle matters as much to me as you did.

I wanna focus all my attention on you and us...and our lovoly relationship that blossom so beautifully. :)


Penned @
12:07 AM

Saturday, August 25, 2007
I couldnt write this post when our present wasnt yet over..we had wished for it to be a surprises...but i guess i had given too many hints. This entry was super late and had to be asked for when it should have been written by your's truely a long time ago.

1st: I owe You a Happy Birthday Song here in my blog. Dedicated to YOU, YOU, Yes You only. I sang you a birthday song on ya birthday but it wasnt enough..You deserved more my dear.

Happy Birthday Vain Pot *Ding ding*

Happy Birthday Sam Sam..

Happy Birthday my dear Best Friend..

Happy Birthday To You.

And yes, you did not hear it wrongly, i refer to you as moi best friend..no, im not egoistic as to make that a great deal. It isnt a biggie to be my best friends, in any sort of case..it is a BAD deal. Well, cos im not a easy friend to get along with..Siling, jasmine, lynn and cheryl could tell you lots about my undesirable character. But Samy has always wanted to know why i only have 3 best friends in my life, and i segregated the rest into good friends. She did not like the way i emphasis it and why do i have to always say the obvious out. Well, for one it is because im an idiot, a tactless one at that. I always feel best friends are very very special and the clan is very exclusive in my heart and that 3 girls have earned their place firmly in my life.

And You my girl, who has been through so much with life did more than earned that. I will thus pass you the membership card to my heart as of today, pls pay the membership fee of $200 per year to ensure your position for coming years.

Both of us look absolutely unlike each other, we look comical even to be standing side by side. Samy is tall and im short. She is the tallest girl in the class probably the tallest girl in our year and im (yep :( ) the shortest girl in JI. But man...we are loud and opinionated girls and when you hear one, you could see the other wavering nearby.

The first day when i saw her, she looked like a Da Jia Da walking into the wrong place. Decked in full fledged Ah Lian's attire with make up caked upon her fair skin, she looked out of place in the old rundown classroom of JI, the 1st day of orientation. I thought she looked more like a teacher than our teacher did.

Well, of course years later she confessed i looked like a midget sitting there and when she suddenly hear me say "Quiet, hear what she has to say" towards the whole class and garnered everyone's attention, she gave me some sorta acknowledgement smile.

When we realised we were not only in the same orientation group, but ended up in the same class room during 1st day of actual school. We hit it off there and then. From then on, people who saw me wandering to canteen, will see her shortly after and vice versa. She is like a sister i never have, a soul so alike my own..i can never find another like it.

We love to club (back then), we love to go to the library to borrow books when we are free..we talk about life in it's best and worst appearance, we bicker about outlook on any issues we could lay our hands or rather our mouth on. We were the duo back then, no teacher wants to handle us both during an argument. Because when we are angry and with an agenda in mind, we are afraid of nothing and not even authority.

Life with samy was always fun and full of activities. She gave me after class tutorial on my tactless-ness, my lack of ability to determine authority and respect them not at will even and how to be more liberal, have LESS PRINCIPLES in life. She was a bad influence man...yes she was...hahah..She will probably lay the same blame unto me which 2 of us can never determine who was worse for whom.

yep that was us. The decked in black is the Ah Lian..Oops im in black too..nah you know who's the Ah Lian. ;)

Our second trip overseas- Thailand. My sunglasses were way too funky and not suited but well who cares...we are in Bangkok.

Throughout the years.. she lamented that she may be too independent and thus i always stick to the less dependent girls and neglected her. I will not lie, i may have done so and im sorry. I neglected you at certain points of our friendship but it wasnt intentional. You are a blast and the fact that you have so many friends crowding around you, probably errect some insecurities in me.

I fathom someone as popular as you may one day be sick of a lil pixie like me..and move on.

You once said im overly possessive and we aint in a r/s, friends need not always meet up to be close to heart. However a year later, you somewhat agreed with me on certain points that friends need to be in touch if not dating once in awhile to keep the friendship on a constant updated mode. And today, i agree with you that friends need not always come out for coffee to remain besties..Just like what we have now.

You call me almost weekly and our bonding is still there. But i insist still, my girl we are in a r/s...we have always been. We get jealous when we are neglected, we scream and shout at each other for attention sake, we argue like a couple, we yearn for each other company like a couple does with hugs, we have late night chats, we call each other darlings, we misses each other often, we ehum talks about guys..(haha),

we share a bed when we are overseas, you come to my house for sleep overs, we have arguments so bad we even kinda had a short break up and we even had a mini patch back and had a great Make UP session ( i din mean that literally, i meant that emotionally K ).

So yesh..we are in a r/s and im glad to declare it a Happy R/S. I LOve YOu my girl. We been through many ups and downs (yesh....) but your loyalty amazed me. You bitch about me but its ok, who does'nt bitch about their bestie at some point of time.

So even when you had New Besties...like Helaine...i always take it in like a good girl cos as i always say...You will come back to me my girl..You can Fling for all you want but you will be back with me at the end of the day..hahhaa

Yesh...even Aliah..whom i suspected you probably love her more than me..but its ok, i will close one eye..and dont reveal the truth to me ok...Our LOve will OVerCome all Odds (sounds kinda familiar? I kinda Kop the phrase..haa)

Well, even if i have to share you with the entire 02A3 gang..one has no choice sometimes rite? If You cant Beat them, You join them..they say..AND SO I DID ;)

But lemme tell you some thing my dear.. My Heart has always been with you my dear. You are my soul in another body..You understand me the way no one ever will.

Dont be shocked... I only confessed today cos i cant keep this Best friend image for long. I LOVE YOU and I WANT YOU...To be with me forever... Muahahhaa Lets ROM shall we? Im gonna work hard and strike it rich..I promise YOU..No more Ang mohs for you yea...haa

Eh but before we do that..I have something to confess.. All along while you were Flinging around and being promiscuous with everyone in the class. Some one caught my fancy. You cant blame me..You went overseas to work, i was lonely..he was there for me. He is really Cute. Im sorry, i fall in love with your best friend..

He is too cute to resist. He is cuter than You and has many same traits as you did. And if I did not remember wrongly you guys belong to some same club in class rite? The Secret Syndicate with him as your chairman, well i vividly remember you being his Marketing Manager. haa

He is the Love of My Life now
You are too...You are irreplacable my Samy.


The Complete Circle of our class/gang will only be completed when you are back with us. We are incomplete without your irritating yet enduring attendence.

You are a unique and lovely girl, never let anyone tells you otherwise..not even me or your insecurity. You are the best soulmate! And im glad i met you and befriend you the first day of school. Im a jerk at times, im sorry for mistreating and neglecting you. BUT I LOVE YOU!!
YOU LOVE ME TOO ..Rite? *winks


Penned @
2:54 AM

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
AHA... I had so much fun the past few weeks..it would get me hours to jot them all down. There was the farewell Dinner @ New York New York..It was a good place to chat and the food were quite nice plus there are FREE COTTON CANDY!!!! hahhaa.. Im a cheapo at heart ;)

There are gonna be afew updates about the past few weeks but not in chronological order yea. Most of the pictures are in you guys blog...i am basically just summarising what i have been up to... ;)

The Farewell Dinner from our dept @ NYNY.

The Cycling Birthday celebration for Gq @ East Coast. It was Crazy Fun.. 02A3..I kinda grow into this buncha ppl...i dunno why..haa..They are just fun ppl to be with...I like :)

@ the Jetty..Even Junyin came..and he brought his long time gf out with us..like Finally..haa.. Thats Bin Yi at the top right hand side, beside Mariam of course.

Then for the Finale at night..We cant watched the Fireworks thus we create a lil light festival of our own. The Lil Fire @ work...Brought to you by 02A3 clan. ;)
I say swing ya stick guys... yesh round and round the Sparklers go..Round and round the friendship goes.. we all go a long way forth..we will swing back to where we belong..

Stupid me..When Wan Ru asked me the night before we were to embark on the Celebration @ East Coast.."Wun there be alot of people at East Coast on National day?"

I lamented lazily with confidence " Wun la.. Everyone go Esplanade and Marina Sq to catch the fireworks..East Coast Park will not have people 1 la...Dun worry.."

In the End..the whole park was swarming with people like bees to honey..every inch of the park were kids, parents, tents, couples, friends...I was never this wrong. "____"

Before Gq's birthday..There was FFFFFIIIIOOOONNNA How Siling's Birthday. We went KTV-ing of cos. The 3 of us went crazy sing, shouting, Dancing ... Alvin was shaking head most of the time. He sung well and Siling, me shouted well too. hehehe Cheryl had a mission to accomplish that day and we were her helpers. We tricked Siling into a creative shop as we knew she wanted the creative stone. We "ke siao" walk around with her and see which colour she prefer to buy. Before the KTV session the noon, Cheryl and i had already gone to the shop and bought the Mp3 for Siling..Thus we kinda made a pact with the creative employees to help and trick Siling into believing that she won a Creative Stone. All was lost when Siling chose her colour and the intended guy did not slip into his role.. They brought her to the counter and this unknowing employee was about to swipe Siling's Nets Card when i suddenly shout..." Stop, we bought the Mp3 liao." The guy looked dazed and had no idea what i was rambling on about. Stupid Creative guys..spoilt our surprise..haha..Siling was so shocked when i shouted Stop..she thought there was a problem with her card. Cheryl was so pissed with the creative people and Cheryl does often gives angry and poisonous stares when she fathom the need to.

Noo.. The hand was intended not for @lvin's spitting but an extra hand for him to blow onto..It was a blowing air pose...haa

2 weeks ago..before school starts, 3 sunny and CUTE yeshh..cute hor..girls decided to go get some sun and look healthy when school reopen for the semester.

Happy Paai :)

Blardy wind was blowing at the wrong direction..but we seemed pleased with ourselves eh? Yep we were... *Grinz

Lastly this post will end on a mushy note..oei dun like that la, i very long never blog liao le..let me write abit about my darling Keongie le... * Jolyn attempts to use Bambi eyes at pleads sadly*

This is one guy who endures all my grumpiness and take it in well.. to curb my grumpiness he treats me even better as if the cure for Grumpy young lady was a dose of TLC (tender loving care). He showered me with lotsa TLC , makes sandwiches for me, bring me to 2 movies a week, got dragged by me to JB for a movie and lovoly dinner and oso encompassed of a 2 hrs que @ the custom. This guy brought me 1 cute Pudding for me to hug in bed, 1 lil mushroom hp chain to wipe my screen (cos i Kop Cheryl Wong's screen wiper on my hp always..and he wants me to have one of my own) . He send me home everytime and still have to call me when he got home, for a chat with his clingy gf..when he is already very tired from work and all the travelling from the north to the west (my house) and back to the north (his house) drained him of all his energy. He never complain..always covering his yawn with endless chatters.

Sometimes i even pick on little issues saying i want more attention, more smses, more calls..when he gave much more than he could already. AND HE GOT ME A CREATIVE ZEN 2...my original zen 1 died on me during my trip to Thailand. It drown in Coke..dont ask me why..my one love killed another partner of me. :( Darling thinks alot when he wanna buy things for himself, he think $40 for a pair of burm is expensive and selom buy things for himself..especially not expensive stuff. But he buys me a MP3, brings me to movies and fanciful dinner even when i insisted no. He says he wants to pamper me..he wants me happy..He did..I feel blissful.Honey...I appreciate all that you have done, i love all the sacrifices, the time spent on me..I Love You... Thanks for using TLC to curb my Grumpiness and PMS and for pampering me, showering me with happiness.. My happiness came to me when you did. Im glad you came to Lao Pa Sa for last Yr Xmas's dinner.. :)


Penned @
11:22 PM

Sunday, August 19, 2007
Finally being able to blog. Had a hard time trying to blog from home but to no avail. Lap top was "hospitalised" and had to do a vital exchange...Heart...(Hard drive). Sch sux...i vow never to buy lap top from sch again, although i know i will not get another chance cos im graduating next year. However i will warn all my frnds nt to buy laptop in sch.. using my bf favourite tagline " they are scams...Frauds..". In short their service sucks..
Photo Galore.... So many activities...
Jing ting and Me.. My dear Biao Jie
Aha..This boy was so cute..had some food in his mouth..
Why does his smile seemed so forced? haha... He is still Cute nonetheless..haa
Aiyo...Darling...how come ur eyes getting smaller and smaller??

Last Month we had a chalet at East Coast Park. A bbq with darling's family. It was very fun.. we had a tiring but fun time preparing for the food. Wk really quite good with mixing the food to grill..i love the Cheese sausages. *yummy** ;p

We took a evening walk along the beach..and snapped some photos.

We got too bored...i started snapping my fav pics. The slanted kind. I was trying to experiment with merging the horizon into a single line.
WK was more successful in getting what i want in the picture. "____"

This is a "feeling" photograph. I called it " Hope with Tranquility"
The Light at the end symbolises Hope and the peaceful pictureque of the coconut trees portrayed peacefulness. Dark sombre mood of the photograph enhances the hope that the bright light brings.


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10:11 PM

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