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Sunday, September 23, 2007
I just got home from Melaka...a 2 days 1 night short holiday with my darling... The pics are with
him..We stayed at a 5 * hotel. hahha It wasnt that fantastic, prolly a 4* from what wk and i judged. It was a sorta surprise for honey...cos his birthday is coming..next week. I bought the package trip for both of us, afew weeks ago. I told him we were going to go Jb shopping on sat. Luckily he never even suspected otherwise when Wan Ru and XY leaked out the secret on Friday night.. *Phew...U guys...

-Sat morning, lucky i niam n niam telling him not to be late..and we reached lavender on time at 8AM!!! WTH rite...we woke up at 6.30am, both having only 4 hours of sleep. Sorry honey..you must be irritated with me...thinking why on earth would i want to go JB at an unearthly hour at 7am. hahaha..
I revealed the truth to him at 8.05am, 25 minutes before we boarded the bus headed towards Melaka instead of JB's Jusco. He looked at me at awe...Believe me my dear, i had a hard time arranging everything, researching on the hotels and best package to take. With nonya dinner for two, a 5 * hotel , shopping at 2 malls and night market nearby, cinema...The money i spent was worth every cent of it.

THis is the Equatorial Hotel's room..Coincidentally this was the hotel that i said i wanted to stay when last year i went with the 6+2 gang. And i did..we did :)

We did not buy alot...This are the few stuffs i bought @ the JOnker Night Market.

My bf?? Well, he bagged a straw hat for fishing, a funny looking specs (darn funny..show the pics next time..muahhaa) , 1 toy tank...darn old school kind. I asked my niece to be the Model for
http://www.reeluv84.blogspot.com/ . hahha..Dont pity her...she loves to take pictures. Thats the hat he bought.

My lovoly boy...who got me irritated at times with his insensitivity..However he always shower me with so much love and self sacrifices at times...I love this boy of mine...deeply...
Hahah..we were waiting 20 minutes for our food. He was bored... man..we eat and eat the whole 2 days there. Japanese, Nonya, Chinese, Western , Street side bubble tea, we ate till we felt like a stuffed Teddy Bear.

And a recap for the past few days-
Currently im giving tuition to 1 korean girl of 14 years old. Not easy man...
But well, the dessert i get while i teach is good to go by :)

*Yummlicious cheese cake...and Apple drink* Soo sweet ..it caused me a hell of a sore throat now.

Last last weekend, darling and i went Alameen to eat. For the 2 of us...it was a spread. I think i have been going to Alameen for 3 weeks in a row. Should venture eslewhere....any ideas?

Last week during the flea market (which i slogged like crazy but earned not-so-much-cash), while i am slogging away, my lovoly bf helped me fix up my bedframe ALONE... SO nice rite? He is Lovoly...*muuuaaaacccksss*

Nice rite? Now it occupies the entire room...barely have space to walk anymore. haha.. But i Love it...and yep of cos the guy who fix the bed frame for me.

Then lemme introduce to You...My new team mates. :)
Cherine- a nice girl...JM!! i noe the terms..:)

Another JM-Jiemei...i was laughed at for not knowing whats JM!! :(
Thats Mat...my junior.. for all my niamings and disturbings...she is positively lovely to me...even more when we r in NUS. She helps out when i m blur..and gave me lotsa encouragement...haa


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Friday, September 14, 2007
NUS-Wanna noe what it stand for?
In Hy2229- From Nation Building aspect- Nus actually stands for Nationalism in US. (GQ-no...I made that up..haa..)

School is a word that has various meanings.

1: a bunch of - a school of fishes.

2:a place that people gather to study and have fun

3: a place where one gets so busy, that it engulfed social life, churned ur brain juice till they are squeezed dry.

4: a place which has hidden agendas of projects, mid terms, proposals, meetings, lunch cum meetings, dinner cum meetings..lecture..or lecturing by fellow mates who constantly hounds one to pioritise. hehehe *tsk tsk*

Im kept alive by them... :) We are happy...not with work, not with sch..but with ourselves.

2 weeks ago, WK was dragged by me to go to Singapore Arts Museum (i think). haha We went to The Living Gallery. And no, Brandon we did not attempt to copy you..haa I had to choose a art space to go to, to write up a short article about it and 2 of us happen to be at SMU and thus we popped over to the nearest exhibition.

I was rather amazed by the advanced technology used. The interface was easily to use..what with all the LCD screen and touch screen, i thought i entered the IT section of History being played out to me..yesh in LCD screen no less.

There was the Fashion, Food, Lifestyle, Film, culture room i garner. And this was the Film room, there was 3 huge screen and all showing a similar movie but at different angles.

Quite a nice ambience but the bench was not too comfortable and Malay film wasnt one of my favourite so we stayed in that room for awhile only.

I was @ the Culture room and there was this foray of lights which kinda hurt my eyes if i looked too closely. But i kinda like it so here goes nothing ~~~


Last Friday:
I taught tuition to my usual kid. The naughty girl who refuses to listen to me and her fav phrase to me is : "Cher, u a clown har??" "_______"

All that were my lunch. Now you understand why i venture to tuition at CCK twice a week...yesh..for lunch this much...i would endured being called a clown by an ignorant primary 4 kid.

A day of activities...my garage 7th mth praying and stuff. To everyone who has never seen my

garage - Here goes... The place where the Lim family hangs out. Lim ah Bu's office is the few

windows at the top. The red colour huge room is the "oven baked room" whereby spray painting

of one's car is done. The colour that comes out of that oven will be shiny and glossy thus the high

amount that one paid to get your car spray painted. To people who always exclaimed loudly to

me when i lament the price to them "Har!!!?? So expensive meh..i thought afew hundred nia."

*"you think what? Manicure ar...of cos expensive la, got technology le...ICI paint and

computerised caculation of paint to use...$500, u go msia spray la..then risk your car getting

robbed lo, or paint that looks as if SHINE/Glossy was never invented before"*

After stuffing myself silly and praying i get rich by burning million of dollars... I set off to UCC, a Varsity Play- Cat and the Mouse.

That was the stage. Wk and i were seated at the 2nd floor, luckily for us..we came rather early and got good seat. The show was alright, although the pace was too slow for me.

Yah..we got bored before the play started. The play is free le...haa..I love Exxon Events. :)

After the play ended, Cheryl and her bf Kenny came to pick up us to meet Marian and her friend Jac. I saw some entertaining busking...
Singaporeans are really not very willing to entertain them. What with singaporean donating freely to many other charities...not many want to donate a teeny bit to these guys. It was hard work doing what they did..and still maintaining certain motivation to continue on.

All in all...It was some busy month..August flew by...Sept gonna rush in like some ill mannered

girl before getting chased out by Romancing October. Sigh...


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