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Triple Js FLea Market on SUn
Thursday, August 31, 2006

Hey..Make urself , ur bf, ur gf/s (whatever ..The more gfs or fling u have ..the better it is for me!!) Free and drag them if you have to..to TRIPLE J's mini "Mart".It will be held on this Sun , 3rd of Sept , Near Holland Village . It is opposite the Cold Storage , the pathway near Blk 2.

Pls come and join in the Fun.... persuade and jio as many girl friends to our stall. Open from 10am-7pm . Gimme a call if you lost ur way , i will lead You To Triple Js mini "mart" . haa..

Our stuffs are a combination of new and old items . As seen on the Poster , many are rather new and never worn before but cause it is not our kind of clothes we will have to part with it .
Many items are from Mphosis , Topshop , Utopia , Gripz.

Do come !!! SEe you there JOLYN-93630407
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11:37 PM

Write or Not to Write?
There are times when i feel that life indeed has a plan for everyone..that fate may not have ever been laid in our hands or so we may have once thought. Somethings i never thought would have happen , happened..others i thought will happen , did happen.
Ironically , i never thought i would get entwined in stuff..but i did.
I tried to keep a neutral point , because everyone is precious to me..but i cant let things and stuff sway by without saying or expressing anything.

There may not be a clear definition of Right / Wrong or rather everyone of us was Right..or Wrong. But there are some stuff that can never be taken back..like my past post or this entry. What is written , said , expressed cannot be taken back and feelings or hurt remains. Im ok..we are ok..She is ok.. I fathom everything in life including love , passion , friendship do die out or new do replaced the old or whatnot.

Standing up for our belief is good for our mental being , standing up to what one feels as injustice can be rectify as purifying consciousness . However if the implications do leak on to hurting one's relationship with another loved one/s , then that cant be helped aint it? One weighs the consequences before doing , writing certain stuff , expressing cronic views and hafta deal with it when these views trigger eruptions.

To me..i may still be neutral , i love everyone and feels that everyone has a reason for doing certain things. There may be some perspective that i agree on more than the other but the Greater Good being everyone back to playing Happy Family again. I reckon that my present entry once written can never be taken or erased , unlike computer ..our memory do not function in that particular way. I would want to Undo many stuffs , relationships , erase certain sad memories in thy life but i cant. This entry may evoke certain comments but nothing matters..i wrote how i felt. Nuthing bad..just fragments of memories and linger of sadness remain in the air..

*Turn back the time..Let all the bad , sad , unhappiness die away...*
I Love everyone ... :)
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3:43 AM

Thursday, August 24, 2006
Cute Bi Rain Sing the three Bear song

Ta Da-Its the Full House version of Korean's THE THREE BEAR. Rain's AMERICAN version at the end is the Funniest..be sure to watch it till the end. :)
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4:27 PM

School ..The place where one can hear brains yelling for help..
Sunday, August 20, 2006

School ! Lessons..Lectures..notes.. Aint as glad as u see me here.
Yep..school has started since 14th August. I had skipped 2 morning lesson which was both scheduled at 10am. I cant seemed to be able to tuned my sleep back to normal 11pm..i could only sleep after 3 or 4am. Which makes me unwilling to get up at 8plus am for any morning lesson that i have. Sigh.. I must have more determination and get to classes on time.

Im ashamed of myself, i was overjoyed the moment i laid my eyes upon my school last Tueday.
Because the familiar sight that greeted me was the truckload of students and activities in my Central Forum...WAh...got Bazzar again, soo many stalls selling sOoo many fantastic stuffs!!!!
I was relunctant to leave the place and rush to my lecture..so many beautiful T-shirts and skirts welcoming me back. *Im happy to be back..*

I have no strength to upload more of my Zoo and my Superband Final pictures. Too lazy and tired. Im home everyday watching Bleach and bumming around.
My current fav necklace..u cant see it clearly *sad*
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6:11 PM

Zoo Excursion -Part 1
Friday, August 11, 2006
Us!~! Jasmine's bf was the one taking the photograph. :)

We went to the Zoo...How about You, You , YOu..
You can come Too!!~~TOO~!! But only if You belong to the Triple Js , or is their Bf!!!!
(Kelvin and Le xuan is an exception..Kelvin has to come , i cant possibly carry her..i have WEAK arms)
The day started off with Kelvin , lil Le Xuan and i on the MRT . Le Xuan had only been only MRT twice..so she was rather excited
SEE! she so happy , her Grinz is HUge!~
Then..we were on the bus from chua chu kang to the Zoo. I purposely did not wanna take a lift from Jia shan or drive so my dear JAmie (le Xuan) have a taste of public transport that she has been yearning for so many years.
Thats us on the bus..Le Xuan is concentrating on Bio-ing lovely lil ang mo boys outside the bus..haaa..
WHen we were nearing Zoo, there were many posters of the
Orang utans and she quickly acclaimed "wah so many RAMBUTANS".....I darn stressed, sweats formed at the side of my forehead. What if , the next day she goes to school and tell her teachers that she saw many RAMBUTANS in the ZOO??????? I die...

Kelvin still stir her mind with more warped ideas , he went and tell her that there are many snakes near the highway (in the jungle nearby...yesh there may be..but dont go around telling that to my NIECE..wait she tells everyone that she saw snakes on the highway..!!)
Evidence of GIant on the prowl!! Wacao , look at their different shoe size. Its comical man..Lil Le Xuan will probably grow up and be like me , having difficulty in finding her shoe size. *Pity You ar* wahhaaa...

I gotta go school liao , hafta find my coming semester 's reading material with MAtilda. WIll upload Zoo part 2 when im free!!!! EVERYONE do go to the Zoo..its darn Fun!~!!
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1:04 PM

HappY Birthday M.B. Buddy!!!
Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Happy Birthday dear one..

Happy 21th birthday

May you be forever happy and youthful

Happy birthday my friend~~~

Yupz..G.q 's birthday is on Singapore National Day 9th Aug...

Today we went for his birthday celebration in Swenson -

Ta Da-Happy Bd FireHouse My Crayfish Pasta..*Yummyz

We ordered some more stuff and had to literally "stuffed" ourselves bloated. I could only treat him to Swenson , next time when i have more $$ , i will treat Gq To better food k!!! *winkz

G.Q is my Mos Burger Buddy , whenever he books out ..we will usually meet up at JP Mos Burger for our usual Dosage of Iced Milk Tea , with his "potato burger" , fries and soup. We go there so often till one counter girl know what we want liao. haaa

The M.B outing may be our weekly ritual whereby he always hear my rantings..sometimes i do hear some of his, stuffs about weird people in camp , unreasonable Sergents Z.Z, funny incidents and which interesting places he frequent with his "outside friends" as i always refer to his truckload of friends from all over Singapore. Most of the time..he hears about MIne..

He will even accompnay me to go on a shopping spree for my Hip-hop style or feminine clothes , my weird necklaces.. There were many a times we have differing ideas upon fashion , styles but that was never an issue to persuade each other to conform with what we like. (may be at times, if we like certain designs )Most of the time ,we have our own style..

To each his own. Great Minds think alike .

G.Q thanks for being there as my buddies since 3rd year of JI. The times we mugged like crazy after school , at boon lay Mac.. Meeting some china kid with his mom was an unforgettable memory man. (That kid literally treat the Mac like his after school care , playing with his toy car and Bringing a kitten into Mac was the most hilarious part. )The days when we late for school , we were 3 hrs late already late but that idiot still WANTS TO IRON HIS UNIFORM!!!!!! He retorted :" Late oreadi , still must have neatly pressed uniform what! Since we are late liao , late abit more will not hurt mah." -/-~ WTH!!

Thanks for being the supporting Pole (You are a pole what!Its a more apt description) in my life these recent years , you never fail to give sound advice time after time. Being there when i was really DOWN and Out at one point of time last year.Supporting and urging me to study and NOT SLEEP during my late night revisions. Sharing with me all your internet resources , ur literature notes (i think you may have kept some secret notes for yourself , ar bo how come you get B and i get C for LITERATURE ?? Sly kia* ) If not for you , i may not have the morale to persist and mug like crazy for our A levels. ThanK You

Thanks for being my Studying kakis , my M.B buddy , my MILUBING Buddy , my listening ear , my venting machine , my shopping kakis , my movie kakis...All in all...
Thank you (Wah i sound so chessy..shall stop now in case u shed tears ar..wahhaa)I have many friends but close ones only afew ..and i cherish the few i have.
I appreciate all that you have endured , especially during the MLB final when i complained and ranted about my tired legs. It is not your fault that i cant see ZHANG ZHENG YUE , it is my parent's fault...for giving me such an DISADVANTAGE height (thats an understatment).

Waiting for you to ORD and get into NUS next april. yeah..we can gambatte with Wan ru, Xia yan, Mariam in school. We can even join helaine and Aliah in their school, sneak into their lectures or ask them to crash our's. Hmmz.. 02A3 let me know lotsa fun people , I may not show my appreciation to Wan ru , X.Y , Marian , Helaine , Sam , Brandon..but you guys are a great Bunch. Lovely to have you guys around.

Lastly Happy Birthday Singapore..Lovely country with Lotsa FINES..the older i grow , the more kinda fines i accumulate ..Thanks for the Jaywalking ticket , it was memorable too..the number of carparking fines have became common lately .I have conformed into a kiasu aunties by putting "kupons" whenever i get off my car.
Risk taking is no longer a virtue youngster should have in Singapore , it is definitely not appreciated . Conformity is the way to Ideal Life...Mould with the Educational board...You will become a great FOLLOWER of SG's Teaching. Other than the latter , it is a lovely country indeed..( I mean it..i dun regret being born in this safe country that is filled with many great friends) :)
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8:35 PM

MILU BING-*Jia yOu jia YOU* GAmbatte Neh
Saturday, August 05, 2006

B3-MiLU Bing

7.30pm-Channel U 5/8/06

Super Tiring day ..went for tuition and town with lynn. Later going for supper with Cheryl. Darn tired but still have to blog. Reason being tml G.Q aka Mos Burger buddy is going to SuperBand Finals as he got a ticket from Samuel who is in his camp..and so i went to get a ticket from Nic..so i can Go too!!!!Yeah.. never been to a Final Competition before,kinda excited. I will be wearing Pink because MILUBING 's Fans are supposed to be wearing that. *sigh..im so gonna drag G.Q to wear Pink tml too. Watch Channel U *7pm or 8pm (i not sure whats the screening time) for SUPERBAND FINALs..may be you will see me and G.Q waving like some fanatics and yelling (i honestly doubt so but hard to say..haa)

G.q and me asking the whole lot of you to call and sms...haa..MAy the Best Band Win* We gonna be in PInk..*sighz*

So guys do support M.L.B yea..call or SMS in tml!!!! Lynn i know you support That S* boyband..i admire them too..but do call in for M.L.B too !~!!

*Nic jia you for ur dreams yea...* Gd luck..will support u mentally and physically , eh cannot financially la. Im a poor student hee:)

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12:45 AM

What will be , will be..Moving towards a brighter Light=My Future ;)
Thursday, August 03, 2006

歌手:刘若英 专辑:很爱很爱你


An extremely apt song i reckon..
Describes everything rather well...
truth depicts reality in song, fiction evolves from fact through life.
Romanticism dissolves in all but stage and acting..
Reality propose logic and nothing esle.
Yeah~~ we went Momo with Jas..but she dun wanna take pics with us. ;P
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3:59 AM

NO TiTle..just rambling, rantings..
Wednesday, August 02, 2006
A week passed by..
Nothing much pretty changed except school gonna starts soon. I almost screwed up my coming semester. I made a pun!!!-MAJOR SCrew Up...see...wahhaaa

I seriously thought that The Princess wanted to drop matters and made peace. Because twice i blog about her deflaming entries of Yan yan and Me..twice she took down the entries after i blogged and linked her up. Hey , i never slander her cause everything that i said about her , the evidences are in her blog itself...i merely painted a more "colourful" picture as stated. :)

However Monday night when i went out with Hong , his gf , He yi and Yan yan..Yan Yan told me that Princess "Coincidentally" happens to be on Sunday Life section..A page full of Princessy Face . Now my jigsaw puzzle starts to automatically piece together by itself , i genuinely wonder if she wasnt going to be on papers..would we(maybe I?) have gotten off so lightly in her blog? She will probably put more crude entries but well , whether she intended to genuinely make peace or just for her Fame purposes..it doesnt matter anymore.

To me..What matters to me , should not matters anymore.
What does not matter , is a waste of my time to meddle in it "some More"
School gonna start..Time to mug real hard. :0
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3:02 AM

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