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Down..in the Dumpz
Saturday, September 30, 2006
I feel weird...something that i havent been feeling for quite some time. And to think i was so happy , so pampered by friends these few weeks and months. This is the wet blanket...this is the comma...

I feel down...i wanna walk all the way...from down to UP..to happiness.
CAn i?
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1:05 AM

New-Lil 3some!!!
Tuesday, September 26, 2006

THis was Ice Skater gathering last year..or was it the yr before last??

THis is this year Skater Gathering @ Kbox. They went to skate b4hand but i had to work and thus couldnt make it to the rink. Haiz

This is taken from Xylia 's 3rd baby 1st month..on Samantha's birthday celebration @ Sentosa. Hence I have to miss her birthday celebration . Hmmz..
See...Stupid Tonah..wants to make fun of me..Singing duet by kneeing down. *Cool right!! haa
Yesterday , GQ and i finally met up with Brandon Su Yi Zhi when he got back from Tioman.
I loved to call him YI ZHI SHU, which sounds like yizi su (keep on losing money).. and i can scream that name real Loud which caused him to turn and act as if he do not know me at all. Stupid G.Q was luffing away like crazy..WESTSIDE BEtrayer...**
The 1st picture taken yesterday of the 3 of us. Yeah..G.Q and i thought up of a name for ourselves ..*drumroll...*
lil 3some . yep , if brandon knew of this name , he would probably kill the 2 of us. haha...
see how happy we are?? Food!!!This picture signify Our "Taiwan" trip not-soon-but-will-still come-years-later. Look @ the spread on the table, there was much more and we literally have to stuff ourselves till we were bloated. Even skinny G.Q ate a plate of fried rice and a bowl of tom yam noodles all by himself.
After our feast , we went to bugis village to shop. G.Q bought a shirt from Topman. That vain guy , hafta spend so much on a shirt but well , the quality is indeed much better than the ones we saw at bugis village.

The apt picture that describes our dear G.Q so well-the plant eater-veggie-ta-ren friend. Now that i have this vivid image etch in my mind , i will not ask him to eat fishballs and lala whenever i forget abt his vegetarian status. haa..

G.Q and i were deliriously happy as went walk home. We laugh and "sway" as we walk , till an auntie keeps turning right to look at us suspiciously. She gave the look as if we were young drug addicts roaming @ Jurong. Auntie...we are just happy, cannot meh?? Cannot laugh as though we are high on Iced Milk Tea??

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7:05 PM

HAIR that was long Gone....
Thursday, September 21, 2006
OKi...was darn busy the last week, week end too.
Friday i had to attend school and rush to C.J 's OCS social night @ Raffles Town Club. I lost my way there as the entrance was only @ one place and its kinda hard to get there.
The party was supposed to start at 7pm but it started only around 8.30pm. *argh so much for making me rush like crazy there. Sadly C.J had a really bad stomach ache and he was rather subdubed that night. We took afew photographs with Cheryl's camera, cant wait to upload it to my laptop when i have the time to get it from Cheryl.
Lucky i wore a long Black Dress that i bought earlier in the year , in stead of some black tube dress which material made it looked kinda casual. BECAUSE most of the ladies there were decked in their fabulous wear , did i mention FORMAL? They did..and man was i glad that i wasnt underdressed that night . The food there wasnt fantastic so i did not stuffed myself with glorious food that look nice but does not taste NICE. haa... *smart ler ;)

SAT : i had to wake up darn early to go to work at Bt Panjang's NTUC. I wasnt aware that it was held outside NTUC , given the lack of infomation that Shan and i had about the job . I met up with Mei Ru to eat lunch during my break. Quite some time since i met up with her. Guess we were we?? *MOS BURGER* hahaha

That night, i rushed down to Jurong East Entertainment for Ex Skater Gathering...*sigh , i have been so hyped about the Skating gathering @ rink for a long time liao..but I missed the skating part this year..Hafta wait for next yr 1 liao. *DARN WORK*
I did however joined them for dinner. After that we went for a KTV session @ Clementi KBOX .
We were placed in the largest KTV room that i have ever been in as there were more than 15 of us there i presumed. We sang like nuts , yelled our lungs out instead of singing nicely . As usual i jumped around like a monkey and stand on cushions , chairs and whatnot.
Tada* ME & GuoZhong.. he has MIA for a LONG Time...

Yea..SUnday : it was work again and i met up with Xiuwen , Xiao Jing and their Bfs. AT around 8pm Pearl's bf called and reminded me that Pearl was gonna fly off to some Saudi Arabia country that i know-not whats-the-name. So after 11plus , i drove all the way down to Changi Aiport to send Pearl off...I almost *cry* that night...Cos i was so fatigued and went to the wrong Terminal. I had to walk all the way and then take another tram to T1 , and back to T2 after an hour. But Pearl is worth all the efforts , she is a lovely friend and one that will come back after 2 months of working there. Haha... will await for her arrival back in Singapore again. 24 NOV

MOn: I went late for my hair appointment and forgot to bring my hp out. Was a crazy cum bad day. Thus as of Monday , im sporting an ultra short hair look. I look like a TOM BOY!!!!
My mum had 3 boys in the family now..i pity her. The only daughter in the family is currently sporting the shortest Hair , lest wining the brothers and father at home.
*IM NEVER GONNA DON LONG FLOWING HAIRDO AGAIN* The way i keep cutting my hair whenever it grows long. *sigh* ....

CALL ME JOE from now on..i look more like a Punk JOe than a JOLYN. THANK yOU FOR UR COOPERATION-Appreciated NOT.

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1:05 PM

Dear Diary :Whatsurname?
Thursday, September 14, 2006
Since school started , i have been as busy as a BUMBLEBEE ..yep , maybe a small bee but definitely a Bee nonetheless. Hey , not the slack kind that you have been seeing hor , im slightly different this semester or rather i hope to be different. They say being busy keeps one mind occupied and thus making your worth along the way. I have been attending lectures (yesh..mathilda would beg to differ as i did skip 1 or 2 lectures along the way..hmmz maybe 3 ?? *grinz widely ) or at least i try to put in more effort than i did the previous semester.

Only at this point , did i realise there is actually sO ..SOOO SOOOO much readings to be done weekly. There are piles and mountains of readings from each module and tutorial homeworks to prepare and project work to be carried out weekly too. History essays , assignments and even a history test next Tuesday. Being a tad more serious sure has its disadvantages , i mean last 2 semesters went by without me doing much of a reading for any module for that matter , nv prepare homework for coming tutorials, lest to mention much of a impressionable project work yea? Yesh...im a slacker , my results probably accounts for that.
But this is way too much work , to at least pretend to be serious in school. The endless pit of readings are probably a tactic from our nerdy lecturers who wants to keep us @ home and mug like crazy so that most of us dont get a decent social life like they do , either that or they wanna have a fantastic social life of clubbing,hoping that we will be stuck at home mugging and will not be able to "catch" them having illicit affairs...*Heee*

Ok...Thou shall Not cOomplain any further because it gets kinda frustrating when many of us outta there have no choice but gotta mug , so keep quiet and stop harping about it , right?

Life real lovely -not so-because of you-noe-what!->SCHOOL and NOTES..with buddies , friends and all sort of gathering like ice skating that is on this saturday. I may have to work so hopefully may be able to join the guys for either a skating session or dinner. *WHERE ARE MY SKATES?? *arghs...* This Friday im gonna attend some OCS social night , i hafta rush like crazy after lecture to go for the dinner at Raffles Town Club..so hopefully ladies that night will not be overdressed or in Gowns whatnot cos im planning to just arrive in a simple dress. Cos i will be going to school in the daytime , i do NOT want weird stares from people in school hence i pray hard that my dress will be suitable for the occasion.
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2:30 AM

Tuesday, September 12, 2006
Electric guiter Solo

This is my latest Love. Was shown this in lecture..Darn cool, but take quite sometime to d/l . At least try to watch 2mins of it.. Lately, im nuthing but a slack,tired Auntie.. ;)
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11:33 PM

*Commercial Time * again...
Saturday, September 09, 2006
Hey guys ..if you are free and love to own great looking , feminine or bling BlinG accessories.. do go to the kero and Mao su web site and take a look. They have a new range of pretty little charms and bag's "ding ting" that are so lovely , you simply want to have a different colour/ design for your handbags , school bags , tote bags , handphone and even as a key chain. They gives one the differentiating edge that each individual is searching but to no avail.. You want your common looking bag or a simple necklace to look different from OTHERs? I give you the answer :http://keromaosu.livejournal.com/

These are simply their new creations and some Bling bling charms that you can add onto your new DIY necklaces , bags , or handphone strap. New designs will probably come out soon if they have booming business from you guys who gives your support to local handicraft. Go on..take a look and buy some local creativity back..give your bag or necklaces some "Identity" .

I rest my case...cause im already sporting one of the bag charm as appeared on the web site. I support local aspiring designs , especially designers with talent ..You should too *grinz ;)

Tada~~ The precious 1 pic that i took with Mei ru on Triple J 's flea market day
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12:07 AM

Flea Market A Success!~~~~
Monday, September 04, 2006
To mark yesterday event as successful would be overstating it alittle as in financial terms , it aint really that. The atmosphere that Triple J set up was wonderful , as we had lotsa fun selling , yelling and disturbing one another , sometimes disturbing some young and fun customers too.
The weather was hellish , i never imagined there was a place hotter or as hot as SUnSet Bay.. There is and yesterday was a statement to mark that. We perspire buckets and melted like ice cream left on stone pavement , decked with all kind of shelter but to no avail. I was don in all sort of coverage to prevent the sun from "bronzing" me in his own little way , i wore my Sunglasses , my addidas cap , sunblock and even use my umbrella .. You know what ?? I was sunburnt still , and to add insult to injury , i was the "reddest" among the Triple J. Maybe because i waddle around like some curious duck , talking to customers and not really in the shade most of the time..and the fact that i get sunburnt easily. Now i dealt with red and painful shoulder blades and peeling skin all over again. *Woe on me....*

However i was grateful to all my friends that came and lend me support , without their (you guys) i couldnt be able to survive through the Heatstroke that i almost got. haa..
Wan ru and gals (G.q too..) , He Yi , Kelvin and Mei Ru who came just to support me and buy some sort of rubbbish from me...haa thanks guys. My brother and his gf who helped me along the process of preparation for our stall. Triple J, and their bf..and kelvin..who endured , thanks for making our stall such an wonderful event.

To me , setting a stall and selling stuffs was a deploy to have fun , mingling with all my frends and making a memorable day for the Triple J especially. We 3 had wanted to clear our truckload of stuff since zillion years ago , and to use 4 days to fully prepare a stall ..i think 3 of us did rather well. We only had 4 days to photograph our few outfits , did a poster , jio our friends , prepare our stall's setup and tagged our clothes,shoes, bags..Not bad i would say.

3 of us had minimal sleep and had to plough through the day with aunties that bargain as if their life depended on it for livelihood. We almost gave up and ask the whole lot of them to either scram off or just get whatever they want and we will sell...we were tired , shagged to the core.

The irony of the day was Eng Huat (jiashan's bf) whom we redicule about- his lousy clothes , bell bottom and even his Discman that he wanted to sell..made our day. His Discman was sold as the highest priced item of the day , his clothes was the 1st sale and his clothes sells rather well. Unexpectedly , Kelvin's clothes that was priced rather high in all of the whole Holland V 's flea market was sold rather fast and easy too. Unlike the 3 of us girls who had to sell like crazy . Sigh the guys were winner of the day..i vow not to make fun of the 3 guys again.

Our "kou hao" , widely used sentences of the day :
Kelvin( the slack male sale personnel) : Dun worry , its authentic ar !! *referring to his genuine soccer jersey* it did work after all.

Jiashan (the stern and aslo fun cashier cum sales women): You wanna see skirts that fits you? *she will proceed to fumble through the mess of clothes and bring out her demin mini skirt from mango or Espirt. / "Jasmine , Jolyn where's the Float? / How Much?? GOt discounts? "haa..yesh , she is our cashier cum accountant of the day.

Jasmine (Top sales girl) : Buy la , it suits you, you so Preeety, igive you discounts lo .../ I oready sold 2 pairs like it just now liao.. (she darn zai lo , from all ages the customers all seemed to look pretty to her..haaa)

Jolyn ( the Pushy sales girl ): eh wanna buy my ERP Cashcard cover?? Got teddy bear or WRX one oso...Buy la...(I push that item to all my guy friends who came down just to support me ..haa , but the respnse i got from Jielong was.."walao dun wan la , ar bo i give u $5 , you put that thing in ur car la .." -..- ) / eh you buy more from me , i give you discounts la...aiyah you faster buy la , cos i want to close shop liao. I want to clear stock. But kelvin being so observant yesterday complained that i been saying the same lines since 5pm till 8pm when i finally close. He seemed to imply that i have no ethics , use this kinda lousy antics to sell my stuffs. haaa.. Jasmine also lament that i have been telling many maids "Can la , can fit la..when its obvious that they all cant fit into my tight jeans and stuffs.." my antics were unethical i agree..haa Im so ashamed that i promise not set up a stall there in near future..hahahaa

After the Flea market , the shagged out 6 person (with Eng huat and Elson who is Jasmine's bf) drove our cars and 1 bike to Jasmine house to bathe. Yesh , we had 3 cars that day..just to set up a flea market stall..haa The guys had to wait at some nearby Kopitiam for nearly an hour before we were done. We set off in jovial mood to Geylang to celebrate Elson 's Birthday. We spent quite alot but we were very..very ...happy.
I almost fall asleep on the way driving home. *grinz sleepily*

P.S no pictures as we took very little photos yesterday. May post it up when i get them :)
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