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Wednesday, March 28, 2007
Went out with Brandon and GQ for some morning exercise...Badminton. I aint good at badminton but i like to play the sport. We met up at 8.45am ( as usual, Gq and i were late) and walked to Clementi sport hall. After the strenuous mindless swinging of racket that aimed at air rather than the shuttlecock, half the time...the game was quite alright. Gq could be good at badminton if he trains often i think. But i guess not everyone loves badminton the way Yi zhi n I do , wanna spend time playing a sport especially if it is hard to pick it up and boring in the starting phrase. Haiz..Han sen oso dun wana play badminton. I guess ar , Yi zhi Shu..its just gonna be me n you playing the game liao. Sigh..i miss the JI days when we played badminton during reccess and after school in the hall. Everyone was so Siao-Onz la, we brought rackets to school and after lunch, we would play till late. There was so many of us then, Nasser, Jun yin , Brandon, Me, sometimes Sam, Xia Yan, Mariam, Byran and Hansen would join us too. Gone were those days.

Aha.. reminising the days in year 2 when we played monopoly between breaks, after school..stopped and kept our "money, title deeds" and continue after classes. It started when library introduce board games and we tried trying. Then we got addicted and Mariam bought her own set and we kept it in sch for "private" usage. Darn funny.. i selom played and the only time i remember fairly well was when there was too many of us and we had to pair up to play the game. I paired up with the "entreprenuer of the year" la-WK....and we had some bad luck along the way, keep gettinginto jails and left with no $$ to bail ourselves out. WK said we are darn broke so lets just stay in jail...we had to miss 3 rounds everytime..*soo sad*...Then suddenly when i lost hope and thought we were gonna be the 1st pair to be bankrupt, THAT IDIOT ANNOUNCED THAT WE ARE GONNA BUY HOTELS!!!! I exclaimed..no $$ to bail ourselves outta jail, how to buy what stupid hotels....then he got a STACK (yesh...a STACK okay) of cash out and said nonchalently" no la ...what no money?? got what..Lets buy hotels." And so everyone stared at me, and me at him..i was so shocked that my eyes were practically popping out. Brandon, Nasser and the rest starts laughing at me and if Looks could kill...Last Sun i would have been out with a ghost to Kuishinbo. hahaa...

What a partner, kept it from me, make me go to Jail for nuthing!!!!!!!! (BIG EYES) And best thing is you know what he lamented simply as the reason for not telling me? "Aiyah, if i tell you i know you will buy alot of nonsense things 1 what, you like to shop so much..." (Big eyes....WTH!!! we playing monopoly and buying houses le, not managing your bank accounts le..Monopoly aslo got no clothes to buy what... (Sad face)....

Haha..Till today there was still repercussion of what he did to me that particular day. I will still bring the issue up and niam whenever i get a chance. haa IM NEVER GONNA TEAM UP WITH GUYS AGAIN. haaa...

THURS may be meeting Lynn and Cheryl...yeah..Long time never see Lynn le. After she started work, i din have a chance to met up with her. Hope i meet the both of them, miss lynn..dont miss cheryl cos i always see her . hahaa

FRIDAY...I think the PADAI GANG gonna pack our bags and ready to go..to NIght Safari. haha Yesh again, i love zoo and night safari. ;) Its gonna be wild and fun going with the Padai gang. I cant wait. But before all these...i got lotsa projects research n work to do. :(


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5:44 PM

Saturday, March 24, 2007

I say everybody~~~~ relax and enjoy the weekend.

Yippe...im gg to Kunshinbo (duno if spelling is correct but who cares..haa)

Im going Peace Center to get my prototype storybook out before the monday presentation again. Nm2208 genuinely sucks. hahaa I aint a creative person i realised...the innovative juice doesnt flow in moi head i guess. Siling, dont even think of taking the course if one day you do think abt it. hahaa....

!,2,3,....we r gg to KushinBo. Every week i must have something to look forward to. Hmmz..should i wear a dress or should i wear jeans and nice top instead? Once per week , i get to roam freely in Town, i like to dress abit nicely. If you see me in school, you would know why bcos im the slack-iest dresser around. =P

Tada The MT 2219..and im the base (shit*)

AHA...we were too stressed with sch work . Thus we went Swimming in school. See the darling girl so cute..the TOOTz kia.
Ahh...The 3 of us... Cheryl din swim but she came just to accompany us. And hell was, she had a tan much nicer than me la. I dun tan..i peel.. sigh...
The P.A.D.A.I...everyone had their own name...but mine was the I at the end..i was I-I AM JOLYN....it was supposed to be I-I AM LIM CHIN FEN!! WTH!! haha lucky Cheryl Ms Poon changed for me. I requested it yesterday night. Aha..How the week passed by so fast yet so fun, with these 3 girls or shld we say the P.ADAI GANG. hahaa


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Monday, March 19, 2007
I fathom that since i knew how to upload photographs onto my blog, i do not write as much or as lengthy as i used to. The essays and "compo" as Helaine used to lament, are kinda rare in my blog nowadays. I seemed to adapt to short and sweet style yea?

And they say "A picture speaks a thousand words"..Indeed. Now my entry is left with a maximum of few miserable thousand words.

This semester flew by (and yesh, it is the appropriate vocab i assure you) , with me left gaping for air like a goldfish stranded on land. Im not used to hectic nor a workaholic lifestyle but what you see around you is that everyone is doing the same thing. It is no surprise and it is a fact of most Singaporean life. Bumming and slacking seemed like a SIN, a dreadful one. My dear friend Siling in school, tells me she felt guilty for watching the show 300 last sunday. I meant wah....i used to watch 3 movies per week man...when i was in the A level era. Study officially ended after 5pm, after friday too. Now that life seemed far away. Our jokes surround us , one that range from taking torchlight into cinema and read while watching the movie (aha another of Siling's fanatic scholar idea...hmmmz...)
Today a guy in school approaches us , to help him do a survey..i shrug it off, pointing to my watch saying "we have no time liao, we rushing to study , to do essay, we left with TWO WEEKS." The irony is that 2 weeks are a freaking long time to be doing an essay , (thats my view and none of the studious people shared them, i assure you..) haa..Cheryl and Siling was laughing and gapping at my flippant remarks to that poor guy. I pity him... Thats my karma when no one wanna do my phone surveys. *shit*

Last Friday to turn up for the Dinner, i skipped glynis's invite to The Eligible Cleo Bachelor Party at St James. So many people went..i wanna see cute guys cos this year do have some good quality bunch. Sigh, i missed that. BUt well the dinner was great and Elson was a good partner and company, he did not leave my side for long always before returning back to entertain me. SO well, I did not miss much.


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11:18 PM

Sunday, March 18, 2007
For people who woke up at 3,4am.. We looked like an awake Bunch. The sending off clique, the gal in green is the beloved gal who is already busy in SHanghai now. Hmmz...so many of us waiting for her to come back to us. ANd why is Xiao hei so happy in the picture? hahaa...

The Wonderful food offered @ the Coms Dinner on friday. The main course wasnt that great but the rest was YUMMY.
I told ya , din i? The dessert was superb. Sweeeetz

AHA..i told ya im a true bred escort eh? I was not. I fumbled and rushed like crazy the day itself. Had to do up my eyebrows cos they look like bush best friend-SHRUBS. I spent 2 hours plus trying to paint my nails, make up and hairdo while the Male lead of the day-Elson was busy SLEEPING away in the comfort of his own home. The dinner was not easily earned i fathomed there and then. It was pure hard work guys.
We had lotsa fun being Cam whores. I keep making him bring out his Digital camera to snap pictures of us and me.
BEfore the Dinner officially began. There was even a Photo booth, he din wanna take pictures as there was a loooong que for it. However he had no choice, as i see that there was a professional photographer and back drop. I had to take the picture, i dun care!! hahaa
And who did i see that day? My best buddy in Secondary school. LIM CHENG JIA..aha the male version of me in school. The Joker.

This was during the walk to DA MA HUA Yuan for seafood at JB last Sunday. Hmmz...why is Brandon pulling his burms?


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2:41 AM

Monday, March 12, 2007
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DERRICK Birthday !! It was 2 weeks ago..Peishi organised a small party (only us nia..) at Altivo. Derrick's face lit up when the live band sung Birthday song for him. Dear Peishi...when she is heck care , she is really quite a gal..but when she is serious about doing something..my, do she goes all the way. She bought the cake, keep Derrick in suspense although i spill the secret out , not once nor twice but thrice. haa..

Thats Me n Kelvin (yesh..i renew his contract..he is a free lancer, im his manager. Contact me if you need a free lancer escort...heehee...IM currently oso a free lancer escort myself. Bo bian lack of $$..haa Attended CJ OCS dinner last yr, this week Elson contacted me to be his "escort". My..my business not bad eh.)
Tada...the gang at AltiVO... As usual, we had crazy fun. Laugh like crazy. Not many people can click with us, luckily ZQ n kelvin managed to. If not i wld be bored if i always had to be a huge lightbulb with the COUPLES...
AHA...This is Alvin's birthday. He is a nice guy, bought us all over with a lovely V-day pressies. We gave him a surprise birthday gift cum sing-a-along after tutorial. We went to Kbox after class last wed. Im officially gonna make Siling the Vice chairman of my club (if i manage to set up 1...its call the SIAO-KIAs club of NUS). We sang like tune and pitch was never invented and outta tune was the best way to sing a song. haa
The Birthday boy do sing fairly well...i admit. Next time i upload the video and you all shall enjoy...Cheryl is acting cute more than than "bai-ing ugly pose"..haa
And this very old pic..is taken roughly 5 years ago, In JI canteen. Last week we sent my dear Samantha off to the airport. She will be away for a year. Im gg to miss her i guess.. That crazy gal...i never thought i would be setimental n cry when she was gg to go off.. but i did.

As we go on..we remember ...All the times we had together..come whatever..we will still be friends forever.
All the fun times we had, will never be erased. The older we grew, the more we gain. It is never gonna be lesser but more with experience. And as you leave...the memories continue.
The whole gang of us woke up at 4m to take cabs and reach Airport by 5am to send Sam off at Changi airport. One by one cab..we waited for all to reach T2 BK for break fast. Unlike all departures seen in TV, we were laughing and yakking away as usual. The sincerity and heart felt friendship was undenialable in everyone, most of us had classes and work to go to after sending her off. It din keep us away. She is someone worth coming to the airport at 5am. All the little squabbles i had with her diminished asap when i knew she was gg to leave so soon..I should have pushed away my pride and schedule to spend more time with 1 close friend that i had for so long. I miss her..we all do...


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12:47 AM

The lovely red shoes i brought frm Thailand..
Life is red when im happy ...Green background depicts the calmness..
This Is my Favorite..COke of my Life..Yesh you...I should let you go...But i cant..
My dream to travel..in a cable car...Fly me to the moon or to the place i wanna be...
Triple J at Bangkok new Airport...


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12:40 AM

Friday, March 02, 2007
Annual Family outing..This year we are off to Mac. Reservoir. Last year, the monkeys came and took off with lil Jamie's Ribena. This year the lil girl could still vividly remember the incident. Luckily for her, the monkeys werent around this time. I was the one taking the Picture...My family strolling up the slope.

Haha...Pre CNY preparations. See how lil Le Xuan includes herself into the family by starting on our Tradition-Decorating the "YING LIU". It is our family tradition to buy and decorate YING LIU till it is like a CHI-NA Xmas tree. The oriental design may seemed overly done up but it is the process that counts.

For This year, my family took off for a nearby trip to Melaka for the CNY. Off we go to Melaka. Mama insisted on buying "DUA BAO" which we thought was the normal DA BAO seen in Singapore. However my bro and i were so wrong. It is not DA BAO, but DUA BAO as mama reckons. We couldnt contain our Surprise..and so.. WAH!!!!!!We decided to show everyone the Size of the DUA BAO and our AMAZEMENT. The Biggest DUA BAO that even a family couldnt finish. Mama just wanted to buy since she was in the area even though she knew we couldnt finish it. Women...sometimes you just dont understand them.


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