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Running thoughts that are Organised-NOT
Wednesday, October 19, 2005
A time of mugging arrive again ...its books , essays , readings and more readings to be done . argh..1 more month!Its time to gambatte everyone..even SAm , who is starting her school life in Nov..I wish ya all the best .
Another major point of my life , DEcember...My favourite month and the one that gave me the most headache..cos its Cheryl , Marian , Pearl , Jasmine and my boyfriend 's bd ..lest to mention MINE!!!! ITs on 6th of DEC..Yipee....my favourite day again! hahhaa
Lynn's bd is during Nov , but we gonna buy a lovely present for her ..hahhaa Hope she will like it alot!~ Its a long time since i meet up with my favourite 4 Gang...hahhaa..Miss the girls.
But most of my gals including them , have bfs ler..no time for me arh. Haha
Anyway , im going to be so BROKE (but its worth it !) but i hope my friends understand that i really cant blow it all on their bd cos all are important to me ..i have to use my REsources sparingly. Haha...Cheryl u better think of what u want k...ur 21th birthday ar . Wah...now that i see Cheryl turning 21th , i feel kinda sentimental . When i knew her , lynn , marian , we were all 13 or 14 years old and now 21th..all of us . Years really went by fast ..
I love them ..my best buddies , they dragged me through hard times especially Cheryl . During secondary days when both of us did the craziest things like throwing our shoes down Ginza plaza 2ns floor (because of her dare ..we run through an open carpark and into the plaza with one bare feet) , we split way and argue during her 14th bd at P.S but later reconcile after 2 hours , we use pen to draw on each other uniform and run around classrooms and canteen , every friday we speed and i mean speed to the canteen IMMEDIATELY after the bell rings for recess , lastly the mugging sessions at her house during O levels..that i recall was me painfully doing mathematics question and she reading magazines....
HAha...Then there was lynn and marian always scolding cheryl for all the corny-iest things that she did , (like ehum..putting pulps on her hair ...having jerks for bf..which all of us gotten a lecture from lynn at one time or another..hahha) , and me and cheryl getting yelled by lynn for being childish (drawing and arguing as always) and lynn standing up for us whenever we are down or got "aimed" at by anyone . We really stand together , firm and loyal ...despite all those small complaints that we had over the years ..I love them.

Along the years , i met afew more blossom buddies...and i thanks god for giving me such nice friends that stood by me , regardless of what happen .
And then there is the problem of thinking what to get for each of them??Hmm......THinking Starts NOW!
Penned @
1:39 PM

You are Beautiful..Sad but lovely song
Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Not gonna harp on school life anymore ..Its still as tiring and dry (lectures ) as ever ...boring like never in my life (did i just invented a phrase - a simile -Like nv b4 in my life??? courtesy from EL1101 module -HA H A )
Cold WAr is really freezing me to death with 8 pages of analysis about nuCLEAR ARms war.. The WAR that im not CLEAR about , writing about it almost tear My ARms off..*i swear.
Okok i stop complaining if not Aliah gonna say i always complain in my blog (Anyway thats what my blog are for ...hahha)

Anyway , i love this "YOU are Beautiful " and (9 million bicycles ) songs . Both are rather heart tugging ...it evokes my feeling , some sweet , some sad , some heart wrenching facts that personally touches my heart .

(9 million bicycles ) is a mellow , slow melody song . (okok i will not sing , if not no one will go and listen to this song ) . It kinda goes : There are 9 million Bicycles in Beijing , its a fact that i cant deny . Just like the fact that i loved you deeply and i never want to leave your side . Its somewhere along these lines and i find the lyrics simple and yet full of complex emotions...deep and strong ones that will not be sway easily . I Love determined people because im not one .

You are Beautiful depicts a sad but lovely romance story . The guy seemed determined not to be in a r/s with his loved one but he kinds of still love her or Loved her deeply in his heart once .
The fact that one loves passionately but cant be with her is sad enough . She even went off holding someone esle hand , hand that is not yours kill any passionate heart that sees that picture . A heart that burns , sizzle like a bucket of cold water immediately when that picture is being screened infornt of u , Unintentionally . YOu are so beautiful ...but i cant be with you .
This kinda meaning leaves me with a heart ache that is unexplainable . Maybe because i cant stand unrequited love or a 3rd party in a wonderful lovestory .

Im a simple , traditional fairytale avid believer , naive girl at heart .
Penned @
9:48 PM

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