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Tuesday, January 29, 2008
I say...while the semester has started for almost everyone, many of us are still in the holiday mood. Are you? Arent You? Well, we wither our time away online..surfing ebay, blogs, chatting on msn, trying to get a bargain when you could have simply save the money for a RAINY day. In Singapore especially after the monsoon season, one is rather used to the rainy day..so yea if you have to spent your money..i reckon let me help you along with it.

1st off the list, someone who loves korean dramas, loves fashion, loves shopping, loves accessories will usually ended up becoming an online entrepreneur selling what she do best. Selling lovely stuffs, a myrid of dramas, dresses, necklaces, A&F shorts, you name it.

Go take a look especially if you love Korean dramas the way she does.

Website: http://vintagethrills.livejournal.com/

2nd Off the list , Its CNY..so how can one forget the goodies that we stuffed ourselves crazy on a yearly basis? Its Peanuts cookies...Yummy... Its for real..Get them delivered straight, yes i mean straight to your doorstep. ;)
Never Let your CNY be spoilt by lousy cookies, only Spoilt by choice.

Website: http://www.morethancookies.blogspot.com/

3rd off the list, its CNY...so clothes are the fetish for this period. I got myself a lovely dress which is the one you see below. The quality is fantastic, and there is lining thus it is not sheer at all. I love the dresses, you should too. The sellers are fantastic people who deliver goods speedily and make sure they come in excellent quality. I bought my CNY clothes from them so yea...its a 1st hand experience.

Both websites are from the same seller :


P.S : above comments and ratings are given purely upon writer's own experiences and perception, any discrepancies found has got nothing to do with the writer. Discretion should be maintained by buyers.


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Sunday, January 20, 2008
This semester started off with a whimper..not a bang, not even some sort of excitement. Im just trying to capture all the joy of university life, the lunches, the friendship and the classes (skip not). Its the last semester in NUS, i cant say how fast time flies...it literally Zoom by. I kinda spent some 10 yrs or so, imagining the day when i would enter into Uni..I did, then in a blink of an eye, im gonna be outta the system soon. Im caught in a drain, filled with passion wanting to get outta it but yet fear of what may happen when im out..would it be better would it be worse?

Well, life gonna go on they say...
Last night i was pretty hungry and gq was so fast asleep that i couldnt wake him up to go supper with me.
So i cook myself some Cheesy mushrooms. It was cooked with Teriyaki sauce and melted cheese. The picture dun look so nice...but it taste rather alright. :)

-------CHEESY MUSHROOMS--------- (yea...they love some cliches, jokes...)

The Past few months, we met up afew times. Lynn too busy most of the time to do some catching up. Her work load is heavy and most of the time she is too tired to venture outta Vivo or Holland Village. I miss the 4 of us sipping coffee @ H.V .

My Best Friends...Over the years. (credited to Marian who did the collage haha)

One of my favourite birthday outing during 2007, was the Hill Top Walk which never materialise.. :( cos it was too far to walk and by the time we were nearing it was already 5pm (gate closed).

Ahh... Xy getting prettier over the years..Everyone esle getting so cute n slim..wherelse i pump up afew kilos...not fair :(

Ah...i love to spent time with my JI buddies. They are so much fun and so willing to jump into weird outings and ideas. Always trying new food, new places to venture to. Fun gang :)
My love for this group of people keeps accumulating..everyone had their own uni gang but still make time for JI outings.. Keep doing that and our f/s will go on stronger than ever.

yea...i look like a dump. But i will still post these ugly pictures up. Its me...im a *GROWING* girl. Shit!


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3:03 PM

Tuesday, January 15, 2008
NEW YEAR EVE at Boon LAY. There was lotsa going on that day at Boon Lay, the old estate. Roads were closed and there were performances and pasar malam ar. Soo fun, i was with mama and Le Xuan. There were many old aunties dancing line dance ar. So cute. ;)

Went JB afew weeks ago. My Favourite cousin and i went to this huge outdoor "da pai dang" to eat. It is a Yummilicious place...we ordered like 10 kinda different food to experiment. Alil expensive but less than RM50. Aha...Song ar. The place darn festive la...outdoor sumore... I love outdoor Makan area.

WTH!! Dunno what is wrong with blogspot or my blog account. Seems like i cant drag and change the sequence of my pictures. I wanted to arrange them in chronological order but reckon since i cant do it...i shall simply just narrate them as you see them.

Aha..The Steamboat with Pacnet guys. I din have alot of the pictures after my laptop reformat AGAIN... (Never buy the brand i am using now...Sucks)

I miss Jenn.. :) she was lotsa help when i was at Pacnet. Fun girl to be with to.. Glad i worked with her @ Pacnet.

Mummy bought a set of boardgame for Le Xuan. Hence she dragged the whole lot of us to play with her. It has been quite some time since i last played "FEI JI QI" , my younger brother has to teach me all the rules and steps. My mum was freaking funny, she keep getting "sent home" by my bro's chess.

Ironically, Le Xuan won the entire game. :)

Due to the stupid blogspot, this picture should be with that JB outing picture.. This is just to show the massive lot of people at the DA PAI DANG. Got huge screen to watch show sumore. haa

SOrry for the lack of focus. I just wana blog about my recent activities. :) 2008 is going to be a busy year i fathom cos i have already missed 1 lecture on my 2nd day of school. hahaha

The array of pictures not in order shows the hectic lifestyle i am having nowadaes..lack of focus too. hahaha See ya in sch guys...Pls ask me out for lunch often..cos if not i am gg to be eating and wandering around in school ALONE. :(


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11:37 PM

Tuesday, January 01, 2008
Its Merrry Xmas time! :)
Went to marian's hse for the yearly gathering ( Wk n i were freaking late...i tot it was dinner.. :( )
We set off to Vivo to find the JI gang. Wah, i remember last year we met at Lao Pat Sat.. so fast a yr liao. :) The day i saw the "lost sheep", he became my sticky pad this Xmas.

My Mos burger buddy who is my fellow luncher, study kaki, chit chat buddy. We dare to change..we dare to do the different stuffs..

We r "Pose-r Professionals" hahaa

Marian's Xmas gathering is always very fun. With her Jinx and new friends, although they are not my direct friends but after so many years...we chatted like friends. I love david, Ivan..they r very fun to be with.

I miss clubbing with my best friends n their Jinx frnds. :)

Reminiscing the old days in JSS.. since sec 2/3 (roughly 10 years)
*guess which one is me in every pic. I look very toot..haha
*picture credited from Marian's friendster. :)

*Aha..the birthday celebration with Pacnet ppl. Steamboat.. i love them. I kinda miss Jen n Pris. Ahh..they are such nice ppl to work with. Miss chatting with Jen. Learn alot from her.

* Pj Party @ Helaine's hse..

We are supposed to have a toy each.. Yea.. mine's shrek. :)

Aliah darn funny in the picture. She was wearing a kimono n a word to complete the outlook. Aiyo, wan ru look so bored. haha

Sigh, Jas's birthday cum Xmas eve dinner at Clarke Quay (Triple J yet again)
My pre birthday celebration at Miss Clarity Cafe pictures.
Mine, Marian, Cheryl's birthday celebration at Crystal Jade.


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11:44 PM

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