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Untainted New year
Monday, February 26, 2007
As everyone already knows, im a Chi-Na kia at heart. I rattle off mandarin like no other language. So i love CNY...it is the period of Eating, having Fun and munching on new year goodies. The excuse to leave out DIET, which is luckily a taboo on CNY. Heehehe

I went Melaka with family for 2 days to slack and walk around the town. It is indeed more fun than "bai nian" with the countable relatives i have. I had to work on "Chu San" which was a drag but turn out rather Ok as many friends came by my shop to visit me. Last Thursday i took an early morning flight to BangKok...where i challenge the polictical areana at this sensitive time.

The strained relationship Singapore had with Thailand due to Temasek Holding's shares and the soccer match, bombings that occurred timely with my arrival, left a gaping hole in our anticipation towards the Shopping trip. The Triple J decided to go forth with it but be extra careful during our stay there. We did experience certain distasteful people and fellow Singaporeans which allow us clarification to why we were being disliked so much.

I just got back to Sg like 2 hours ago. Gotta go rush my Nm3206 essay, Nm2208 poster n 2219 revision. Back to the real World Baby....why do all good things come to an end? For new experience to set in and more learning to take place i suppose.

A new year..the trips away was to cleanse all unhappiness i saved in my MIND DRIVE. I did a deleting and cleansing certain memories, leaving only USEFUL n Memorable images and Files in my HEART DRIVE. Lest i reformatted the entire mind and brain set so that im renewed and ready to Store more new and fun memories that are to come forth. I promise i will be extra careful in Downloading software that is useful, will not anyhow Install memories or images that will corrupt my Heart Drive and relationship with other fellow drives. It is easy to download and install new experiences and relationships, but when they corrupt or discard you or when u wanna delete them..it is never this easy again. Simple coz it will always be in you...just how deep you manage to store it away, no matter how many times you tried to delete it.

SO yep...Everyone, lets look forward and be generous in accepting all challenges confronting you. Coz the only person who is going to reject or allow failure to manifest first is YOU , Yourself.
Gambatte Cyo....If you are happy and you know it...clap your hand ;)


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6:42 PM

i understand why you like it now...i do too
Wednesday, February 14, 2007

It is oxy moronic..the lovely sweet melody with the negativity connotation cum depressive lyrics.
Nonetheless, i identify with it n thus i like it now. U do?
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12:57 AM

Saturday, February 10, 2007
I saw a blog post from some girl that i do not know but has no empathy for. She distinctly gave me the feelings of trying to get whatever she wants , back. She seemed rather nice n sweet, friendly even. However from what i gathered, she done hurtful and amoral stuffs in my opinion. There is ethics in everyline, and sometimes being a girl and converting from that areana to some other place , you need to do something that is seriously distasteful.
She gave up what was hers.
She went forth for something she likes.
Once you gave up, you try to come back even when there is a new owner..it shows you dont care how many ppl you hurt in the process. You want but if you know that its taken..why go forth?
I have been in that position before and thus i can comment. I once loved someone alot alot.. the previous owner came by while we had problems and claimed back her share.
I was left with nothing..i had a chance to get "it" back half a year later...but when i knew "it" still has an owner, i gave up and went back to where i came from. I could have gotten "it" back,i could at least separated the two..but i did not cos i never want anyone to do that to me.

In the end, this girl din get what she wants.
One should just move on after hurting people and not be a tease..again and again
Trying to reclaim what you thought was yours, with all means and ways till you get it BACK.
Doing it in a subtle manner or nice way doesnt garner it as a nice technique.
Only naive and KIND people fathom so.
If you cant see the light , the actual situation and allow yourself to be hurt again
I cannot help you this time. i can only say "i told you so.."
Im unable to help you, cos the last time i did..i hurt myself in the process
And im trying to recover..
I hope no matter what, you see and think clearly and not be foolishly manipulated by someone's whims and fancy till another new fancy of her's came along and you became an old hidden toy once more. You want no lies, no deception and true heart..i suggest one dun enter into your own illusion and get embedded in new lies that hurt.

Yesh..No matter where there is ...it is never in a place that you gave up for a selfish reason, no matter how regretful u may be. Cos you already have a new life..do not attempt to destroy another new person love and what he carries for u. Everyone moves on. YOU should..
Cos in love, it is never simply hurting another person
It is destroying hopes , ideals , tainting memories and taking off a person's protection
leaving him/her vunerable before meeting you.
Think...love seems easy...it never is.
In reality, Love is difficult , hard to overcome, sometimes not easy to confirm the place and position of that person in your life
But you want to overcome all of it and be with the person regardless all..
Thats love.

Im a weird person. I know nuthing about whats gg on or what am i really pin pointing. haha
I just love to write whatever go pass my mind. Some are feelings i felt last year when i was superby down, some are random thoughts and most are fictitious.
So pls dun come ask me what happened..cos nuthing much did. I just have lotsa time and think of so many girls outta there who are screwing guy's love life now. I have too many friends who are immersed with girls they should entangled themselves with , LET GO and go for nicer girls.

I think some parts of the blog i was reprimanding myself too, one period of time last year i went back and attempts to screw up someone's esle life again and again. As if the hurt i caused was not enough. I gave hope, i took away..i did that twice. Im a "jerk" at times too.. Im sorry.
The best i can do is never to distrupt the peaceful life he gained back.

Blardy hell, nearing V-day..and i keep writing all sort of anti-V day stuffs. I oso want lovely dovey stuffs. ;p


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2:49 PM

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Tada..My late weds class...
I been using freehand illustrator.. hahaha
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8:47 PM

I say..Singapore is too small a place to cultivate many stars. With all the SuperBand, SuperStars, Singapore Idol, Campus Super Stars, Dance Floor...everyone who audition and managed to get into the finals 30 or 40 are some kinda stars. People recognised them, people take them as idol..it seemed as if it is rather usual to see STARS around.
Singapore is only so small and the age for one to famous-dom is rather limited. From16-30 years old? Being Famous, Being a Star is so over rated. Every one i know seemed to know someone who enter some STar competition or is a STar...my my..arent we honoured?
Guo qiang and i knows MI LU BING...my primary school mate is in the LION national soccer team (yep..i was honoured...hahaa..NO.6 RULEZ!!) I saw Samantha( the girl from BE With Me Movie) today in school Mac, walking around in school last few semester. I saw Sebestian at boon lay Nasi Lemak last yr , walking past me..he stays near my area. Taufik was from my secondary school, my seniors know him. Zoe tay was from Yuan Ching, Li Guo Huang was from Jss too. So coincidentally, M.R.'s cousin is his wife..my younger bro knows the girl who was in Campus Super Star (JSS too)..Jimmy hangs out with the 1st batch of Superstar finalist and always jio me to go KTV with them but im always to shy to do so. Cos i adore Derrick cos i think he is cute and Shar ann is a frnd of his from NP. And recently i know a guy in sch who entered Dance Floor Competition.. the list goes on and on..

In short, Singapore is too small. And you ask, then why am i not a star if it is that small? Cos i wana be Unique..it is too common to be a Star. Even Collin and Kero are famous..oh did i tell you? He works at JP bubbletea stall, i always go there to check out the famous boy last time.

What is Famous? What if 20% of the population is famous one way or another? Star in Sg is seriously over rated. We are just too small a country...
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12:42 AM

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