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Monday, January 22, 2007
There are many a times i wonder why
wonder why i got sucked in ...so fast , so hard, so much. U asked me b4...is it too fast? Many once asked me b4...i stated no. It is never too fast if i like something, it shouldnt be a problem. There are millions of people outta there who knew each other for years and got together but it din work out in the end. There are people who didnt know each other..might be through internet- irc, pen pal..and they lasted , at least for years. Tradition didnt work in my favour as i have many friends who became the exception cases . Personally, i knew one of the best guy buddy (EVER) online. He was in Okinawa and i was in Singapore..we were in a japan channel (MIRC) we made friends...and when he got back from holidays...we struck up a friendship on Fire. He remains my best buddy ever since..and that was 5 years ago. People out there saying IRC was an evil which cannot be trusted..in my case it work out rather well i reckon.

I knew one of my ex bf from Friendster..at first,i was cautious to give him my msn even .However he seemed like a decent chap. For many months , we were MSN pals , venturing into SMS pals. Till one day we met up and things went forth from there. To think Friendster was the medium that gave me the best boyfriend..the longest relationship..the sweetest memory i ever had. Since the 2 cases, i never debunked online relationship..cos they do last..i could have lasted years with him if i didnt insisted on breaking up 2 yrs ago. So time isnt a factor in my view. How well you know that guy or girl isnt the issue cos everyone changes .And people may do certain weird things that you would never thought he or she would do, especially in a relationship.

Im a pragmatic person who thinks in a rational manner most of the time . One contradiction arrives when i see something ...or someone i like. Things became different. Im not the romantic kinda gal who yearns for flowers or sweet stuffs but i do crave for elements of closeness-mentally n emotionally. Being Rational is the foe of Passion..and i Love Passion in a r/s. Feelings and not brain / mind rules ...be passionate..be NOT Afraid. Everyone is vunerable to a certain extent but if you keep thinking of being afraid..then you will never move very far forward.
Jump..Leap...throw away whatever insecurities you always carry around with you. You realise there is a different and more refreshed you awaited to be found. To all my best buddies around..ponder over these points ya (you is any of YOU who wanna noe me more or be on better terms with me..*chey act until i like so popular like that.. )

I never wanna change you (much..haa) I chose you cos of who u are
I just want more attention, more affections, more TLC....
More communication n telling me what you want n think (so i wun need to second guess your thoughts :) )
Tell you something:
IM always overly sensitive-cos im too free
Im too naggy cos i cared too much
IM constantly jealous cos i like u alot
So just ignored all the mood swings i churned out cos im just a silly n overly concerned gal. ;)
All that could be done..remaining who you are..isint it?
Haa...The "You" dont even read my blog..
Let time do the talking
Let feelings do the action..
Let time tell
Let us know
Girls outta there , dont you all feel the same sentiments? Guys outta there , do you face similar problems with ya gf? Try lest not to understand ur the other half, try to appreciate n love them for who they all. Humans are all unpredictable at times , we are not stagnant matter nor things so love us ,love him, love her ...for who he/she is.

That above chunk of "bo-liaoness" applies to friendship also which is based like an relationship. Me n my Triple J gals shared somewhat of a r/s than a normal friendship. We will get jealous, we love each other , we wanna see each other often, we crave for each other company..in short we operate like a r/s.
friendship is important..but fate plays a part. You cant force certain things. Would passion dies out? Would you cry if it ends? Would you have no choice but to let go? Would you let go? Would friends let you go?

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6:40 PM

Tuesday, January 16, 2007
Hokkien man taking photo

haha..Watch till it ends. Darn funny, it is supposed to be a commercial or something like it.
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4:22 PM

Saturday, January 13, 2007
Thats yesterday party @ Zouk. The 4 of us -Lynn, Marian,Cheryl n Me. These 3 guys were the Partz of JinXz (i think...) Lynn n Marian's Classmates..they are darn fun. Along the years we have been out quite a few times. Yesterday was chaotic. haa... Happily Posing away.
Thats everyone ! My K800i is ZAI...haaa
Thats nt Middle Finger k. hahaa
This isnt taken at Zouk Yest...Thats Peishi n her Bf-Derrick when i asked them to pose for a funny picture when they call me. They WERE GD! haa
THis is the NERD PARTY for New YR EVE. AT Cram's Hse. The Theme was rather Cool..I had to loan top n cardigan from my bro's gf so as to dress the part. K.H say i din look like a nerd..BUt i think i DID. what do u think?
The NERD-IEST FAmily of 2006... ;p
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3:09 PM

Wednesday, January 03, 2007
S.H.E - Zen Me Ban w/eng subs

haha..This video is abit Bo liao n girlish. So if u dun like this kinda stuff, dun click it. Nice n cutesy song. I got the rough engish subtitle for everyone . :)
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2:19 AM

LALALA...We can Pose anywhere, Anytime... what Kinda pose was that? We are "Chi-NA-BianG" dancers. U cant Beat that :)

Had a fantastic Dec month n moving on to the new YEAR 2007!! It was awsome..
The New year party's Theme was NERD..and i din had any idea of what to wear. And so i loan something and wore some real cotton n decent button up blouse (which u will never catch me wearing ever again..) haa..

The fantastic month came with a HUGE PRICE..it wasnt intended as a pun cos i spent more than 1K..To some working adult that may have seemed alright. But i am some poor student with no income and this amount was supposed to be for my coming Bangkok trip in 7 days time. Due to the Bombing incident and my lowly bank account figures. I have to call off the nearing holiday trip. Sad but true. Not a fantastic start but it was my bad..spending like crazy , and not watching. So time to cut down n watch it.

New Boots
New Watch
New Tops, Dresses, Heels
New MP3
New Wallet
.......the list go on , either it was a gift or something i bought myself..i gave many Xmas presents n Birthday presents back. Hence all in all , it was an expensive month but worth it. Cos it was for my very gd friends that i have..just that they all happened to be born in the same month.

They are worth it.
I just needa cut down on everything..Food, transport, expensive dining , petrol.. ;)

I shall Thus show ya the fantastic time on my memory lane...

The 1st picture was The JI-3mths gang on my Birthday BBQ...
The second Pic was taken on Xmas eve ..at Danny's party. We were going crazy at countdown in town with all the spraying n yelling. CHaotic but was great Fun. haa
And lastly , the 3 chummy gal pic indicated that im gonna CHARMMMMMMM ALiah into becoming my new BESTIE.hahaaa I was actually trying to squeezed into the picture that Sam wanted to take with ALiah only. ;)
This is the Lost SHeep coming back to the herd.. We are the "MI-Mi eyes" gang. hahaa we are the friendliest ppl in SG!!Thats Us..on Xmas eve..I was all Blueish cos of the blue spray that Jas don on me..hahaa

It was a fun end to a yr. This year had be a better year than the last. Im gonna work my butt off.. yea man *winkz
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12:11 AM

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