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Friday, February 29, 2008
2 stubbborn people will find it hard to be together, unless one succumb and compromise.
Unless both change.

I always tell people that r/s is like a jigsaw puzzle, had to shift, get some friction b4 the piece fits rightly with another one. Sometimes u have to curve one of the piece to fit the side of the other piece then can.

Its ironic.


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12:48 AM

Saturday, February 23, 2008
**** LEAVING SG On 23rd FEB..Morning******
WILL BE BACK ON 27th (TUE) evening or Night. :)
DUN CALL unless Urgent. Haa...save ya money as well as mine. But u r welcome to msg me anytime. Haa.. ;)

GG with the crazy gang from NUS. SILING How, Cheryl Poon, Felicia!!! Gonna stay 2 nights at KL and 1 night at Genting. Its gonna crazy girls time man. I packed so many stuffs into my backpack. No bf to help me this time round. :(
4 more hrs before im supposed to leave home and meet them at the Golden Mile. So far rite... :( so tired. Ok gonna Koonz liao. Ciao People !

Before i leave for my happy trip...i wana tell my dear boyfriend that i love him alot. That time has became a strenghtener for this relationship. It allows me to see his flaws and him to clearly understand mine. Ironically, i seemed to have deeper feelings for him than ever. I hope he feels this way too (he better be).

The way I Love-Like no others.

Darling be more patient with me ok. I am trying to be a very gd gf le..really. :)
Thanks for doting on me soo much.
For always giving in to me
For enduring all my tantrums
For my pek chekness when im driving.

Loving me when im down
When im crazy with my antics
when im high with endorphins
even when im angry with you over little things.

Thanks for hugging me when im down
when i need the hugs
when i need the love
when i need you

Thanks for being understanding
for the TLC
for the jokes.

I love you for who you are.
For having the same hobbies
-like reading and sleeping :)
For having the same sorta character as me
For understanding my weird theories.

I hope you love me,
the way i am.
The way i am with you
The way i love you.


My lovoly Card

My lovoly Trip

My lovoly Hug

My lovoly kiss

I love you. :)


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2:13 AM

Tuesday, February 19, 2008
Ahhhhh CNY...a very fun time. Yeah...to everyone who knows me well, my family usually take the 1st five days to go overseas. We have been to Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand to spend our CNY for the past 20 years or so. Malacca is one of our favourites, we probably would go thailand another year. Well, alot of people asked why my family goes overseas during cny. They didnt think it is alright and why dun i spent cny with my extended family.

For all those patronising people and others who didnt put that across nicely to me, it is simply BECAUSE i do not have a huge extended family. It is not "bi nian" or what. Many people should have realised i do not talk about my grandparents, it is simple because they are not here anymore. Both my dad's and mum's side. It is lucky for many of you who have your grandparents by your side still and huge families cny visiting, but i happen to have none cos they died around the time when i was very little. My dad only have an elder sister which is uncommon then, thus there isnt much to visit. We go over to my aunt house before Chu yi to bai nian. My mum has a younger brother and usually after we get back frm our holidays, the entire family would come over to my hse to bai nian. Thus there goes my entire relatives in Singapore. So why do you think i dont stay in the country for Cny. It is just exasperating when people just assume something bad when there is a reason behind it. Anyway my parents only get 5 off days annually other than the normal holidays. So it is the best time to get some private family bonding time. :)

Pictures!!! DeSARU...my virgin trip there. :) Waves are huge over there

Even the coconut trees grew differently there. L-shape sumore...haa

I am always the photographer so i aint inside. :)

The Slacker family Moon tanned on the deck chairs, to chit chat :) Even Le Xuan gets her own deck chair.

Aha...V-day. My lovely bf gave me a surprise present. I specifically ask him to get something small and inexpensive...he actually went and got me my Fav ALDO VOUCHERS!!!! cos i always tell him never to buy shoes for me...i "pan dang" mah. AHHH Plus a lovely different V Day dinner at East Coast Park with chili crabs!!! ahhhhhhh *Pamper pamper* :)) And a lovely sweet card he made himself...got our pictures inside too..

MY HAPPIEST V-DAY EVER! THANKS Honey for such a lovoly day. For pampering me and putting so much effort into a day which you always thought is a HALLMARK GIMMICK and scam. I Love You... ":) hope u love the shirt i bought for you.

The gang meet up for a fun nite out at Blu Jaz. 12 of us...it was quite a large outing. shows how much we love sam. :) We cam whore with 4 cameras, played drinking games and laughed like crazy there. looooveeee

It was a very fun day with the JI-Gang. Where are the names for the JI-Gang new nick??? TAG PEOPLE...THIS IS AN ORDER!! haha Unless u wana be called JI-GANG forever.

Ahh...Sam...so fun and so cute...Such a tall lady with a girly voice and youthful character. I got this feeling that she will still be this way 20 years down the road. Haa


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1:23 PM

Wednesday, February 06, 2008
We had reunion dinner with the Old Sch Gang (JI) ...at Waraku. The food was great as usual, the place is nicer than the one at starhub center. :)
Tada...its a pity darling cant turn up but its ok, we took a picture b4 i went for the dinner.

Last Sunday was chaotic..Actually everyday has been chaotic. There were so much Spring cleaning to do...i almost had backaches everyday.
My family went about doing our usual yearly outing..To Mac. Reservoir for breakfast and some monkey seeing. The monkeys there very fiecre...one went attempted to climb ontop of the ledge and jump onto my table. Bare its teeth at us some more.... :(
We went to the LOrnie Flower Market and got ourselves Ying Liu to decorate.
Tada The BOTAK YING LIU!!! and my lil niece on a chair to pull out its "cover" revealing its naked, lovely,sexy cottonbody (hahhahaa ).

The CHI-NA BIANG CNY Tree...haa very Obiang-sy, but it get the ambience going in the house.

Tada... TUAN YUAN FAN!!! The very important occasion in my family. We decided to forgo our usual steamboat practice and Papa decided to be the chef for the day! :) Erm my mum cant to cook...well...hahaa

Tada the fried prawns before it is cooked with the tomato sauce.

Menu for CNY's eve dinner:

Yipee...It was a great Dinner.. okie..i gotta go bathe and prepare for my CJ7 screening at 11pm, with my family of cos. Gonna go Desaru and Kukup tomorrow. Yippee...

CNY is the BEST

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9:29 PM

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