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Monday, March 31, 2008
Have no idea why i keep uploading another youtube video but they were nv uploaded. :( School has been crazy...i am rather up to my neck with school work and endless projects, assignments. Been camping at least one weekend in school since the past month. Life has been tiring for me. Slp less than 6 hrs a day.. Can you believe it? I cant operate without at least 9 hrs of sleep daily. Bleah. But well, everyone in this state so its alright i guess. Very sorry to Jasmine, Shan who is always there for me...but i cant meet up often. Wait till MAY okay..i will be super free by then.
Anyway 2-3 weeks ago, i went Keppel Bay Drive with my friend. The ambience is fantastic there. The Prive Restaruant is near the sea..very pretty with all the lights shinning around the "island".

Tada...take a look at the food. ;)The sea view is quite lovely too.


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Gary,Jam and Aska Yang
Thursday, March 27, 2008

Watch this video 1st before watching the one below. In order to get the kick out of watching that. This is the video in Helaine's blog previously.. Do watch both to destress...i ensure u will be more relaxed after the 2nd video. :)

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Friday, March 21, 2008

*Credited to Shaun's blog. I like the way he started his blog entry with a picture. So i emulate it..must reference...wait he scold me..say i copy cat. haha*

Life is currently a messed up episode out of the usual happy funny sitcom.

Helaine's blog has this song that i loved for a long time. I love Aska yang singing that song, despite Helaine's disgust for him. Haa...



把手放开不问一句say goodbye


Memories..i reckon..swam around in my mind, overwhelming me the way hunger strikes a starving man.
I have never been this messed up since 17 years old. I yearn for stability again.
Please let me have a hold.
A hold onto something. Some thoughts.
Some memories.
I plead.


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7:34 PM

Thursday, March 06, 2008

KL-Part 2

BaTu Cave with its huge statue.

We found a super chio Light shinning into the cave man. Shaun told me the name for it but i couldnt remember ar. So i took a picture of it with my camera phone.

We love Scary KL...We are the "paranoia" group man. Kana harassed in the middle of the night by some scary looking Japanese Journalist (she claims and i shall leave her to the title) who complained that we were too loud. Actually we were, but its the holidays and a Budget Hotel man..Who cares!!

WTH man.. The room really had glass panels separating the room and the bathroom can. Bottom half was frosted glass...Lucky i am short hor. Got advantage 1. haha See...can bio other people...haa

GENTING-Last 2nd Day!!!!!

Yep...we were still pretty excited...but our bodies were complaining due to the Batu Walk the day before. We caught a midnight show- Vantage Point, after getting our virgin shot at the Casino there. We sat on OSIM Chairs man....for freaking RM15!! CAn YOU you YES You believe it! I was so uber duper excited!!! But i think Felicia couldnt take the luxury treatment, she kinda fall sick after that. Sigh..

Uber big and luxurious room can. All Thanks to Felicia! :))))))))

Girls Nite OUT!!! DRESS UP girls!!!!

See...The power of Make UP. " The 4 Pretty Girls" :)

Our Siao Kias Pose-Ethnographic Pose!

Thats the LIL ME!! ;) I can really Fit into a Bag..SAm bring me to Shanghai, its Possible!! :)

The Siao Kias at Work. Haha Thats why i only made a couple of friends in Uni. 3 Really good Gfs. Thats good enough for my 3 yr stint. :)
I really had fun with the girls. We cared and attended to one another...I have never seen so much concern from girls to girls before. Everyone look out for everyone..but i think ironically everyone kinda look out for me. They probably got lost by the fact that i am small size, i keep hearing "Ah jo, wheres Jo ar" " Wheres Jolyn ar" "Jo are you there, can you dun anyhow run without telling us?"
Alamak...Im at least 1 yr plus older than these 3 youths can??? I get so much more attention..sigh, its never about age isnt it?
I love my Uni girls. ;)


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2:27 AM

KL-Genting Trip!!! Part 1

We went straight to KL and stayed there for 2 nights before moving off to Genting! KL, the 1st time im staying there...not as bad as i thought.. FUNN!!!

But the coach ride there wasnt so much fun...there was plenty of mosquitoes and we had a tiring time swatting them here and there. 6 hours of coach ride wasnt comfortable with my partner scolding the bus driver for being darn slow. She actually said she can run faster than the bus can... ALAMAK...my room mate sumore.. haa..

I am HAPPY to go on any trip! Even to MSIA ...haa

TWIN TOWER...my erm 1st time seeing it real life hor.

Pardon our enthusiasm!! Jump shot is a Must!! I may be short, but dun forget im a ZERO POINT PRINCESS!! muahahah

My orange room that looks really orange...and small. Can only fit in a Queen size bed and a small pavement to walk. See my room mate (felicia) had to sit in the loo while we had our supper. haa

See guys...4 gals dun only shop and shop till we drop can. We did some heritage sightseeing hor. Okok...with some coercion from Felicia. But we were happy to be there. We din take a cab there K. Be impressed guys.... we took LRT and bus, got lost, took another bus and finally found BATU CAVES. Apparently all the buses there says they go to Batu Caves, but i guess it is so famous that the entire surrounding area is called that. :(

Before Climbing the BATU STEPS- HAPPY GIRLS

Meanwhile..Took a look and saw this! Its a Long walk ahead man..Aint so sure anymore. Thats 272 steps ..steep steps people...

After the really, honestly tiring walk upwards...we were in the cave! Spectacular. Din see much bats though, just temples and lotsa Indians praying that day. It was some sorta festival i think.

Wah...so tired! Must cool off la... Refreshment. :)


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Saturday, March 01, 2008
Lindy with her long flowing hair and sweet little smile that beams of innocence, loves to glaze longingly at her mum's flower garden. She loves the sun shinning down on those petals, as if passion and love are everlasting.

She has one belief and that is "You can always see light in tunnels or caves." There can be no artificial lights nor sunlight..but she firmly believes so. Not knowing the reason for the irrational belief, she trust that you can always see light in tunnels. Believe and you will see.

Lindy loves to take the subway,aimlessly and getting off only when she feels like it. It is fascinating to see the different type of people that gets on the train. They are so different, yet so similar. Human amazes her yet scares her at the same time. They seemed so innocent and nice on the surface but you never know the kind of person beneath that power suit or that crumbled shirt.

She felt that there is always light in tunnel and one should never give up in any thing. Without light, trains would be so lost..they would lose their way, wouldnt they? But they never did, they always seemed to know which stop to go to, which direction to go. You never hear of train knocking onto the walls of tunnel..do you? Hence there must be light , like the ones from the lighthouse to guide the ships away from danger...yes there must be.

Sadly,Lindy found out that there was actually no light in tunnel unless one built it there.
No lighthouse.
Tunnels are dark.
You cant see a dime in there.
Nothing to guide the train to any particular direction. Tracks are there to keep them in place.

Only during the daytime, would you see light shinning into the tunnel. At night, you see none. Light never belong to the tunnel nor in the tunnel. It was merely a loan from an external source. If there is no sunlight shinning in, there is no light in the tunnel. Truth being, tunnel is meant to be dark, not meant to light up.

Lindy selom take the subway nowadays. She loves to cab everywhere. She feels that it save time and is more efficient. She decided to convert her mum's flower garden into a mini swimming pool so she could fluant her new series of bikinis. She reckons flower glazing is a waste of time. Light shone on any thing is a facade and nothing more.


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