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Sunday, April 24, 2005
Anyone knows that the Ultra slacker me is Back into the WORKFORCE...as a part timer..hahaha
I have been working at the Raffles Country Club (RCC) during my free weekends as a odd job labourer := / . My Job scope : washing hundreds cups and glasses , mixed ORANGE GUNNER , Soursop , CHIN CHOW (walao..chin chow...imagine that ..how domestic can it get ? ARgh..) and canned drinks . Haizzz..........for such an underpaid job and has to work like a bull , you will be surprised that i even get outcast and 1/3 ignored by my colleagues who are mostly aunties and aunties...

haizzzzzzzzzzzz....................................................... ........................ .......................... .................................
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Morality , What Morality?
Monday, April 04, 2005
Hmm...Morals , ethnic , conscience , who invented all these?? Maybe someone who is very religious , definitely not a free thinker i guess. (That is definitely meant as a joke , not to poke fun at any religion...as a matter of fact manner...*i swear* )

Just now after my strenuous training , on my way home in the mrt , i was thinking about this topic. Do NOT ask me why i thought about it suddenly , like you i have no idea why so..it kinda just *PoP* into my mind without reason . MAybe due to the fact that i only had 2 songs in my Hp MP3 (all thanks to Bucky ) .

I remember someone (important la ) , from some book , somewhere ,once said that the only reason humans are different from animals is because we have conscience and the sense to know what we are doing . Our brains and minds function at a much higher level than that of an animal's. Thats why ( i quote roughly from that particular guy) animals screw around , and does not commit to a monogamous ralationship (they are smart , thats why ..hahaha) .
ANd thats why they kill without reason , or fight due to trivial trifle (if you consider fighting for your mate as a life and death matter then no..it aint trivial ) . The only rule that applies to them is Survival of the Strongest . And to many homosapians whom considered themselves to be much superior than animals , they feel that animals can never surpassed human as their only fundamental rule is not of a higher thinking. They are Simple and deserved to be lower in terms of hierarchy , to humans . (Okok...i don't think the experts are this harsh but i predict if they do have a chance to view their SUperior Thoughts , this is what they will say . :) )

Because Animals have no sense of morals or conscience for that matter , they Screw (okok , sleep around may be a nice term ) around as they please and throughout their life they bore many kids of different father . To digress...i wonder if they do get AIDS due to their extra healthy lifestyle with any reproductive males that they desire . If they Do get AIDS then i think its cool , i mean their society do not out cast them for having AIds or even sleep around , because in their society ..everyone does that . Its Usual and Ok for them to do so.
I wonder why.. if our fellow cousins -The Apes can do these (healthy sex life in an unhealthy manner) and Enjoy it , i wonder why we can but get discriminated .

Why are women considered SLUTS if they sleep around but guys who sleep around as NORMAL BEINGS who has to give in to their Lusty nature once in a while.
And whats the big deal with morality when most of the people in this modern world does not believe it (even if they do , most of them leads a dual life who gives in to temptation even once. ) .
Men and Women in China , AMerica , Britain (sex and the city , remember?? ) ,jApan ( where the exciting porno came from, remember??) , Africa (not to be mean , but AIDS is the cue) and do i need to mention more?

People who preach Morality are countless throughout the world , people who are actually following the "rules" of morality in their society are few and rare . People who act as if they are moral are much more than people who seemed immoral .They are like Diamond in a sense , so many out there but most are fakes and the real ones are hard to spot.

Morality -something that is intangible but has a great impact on your social life . A standard that is set by the traditions in your society , a social law as in if you do not adhere to it , the society may punish you . Morality , something that is highly unattainable but seemed so polished and refined that everyone yearn to be in it as if its a high class club of some sort but sad to say , few met the standard .

Moral..are you a moral person? Have you ever claim to be one? Do you think you will or rather can be one forever? PArt of it depends on whether your canal instinct can be met by One (thats the rule of morality ..or rather during your monogamous marriage ) person forever?

P.S this entry is not written because im a amoral person or i hate morals or whatsoever . Im just stating a view that has become a trend over the years . And i felt that morality is undermined and thrown aside by most as a cliche , a meaningless word that is given little thought to nowadays . Most of the comments are harsh and over doing it alittle but it is done so , to incur a sort of defensive response to the topic.
LAstly ...i wrote it just for fun...so don't come and scold me for my views yar!~
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12:32 AM

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