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A Levels arriving..thus blog entries getting more incoherent.
Sunday, October 31, 2004
Ahh...Helaine..u cheater U!~ U really went to put up the pizzaHut photographs that we took on that day. I look so uncultured and ill-mannered ar..*Jolyn lifts her hand and slide it down her forehead GENTLy...How can i ever go out and face my classmates again?* Now im really glad that i never link you up on my blog , it would be like showing the world out there the link to an ugly side of me. (not that i have always portrayed a very cultured side of me either but at least not that appalling most of the times...??Agree with me ..my Friends..please do..)

Ahh..Coundown starts now...3 days left to A level 1st paper. *IM DEAd* I do not want to let my parents down . I do not want to *Cry * or feel sad when i collect my result slip next yr..Hence I must start mugging like crazy and STOP WATCHING TV. *IM SERIOUS...
Thus you people out there , better pray hard for me that i will not go crazy due to all these concentrated mugging. IF Not You Will See THis AppearIng in our LOcal newspaper ..HEADLINES :

20 YEARS OLD GAL -D@@D (im supersitious..i will not write out the word..haha) From STUDYING INTENSIVELY FOR HER A'LEVELS. TOO MUCH STRESS AND MUGGING KILLS....

A word of caution for young people , watch more t.v and study less. It will help greatly in your preparation for coming exams . You do not want to end up as the latter and not get to see the fruits of your hard labour aka A level results ,would you? DO WATCH CHANNel 8, 9pm drama serial-The CHAMPION for de-stressing.
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11:52 PM

Anti FAts!!
Thursday, October 28, 2004
Hey~! Anyone here saw my 'gambling pictures' at guoqiang's blog? Haha...two days ago while we were supposed to be 'studying' , Guoqiang took a photo of us ( I and my classmates) playing Dai dee..The pictures are hilarious..i wanna put it up in my blog for all of you to take a look at the future "DU SHEN" ->ME but unfortunately being the computer illiterate Me , i have no idea on how to do that. Well then , you may wonder who was the one that inserted all the photos that are currently in my blog then? Not ME lA! The ones taken with Bucky which wrote -Me and my BAby (soo mushy..how can it be the conservative Me right?) , of course it aint me la..Its Bucky's doing , after much pleading from me. The other photos + my Tagboard are up here in this particular blog , is with the courtesy of Cheong JIA Shan ..also after much beggings from ME . Hence although i would like to stimulate or interest you all visually and not have the same old template + all boring sqirrbly (dont have this word in the dictionary?? well , look carefully then , i have just invented it . It means untidy and boring .) words all over . Unlike SAmantha , Aliah , Helaine 's blog which is filled rich with pictures . (especially the sly Helaine , who encourage or rather lure "se lang" (eg .JUN YIN hahah) to keep patronising her blog , as she has uploaded all the SeXY Photos of Chio Models and bikini babes...yah you guys out there , wanna go to Helaine's blog now right? OI you , Yes BUcky YOu ,you better not try to even think of going into Helaine's blog or even imagine all the above images that i have just mentioned ar . hahahh) IF one day i know how to put up "LINks" in my blog , i will never link Helaine's blog ar ..hahahha unless Helaine put one of my Photos up in her Blog too..Beautiful ones hor , not the ones taken at Pizzahut which look repulsive. haha

Btw i went town with Pearl today , to buy lotsa cosmetics.. *Im floating with Happiness *
wah...this 1 month i have been STUFFING (yes at the rate im going , stuffing is definitely the suitable verb to use ) myself with fastfood. I ate at Swenson with Pearl and M.J , NYDC with lynn they all , Pizzahut with G.Q , WAn Ru , Helaine, countless of Macdonald's meals and ice creams and not to forget my daily dosage of supper with Zhi Deng or Han Sen. *sighz , i think Nancy is growing at an UNFORGIVABLE rate (huhz what GUO QIAng , You want to correct me again , that there are no such phrase as "unforgivable rate"? Well , let me tell you that it is Unpolitically correct (political correct ) in my dictionary -Named as SHORTMAN DICKionERY, which has this phrase . Because NAncy is really growing so fast that i cannot forgive myself...im the one who causes her to be so "nourished" while im supposedly suffering from "malnourishment" . hahhaha

Anyone out there who can give me tips on how to eat alot but still have a toned body ? *hey , stop there if you want to ask me to exercise because IM LAzy. And "you" who want me to eat less, are you kidding ? Anyone who knows me well enough , knows that i don't finish my food. okok but i do admit i eat too many meals ...after every 2-3 hrs of intervals .
Cheryl 'advises' me to eat 2 meals and not like the 3 HEAVY Meals that i always eat . (but isint that what we are suppose to do, to eat 3 fulfilling meals a day? Haiz, although i find the advice rather warped , i may have to resort to that if i want to remain slim . Yes G.Q , REmain is politically correct because im still Considered slim . (that is , if i try super hard not to reveal Nancy and i try not to "Breathe out" too much . hahah) Any more suggestions , i welcome all..haha
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11:29 PM

NEaring to Alevels..
Friday, October 22, 2004
Argh...less than 2 weeks to my 1st paper -Gp PAper. And since the new channel 8 , 9pm drama serials are out, I have been a faithful supporter of that "swimmer babes" show . *Im Dead*

Another thing is that while mugging , i don't even understand what am i reading . I don't even understand the Bleeding concepts and stupid geography theories. Really don't understand these geographers ler , nothing to do issit-come up with soo many theories (bid land theory , Alfred wegner -Least cost theory , Plate tectonic theory ....*blah~~~) . Oh , and not to forget the 7 important continents which i dont even remember till now . (You think it's alright?? Let me tell you , im the only one in geography class that have no idea where CHIna is and thinks that Europe is near Russia.. issit? ) MAnagement..the subject that have tons and tons of definitions like Delegations , Decentralisation , Span of Control , E.O.S (this has been the one that Miss tee has been testing since year 1 but i still do not remember the definition by heart) , Line and staff personnels . Funny right these POmpous Setter (ermz , the term for English people who sets our Cambridge papers ) , giving us questions (Give u an eg ) on why these firms wants to have profit maximisation as their firm's objective . I mean like , who don't want to have high profitability , the answer is seemingly plain obvious (at least to me ) . Hence i dont see the point in wasting 5 minutes trying to answer a question that insults our (or rather mine..because although its easy to see the reason why but i do not know how to pen down that answer..maybe..Thats the reason why they set these kinda questions??hmm The scheming English) intellegence .

Haiz...Nothing much to write except im always tired and sleepy these days . I have been going to town and bugis for "AFEW" shopping Spree...i should stop this form of de-stressing because it have become an addiction. I definitely have been going out, going shopping , watching t.v too much these days . *Guilty* How? ?

Quote : When the Tough keeps coming , the Tough goes shopping . (Thats what i have been doing..*sigh)
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11:33 PM

A New and Improved Formula!
Thursday, October 14, 2004
I Must be more understanding (solely for Bucky's purpose hahaha)
I must be more patient and caring to my friends..(cos lynn feels that im a "bad" friend hence i better make it up to her.keke )
I must be more hardworking and start mugging like siao . (in order to be on a equal footings with the Jc's nerds..yar yar i know that many of them are not nerds .But well , considering the fab. results they get , i like to think of them that way . Its more comforting to my Ego .
I must not procrastinate any further...(No more tv and no more surfing the net..and no more....Blogging*sighz.. eh lets not be too harsh on myself->less blogging then)

And i love this hilarious quote..(eh may be not many of you finds it so but views do differ , don't they ? )
Quote : The only way to behave to a woman is to Make Love to her , if she is pretty and to some one else if she is plain .

Crude is'nt it?? haha
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1:09 AM

When I was a Child...
Wednesday, October 06, 2004
When i was young (like single digit YOUng..in Primary school) , i was as pesty and irritating ,just like the current Me . (Just picture a much smaller size Me, short hair and Red hairband .) I guess my teachers were always rather preoccupied with me , more than the rest of the students in class . As usual , im always the one asking lots of "peculiar" questions that one may selom hear from a kid or any kid in that case . Ok in order to let you get a better idea..Reminising~->

MAny years ago , during a science lesson when Jolyn was in Pri 4, class : 4/3

Teacher(forgot her name liao) : So class..the reason why flowers are colourful is because they want to attract bees . For the pollen ..*blah blah...helps the plants spread the seeds...*blah..
JOlyn: (raising her hands up high waving impatiently and before the teacher could call upon her ..Jolyn decided to just ask her question out loud ) Huhz?? CHER i don't understand! How do you know bees are attracted to flowers because of their attractive colours?? Scientist can talk to the bees meh?? Then what if flowers are plain yellow or yucky green then no bees will go and suck the pollen ar??

Teacher : ????? Eh...because the scientists have done many experiments on bees and flowers and they realised that flowers with more attractive colours attract more bees . Thats how they come to this conclusion .
Jolyn : Just because of this experiment?? (unconvienced) But..just because the results telly with the scientist's objective does'nt really mean that it is because of that what .(ok i don't know what simpler word i used for "telly" but its the same meaning .) Maybe colourful flowers have nicer smell??
-The rest of my classmates got confused by my sudden outburst and my "weird" questions . They starts to stare at the teacher and at each other . Suddenly, every child who was nodding vigorously when the teacher was teaching just now , seems to have second doubts . Teacher upon seeing this , got rather frantic and decided to get my questions over and done with -ASAP .

Teacher : (teacher was at this point of time rather exsperated with my endless streams of nonsensical questions. ) Its in the textbook , so it must be correct . Next time if u become a scientist then you tell me otherwise okay? Ok class lets carry on .
Jolyn : ??? (Jolyn was extremely unsatisfied by this patronising answer but she was used to teacher being irritated by her peculiar questions hence she let it go but continued to mumble to herself ) But...the scientists don't know how the bees really think what ? How can they be so sure it's because of the colour? Just because of this experiment? My grandmother can do lots more experiments to prove many other theories ar . ( haha ..the grandmother part was fabricated )
Remember the time when we used to have "journals" for us to write anything we want , on an excerise book? I remember that on one particular entry , my form teacher was so amused by it that she read it aloud to the class and said that it was the 1st time a student have written something so true but yet insignificant , all in a funny way . (When i was writing that entry , i was full of anger and was upset at the "adults" hence it was'nt meant to be a funny entry ..i wonder why she thought so . ) It goes something like this..

Today , i got caught for talking to my partner in class again .(excuse for this kiddish language as i have to write this as close to that entry as possible..hence do not think that im trying to act cute. And yes since young im already this talkative hahaha) Becouse teacher says cant talk in class as she is teaching . But i want to ask Peishi for the answer to the math question , i don't know how to do. I know if i ask teacher i would be scolding by her because she just teach that in class then she will say i never listen . BUT I DID! i just forgot . Teachers very funny..they say in class cannot talk but then don't want to answer my question . And want to scold me when i ask my friend becouse i talk. Then how? Teachers aslo say cannot talk when your mouth is full therefore during recess we cannot talk aslo , becouse it is considered impolite . Anyway , recess time so short , so many people , by the time buy food liao , no time to eat. Where got time to talk to my classmates? If got time we go play zero point liao lo. Then after school ends , everybody go home liao . Whole day in class , teachers don't want to let us talk , then we call each other lor. Must act as if im asking questions about schoolwork , if not my mother will not let me use the phone . Talk on the phone for awhile then my father always scold me aslo..say we always see each other in school , why come home still must chat to our friends? (I knew that i was not the only kid getting this sort of "scoldings" from parents as i have heard similar complaints from my friends before hahah) But the truth is not that ! Teacher says cannot talk at home , we cant talk properly during recess and at home aslo cannot . Teacher thought we can chat at home , parents thought we chat in school .Then when can we talk and not get scoldings??

(Really sorry for the many expressional errors that you have seen .And as you have just withnessed , Singlish is innate in me since i was young i guess..it just comes naturally . hahahhaha )
Till now i find that entry rather true , a perspective that remains till today.
My childhood in Jurong Town Primary must have been a torturous experience for many teachers who have once taught me . Thats why they say teaching should be a highly respected vocation .To whom who stated that , i salute You . With students like me , thats why Panadol has high profit margins yearly and is still increasing . hahaha..On the other hand , this does'nt mean whatever i mentioned above was simply "kiddo's thoughts" , because till now i still agree with those perspectives , in a less amaturish thoughts though(which is more mature way of thinking lah) . So were you like this in the past? Can you identify yourself in any of these scenerios or viewpoint? Or rather how was your childhood? Care to share ? :)
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6:34 PM

My only source of light comes from happiness,darkness from depression ..one gone and another arrived.
Sunday, October 03, 2004
To Be or not to BE

Deep..deep down in the well
with a desperate urge to get out.
But can't.

A poor little child feels lost,
wanting most to be pacified
and loved but not.

What is deemed as wonderful and extravagent,
seemed so perfect ..
Perfectly hidden is a small scar,
an irrevocable mistake-Once.

Closed to all but open to One.
A Window with grills
but no curtains.
What is the use of Safety,
When there is no Privacy?

An amaturish poem.
A sudden burst of emotion ,
sense of helplessness..
none of reconcilation , of solutions .
Left to fend for oneself-MYSELF .

Eh on this melocholny saturday night..i have nothing esle to do but to write simple and "weird" poem . It may seem weird or absurd,nonsensical even to some of you . It is not an abstract idea , its not the imagerys but the feel of it . I dunno maybe im the only one who can understand this because i created it keke...I suddenly feel the urge to pen down this and Ta~da~ this is it.
Eh lemme me know your interpretations , your feelings when you read it (irritated or confused by all the "unfitting" parts ) . Then maybe i will tell you my feelings when i was writing it ,thats provided if you want to know. keke :)

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1:40 AM

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