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Ten Facts about Working life!
Wednesday, June 22, 2005
After months of slacking or rather what one will call rotting away at home , im finally back into the "rat race" . Its a Dog eat Dog world out there . Yesh...its the same thing that you always hear

NO. 1 :"Customers are always right" (aint you irritated by that ? Many customers are just plain annoying and have ridiculous request that cant be met . )

NO.2 : YOUR BoSS is forever Correct in his judgement . Survival skill no.1 : Never attempt to correct your supervisor or boss , no matter how wrong you feel it is . You will garner criticism or worse a lecturing that goes roughly along this line-YOU THINK JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE MUCH MORE EDUCATION , YOU THINK YOU SO SMART ISSIT? .

NO.3: Accept Criticism as if they are praises that fall from the sky. Listen to scoldings and "Nagging" , while singing your favourite song in your head or thinking about what to eat for lunch / dinner later . At the end of every "Lecture" , bow slightly and appear sorry for your "mistake" , look repentful and nod your head now and then .
In this way , your boss feels great and you are left intact with no feelings hurt.

NO4: Learn to love ur job (no matter how bad the hours are and how tired the job makes you feel everynight..after complaining , you should TRY to renew your Faith in the Job ) Hahaha..This is rather hard to manage as some jobs sux while one is still in it .

NO5,6,7,8,9,10 will be churned out next time in another entry as the Tired and mentally stressed employee aka ME is brain drained and is going to sleep .

LAstly WORK SUX , BOSS SUX (erms technically he does'nt because we are blood relation and it seems bad to say these . BUt Still HE IS MEAN!!hahahah) , SUPPLIER SUX , CUSTOMER SUX (ok , only nasty and irritating ones...) !~!
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The Unintended Workaholic Story.
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