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Friday, November 30, 2007
I detest examinations...yep...i do.
I dont care how many claimed that paper to be easy.
Its bleedingly scary.
You got an A meh?
If not then why Easy?

TMD every single time i walk outta the examination hall, i will hear some idiots yakking loudly for all to hear... "WAH CHICKEN FEET PAPER." Go die la...from what i heard, you din get alot of As lo.

Haha...but then again what Siling HOW says its true..."aiyah u everything also difficult one.."

2 more papers to go.
Did i mention i had 2 papers today? One at 9am, one at 2.30pm. yah...i had to wait 20 minutes for gq in the morning. He who says not to be late, WAS LATE!!

Life...depends on a piece of paper.
Thats Meritocracy for you.

Endless lines, long paragraphs
And what you say to difficult words?
Emancipation of females, Conformity exists,
Last of all Discourse of that and these
Hegemony, the Bi-polar,
The Communism Falls
Yet free market scorns.

Binary opposition i say
Whites and Blacks you say?
Nation Building in Singapore?
Democracy in China?
All men are created equal?
Believe what you want to believe
Trust what is said
And you shall see.

All the terminology, all the jargons
swirl like storm
The eye
i see
the Calm is arriving
The end is near.

The results you shall see



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5:58 PM

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Tea Tree Oil Facial Wash going at $8.50!! (half price)

Cleansing gel that lathers to gently cleanse, lift impurities and make-up while helping to control shine and blemishes, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh. Deep cleanses to remove dirt and makeup while allantoin soothes skin.

Size: 250ml

Usual Price: S$ 16.90

*** Adapted from Body Shop Website :Daily cleansing, toning and moisturising with our Tea Tree Oil range will help prevent and combat blemishes. Long-lasting Tea Tree Oil continuously works to control shine, excess oil and impurities, without over drying the skin. We only use Community Trade tea tree oil from Australia.

For more info: http://www.thebodyshop.com.sg/Products_sc_tt.html

Yes...they are brand new..No i am not doing MLM ...Why am i selling it at half price???

Everyone been asking me that since i post it on my msn, yah no one wana buy...but everyone has questions about it... (all the KPOs) hahaa.

My friend bought a dozen for her friend but she bought the wrong kind. So she was stuck with a dozen. Hence im hoping to help her clear them so she gets some money back. So yah..if you do use this brand or wana try...buy k. IT NEW LA!!!! haa

On another note...i had one of the few crazy birthday parties last week. CHeryl Poon..ANgel Poon...Siling, ALvin and i creep into her room with the help of Cheryl's mum, and decorated her room. DUnno why Siling nv credit me n Alvin in her blog as the few most important people who helped make the surprise a "SUCCESS" yes...it is a success. :)

Go watch the video, go see the pictures from SILING's Link. I dont have time to download the pictures and video takes too long to upload. Beware...the video has loud laughters of mine ringing throughout the entire video..

The girls...

Cheryl, Alvin, Me, Siling

It was the lil "surprise for Alvin's bd..then Siling's bd "surprise" then Cheryl's bd"surprise"...but mine..i will be in H.k. They gonna do away with everything...they say they will be overseas... *bleah*... All 3 birthdays..i had to run till i die.. haa...


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11:41 AM

Sunday, November 11, 2007
Many Birthdays and birthdays and yet more birthdays to come. Its a weekly affair for me.
Aliah, Xiaojing, Mariam, Lynn, Cheryl Poon (next) , Me, Cheryl Wong, Marian and Dom, Pearl, JAsmine....

Yesh...im freaking broke.its the time of the month again. Almost all are my good friends...and dinners, presents...its never cheap. Cos for everyone its a yearly affair. Every good friend tells me "Hey this is ur good friend le..dun be stingy la.." I know la..i oso dun wana be stingy but seriously i cant afford Demsey road for birthday dinner, Japanese dinner with jasmine ( which may be what she wants). I love birthday though.. The past few celebrations that i went were darn fun. Lets see Mariam's birthday 1st..

Tada....Friendship is like a circle of love, care and comfort, its never ending of joy and fun...

I say, we hold the World rite? Its heavy but we can take the responsibility...yes we can

Wah...got nuthing to do in the bus lo. We start snapping away...yesh like tons of pictures cannnn

Hmm...The Ah Pek on the thrones... :)

One of my favourite picture of the day. Coz Yours Truely Snap it. hehehe They looked so animated larrr.

Yah...I meant what i say can GQ, "YI REN YI BIAN"... Thats what i call doing things together, at your own space..

Hey, Listen to me le..Give me a Chance to explain. "Dont Fire me on TV.... gimme face la..."
Why like that one?...

Then Yesterday was Lynnie birthday. Her dear bf got her a wonderful cake..super cute can!!!

Tada... The 4 Best Friends... EVER!!!! 10 years and still counting...

Thats the 4 Best friends and the bfs behind, plus Jun ming and SHerry. They are a nice couple too... I love Sherry's hair!! (dunno whether SHerry is spelled correctly onot though)



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11:55 PM

Friday, November 02, 2007

Love this pic!! It was taken during Meiru's Birthday Celebration. We had lotsa fun that day after a huge dinner at P.S.

Many people were asking me if i perm my hair or "how come i have long hair?"

1st my dear friends...my hair grew kinda long now , its no longer short. 2nd, the perming effect is from my necklace i think, not my hair.

And noo...i did not attempt to take an artistic portrayal of myself. We were just fooling around and i couldnt stop laughing. We took a range of pictures at the underpass below Rocky Master. Wasnt taken at Studio or whatnot.

Tada..here we have the birthday girl in tow!

I wish for a lovely Gucci tote bag this year. muahhahaa...

Still 2 more projects to plow through. Jia You people!! I am not easy to work with...sorry for those who have to endure me this semester. :) After Nm3215 report today, we are left with the presentation and Nm2220 and Nm3224 report. But well, lets have a break..
After school today, i met Kelvin at Vivo who was 3 hrs late (kinda) cos i ended class early. hahaa
We went for Dinner at Marche and a movie- The Game Plan at 9pm. It was a nice cosy kinda film, funny in its cliche manner. Watch it if u wana destress.

Lotsa Food and Great Buddy company today :)


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3:28 AM

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