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JOIn the O.C
Friday, September 30, 2005
This post is currently to recuit members for the club: O.C->OUTCAST
Officially i have oppointed myself as the Chairman (obviously as im the one who started the club hahah) . The members are Samantha Ng Qi Qing and Mariam (Alias Mary jane ) .

As this club is newly set up , we yearn to recuit more sincere members (when i state sincere , it means you cant be popular , and must seriously be a Outcast to fit in , if not we will "OUTCASTED" you . ;) ) , subsequently i will appoint post and membership to my members .

The citeria you need to fulfill , if you want to join that is , Is :
A JOvial (not) person ->cos one cant be a outcast and be jovial , unless you really enjoy being one and if thats so , i dont think you should join this club cos my club's members would thus turn opptimistic which may seemed kinda weird . Please understand generally Outcast are usually despondent and alittle depressed , i do not want to oppose this long standing notion .

A Sincere person (reason as stated above)

CAn have History of being a POPULAR individuals or being in a POPular clique before .
WE the OC is very understanding upon this prerequite as we know that there are not many out there who is forever a outcast and condemned as one eternally . We know that one could have been a very popular person in ex school and degenerated to being an outcast . ( Not to be considered EGoistic , SAmantha and I used to be rather friendly in our past ex schools whereby friends were not a problem but now its a different story , thus we give exception to SINCERE and interested individuals .

Please sign up by clicking on the comment in this blog entry and we will review on a case to case basis and give you an answer shortly . please leave your name and hp no. , more importantly state the reason why you were outcast (no story please , we wish to empathise with people of our same calibre :0 ) and who outcast you (because one day if our club do get big enough , we will avenage you and outcast these people who may wish to join us ...Revenge is forever , hatred last only for a generation ..) .

HAhhahaa....I love this entry. :) *grin Jolyn mischeviously
Penned @
4:24 PM

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