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Yeah exams over Lo!!!
Saturday, April 29, 2006
yeah..finally its all over. I went out with Hong, he yi ,yen wei and zhe yuan to have supper at Hong Kong Cafe at Siglap yesterday. We chat about school , essays and all the happy things that happened during presentations la , debates la , exams la , lectures...
Suddenly , another semester flew pass..just like that . It was a nice way to end (except with my psych grades which were rather disappointing ..sighz) a semester .

Futsal were a great highlight of my 2nd sem in Nus...helping to organise the event was great fun. And i knew a new buddy from there...Great place to make new friends..

Life is about constantly ending one part of a chapter and starting another...
Another chapter is starting ..i hope that it will be interesting , fun and happy for me.

Anyway , it was a "see-ing blogger week" for me. I saw Xiaxue at Holland V with her mum and brother...she is really small size man...as short as im bah..then yesterday i saw the Kero-that guy in the new Popular Gay Blog-www.colinandkero.blogspot.com/. He is at least 1.78cm tall lo..must be funny to hear him call his bf "darling". No offense meant , just that it seems a little hilarous.
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2:03 PM

My Life, my feelings..
Tuesday, April 25, 2006

My feelings..no one can guage..yesh i know , it has already been sometime liao. But if i have to see some couple photo's which plunge my heart into darkness..I dont have any choice , do i??

I will Wake up ..when i am able to take couple pic ba..pray for my happiness..pls arrive asap. Lastly im gonna mug real hard (yah rite.) yeah, exams gonna end on thurs..!~~~

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11:51 AM

ATomic Kitten's song that depicts feeling
Monday, April 17, 2006
No one loves you (like I love you) Atomic Kitten
You and I would’ve shared love so strong and so secure.But all you left the memories the feelings are no more.Like flowers in the big field.All died and blown away.The letters and the picturesAre all that will remain.But every moment of every dayI wanna see you, I wanna sayNo one loves you like I love you.No one needs you the way I do.No one knows you like I know youNo one kisses you the way I doSo many years of memories .Suppressed beyond recall.The feelings was unbroken??? and so small.
You make me believeYou are the one for me it seems
But now I find it’s hardThe way you’re treating me, it’s mean
Cause time after time I keep changing my mind
And I can’t get myself over youThe moment you leave me, the moment you’re goneI don’t think that I could last another minute.But when we’re together, something’s so strongI don’t think that we’ll ever find a limit
What’s going on (what’s going on)What’s going onEach time you’re down, I helped you on your feet but thenJust as soon as you’re ready to, you left me on my own againCause time after time I keep changing my mindAnd I can’t get myself over you.
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12:29 AM

Nearing exams..
Friday, April 07, 2006
Sighz..the rat race starts all over again.. As the cliche goes " The deadline is always yesterday." .
Im basically struggling like hell in sch , essays to hand up, lab reports and tests..list that goes on and on(nope the list in this case is exhaustive, cos it ends when exams arrive) and everything suddenly starts to quieten down. You wonder why?? Aha...because this week is your study week , exams gonna starts the next week. If you have this kind of realization , i reckon you are on the express train to getting into "She Hui Da Xue-the Society University". As the weeks proceed by , the correlations are that the seats in the library get filled up faster as days venture closer and closer to the exam weeks.

What i don't understand is , alot of my Ex-JI friends in Nus (i cant say for NTU, cos helaine my only source and unlike me..she seems to be having much more fun than im *sighz..im not saying that NTU seemed nicer but just that Helaine seems to be coping well which makes me envy her) ->continue from the dislocated sentence above..that they all keep rattling that they never study la , they selom read notes la ...(this list is inexhaustive) but they still get fantastic results.

That gotten me pondering , that either they must be a really good "bluffer" to 'smoke' their way through or im just a snail in a murky pool of quicksand (not only am i not moving but also sinking downwards) and i need to work hard. Ok i admit , till now i have not been mugging much and hard work is still tumbling behind slowly as if DHL is late in sending him (hard work) over to me.
DHL , i need YOU to send him Over asap..you said in your ad that "si ming bi da-definitely mission possible" (okok the translation abit kayu but anyway thats not the main point is'nt it??) , and i want MY PACKAGE OF HARD WORK -HW1101E now if not i am gonna shift my loyalty to FED DEX or even SING Post cos got "QIU ZHE" in that sponsered show. Muahaha...

Anyway to digress alittle , anyone in Nus probably knows why hard work is named as HW1101E as any introductory module are usually referred to in this manner-SC1101E, EL1101E,MKT1101E..dont take a genius to figure that out eh?? So much for the creativity of NUS Students and staffs...*chey* Routine and format should be Nus 's best friend ar. OOps....should i Censor the Name of NU* cos they are so RICH (Fees Hike again, REM?) ,wait they sue me for deflamation ar..Some more they have all the BEST LAWYERS to be/already is , in that school.

Lastly, Jokes aside (wait, i do mean all those above, do i??i was serious about Nus not being as creative as Moe wants it to be, in my opinion->in case i really do kana sue for slander..eh probably won't ar , cos my blog so low profile..less than 10 people comes in here per week-> cos everyone COMPLAINed that my BLOG has NO PICTURES) Hey, you guys suppose to be R.E.A.D.I.N.G Blog and not mostly see-ing blog right?? *chey, all of you seduced by sly GQ and helaine lovely and picturistic blog..*sighz..im just jealous cos im not IT savvy thus my blog so BORING!!!haha By the way , this paragraph seems kinda hard to digest, right? Because i take on afew roles as seen above. I ask , i answer myself and i question and defend myself again. Chinese got this proverb-"Zhi pian zhi dao zhi yan"-which is exactly what im doing. Either im role playing or i have mutiple personality traits (like the Sun WuKONG show we watch at Helaine's hse) or just maybe my train of thoughts are simply too messed up.haha

LAstly (yesh GQ, im finally ending this LONG COMPO.) , school is hard but i know i have gotta learn to mug harder than before. This entry is to push everyone who is studying now-Sam included because you work even harder than us ,holding a job and studying during night time , a push in the right direction. That you are not alone in feeling stressed , that we JI-ians (eeh..like so nan ting ar) need to strip away our coating of slacking and add on a new paint of HW1101E. Jia you every one..no one is ever in this alone..

*Helaine if you are reading this blog (which you shldnt be, cos you are having exam next week, if you read this way later..you are gonna be dead for skipping my blog for so long) please mug hard and help us sae HI to Vera K :).
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11:46 PM

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