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Saturday, October 27, 2007
Freaking busy..yesh busy...with projects, Project meetings, tuition(S), presentations, assignments, TESTS...im dying...yep im.

Yea.yea yea...i know every student out there has the same problems, we are all the same stressed but well its my blog so i get to hound on it. haa

Im a procrastinator, a slow worker, a slow writer, a late person, a late sleeper, an insomanic, morning tutorial skipper, tell me more things i dunno. Well, you never know how many bad habits you have unless you start listing them out. And when you type exceedingly fast, continuously with list flowing to two three lines..you know you have darn lotsa bad habits. Well, i know and i aint proud of them. Especially for this semester, procrastinator has gotten me into deep shit...with 4 projects this sem, and 4- 5 tutions a week..i barely meet up with my friends and gotten any decent amount of sleep. Yah...alot of students faced the same ordeal every semester. This is my 1st worst hit semester and well..i certainly dont relinquished it.

But hell...im always late for project meetings and rushing to churn out stuffs. But i never turn in half hearted work, it may not be good enough for lecturers or my group members or be accepted as quality work but i have never compromised my work due to lack of time. The work and assignments i handed in, under my sole and only name...can be of few substances, not necessarily a good piece of work but for group projects, i always try to do my part well. May be not good enough...but i tried. In short, i may screw my own work but not sabotage group projects which i know have people who wants much better grades than i do.

I understand the tension when datelines are near, i understand the black faces when things dont get done, i understand when things dont go as planned and everyone's getting frustrated. I may be the cause of it sometimes...i apologize if i contribute with my lateness and unable to meet up for EVERY meetings. I know everyone has tons of meetings and projects...i have no right to complain but i will and i shall...cause im unhappy..and i wana voice it out so i feel better.

For the part that i contributed to the frustration, i feel ashamed and tries to atone for it by keeping quiet and taking in all the wrath. But recently i feel that the weight increased although i put in more effort than ever. My increment of effort is probably not enough.

From here, i know 1 thing. I may not care that much about grades but there are many others who do so...If i want a B, stick with people who are alright with getting that. Stop giving excuses to people, try to be punctual and go with people who wants less meetings (so i wun have chance to be late). It is hard to measure up with other people expectations, their expectations are hard for me to catch up..it is as if a 12mins runner trying to sprint throughout the entire 2.4km to catch up to people who runs 9mins.

Im just a 12mins (now probably 13mins liao haha) runner in 2.4km race...im exhausted. Gimme a break. I just dont wana destroy other people's show. Its like a baton running competition, racing against my power just so my team mates can win...if i dont run as fast as them...i get the blame. Next time, just join the people who dont run competitively, just running their best and see what they could get. OTOT.

A note to end it off with, i been with team mates who dont turn up for meetings, who are late for meetings constantly, who hand in work that needs heavy editing but everyone niams at one point or another...but most of us just shrug and say a word here and there. And when the team mate turns up for meeting, we are just plain glad and smile..continue with our work. This semester, in one project, i had a 1st yr girl who did not turn up for 5 of the 7 meetings and late for the other two. Who only did a part of presentation whereby the rest of us did the report and cover the rest of presentation till wee hours at night. Of course we were not happy but when she did turn up for meetings, we just tease her alittle and get on with the work. We knew the grade may not be fantastic but we did what we could and we cant help it if the girl could SU the module. It is ok..and we are still friends..Projects are just part of modules, modules just part of university life. Yesh i know many of you may not agree and every grade matter but well i never superimposed my ideology on you so take them with a pinch of salt.

Simply dont understand why people cant be nicer when there are others having presentations and tests so close together. Weird when i did my part and still have to be condemned when i am needed for other people's part. Not as if i never do anything and is a darn free rider..Freakingly irritating.

However on a lighter note, i met lovely new friends for a project this semester. PRCs..but we clicked quite well..Yep.. And some destressing time when i know a nice grpmate Cherine who asked me to *chill* when we get tensed up during project meetings. And Mat who always lament lazily "JM, Chill..aiyah..it will be ok one la..dont worry. We are zai one.." (imagine mat waving her hand around and shrug..then smile confidently.) Her movitation is unwavering..calm and flexible some times yet firm and straight forward on other times. But these two cool as cucumbers ladies taught me things.. :) *Chill people..Chill...*

Lastly, thanks for the sms-es (Aliah ,Amali, Shan, Jas) and various calls from others just to comfort me and be there when im sad. The Brownie ice cream (02A3), the cupcakes (GQ), Xia yan ur concerning tag even..Thank You. I know life goes on..but it is disheartening lose a friend so young. To have just celebrated his 22nd birthday last year..everywhere i go, every song i hear that reminds me of you, i can vividly remember the way you smile, your laughters, the way you tease Kai ni..the way you ask me to intro nice girls to you.. I remember.. i will..

You are a Super Star in our heart.
You are handsome in our mind. (You always claimed that you are/were)
You are a nice friend.
Dont worry, i will take care of Kai ni and makes sure she cry less...for you.
Be happy wherever you are.


Penned @
3:58 AM

Thursday, October 18, 2007
TMD!!!!! SO many Blardy Projects and readings to read... Shit! Im dead meat..
But well, we always find the time to Have some fun~~~
Siling n me...wearing bohemian skirt together. Nah, it was a coincidence. ;)
SILING ASK ME TO SAY SHE IS LOVELY...BUT SHE IS LOVELY-NOT!!!!!!! Cos she still owes me a watermelon milk shake.. hehhee

2 weeks ago.. Jasmine , marian and i went to ST James.

Thats me, Jasmine and cheryl

Thats me, Cheryl and Marian...* Muacks*

Me n Jasmine. :) She is lovely to me...You know what , SHE BOUGHT ME A FREAKING BOOK!!!!! The new Shopoholic Series- Baby!!! (but she read it then gimme la)

St James has a nice ambience but too bad..came a few years too late. I get sleepy in clubs nowadaes...shitty :(

The range of Reflective Pictures...

You are who You are. Love Yourself. :)

LASTLY...People...Please Vote for my Volleyball Junior - Glynis Lee.
She is one of the Cleo Cover Girls to be...
Pls Tag on my tagboard and say how many votes you gonna vote. The highest Voter gets a Mos burger meal on me..with a special Guest...Her? Nope..Me la...She is too busy can. hahaa
But have some integrity hor, tag and say you sms (vote) then do so k.

JI-MI ppl...YOU GUYS ALL BETTER VOTE HOR! One or Two also can..It is the thought that counts rite?


Penned @
4:50 PM

Monday, October 08, 2007
We celebrated Helaine's birthday last week. It was crazy fun..we took so many pictures and weird poses im starting to think we r a crazy buncha friends...indeed. :)

All the pictures were Kop from Helaine's SLK. I lovvvee her camera man... Stupid Gq looks so zhuai there...and ehum why does my bf looked as if he was in some sorta trance.. ??!!

OMG!! who is that ?? Lying down..oh..haa its Wan ru..she must be imagining she was lying down waiting for some cute doctor to revive her...haa WHAT IS GQ doing?? Kop my niece's "pattern".. Xy looked as if she won some great prizes...haa Thats me at the extreme right, rite? I have no idea we did all those poses..haa

We were trying to imitate those retro pictures our mum took in the past. eh but look abit funny hor..haa *shit*


Penned @
3:54 PM

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