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Monday, December 24, 2007
Happy Birthday Part 2

Mdm Tussard part 2: we had lotsa fun there...Let the array of pictures do the talking. :)

*SUMO Jolyn*

* My fav!! :) muahahhaa
Sadako San coming out!
We went up to the open air terrace for the breath taking view. Its romantic and so lovely..
Im so happy Harimao brought me there on my birthday. hehe

Thank You Darling... I had a unique and Happy birthday... :)
6th Dec 2007 : Jolyn turned 23, with a smile on her face. You did so much for me.. i always nag and niam...I appreciate, i do..You always dote on me, protect and care for me.. Thank You..
I love You, my one and only Harimao :)


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3:03 AM

Friday, December 21, 2007

I woke up to a bright and lovely cool day..My BIRTHDAY!!! I am telling ya, i woke up with a smile...i woke up in Hong Kong..In a glorious hotel, with the best companion one could have. He love me...more than himself (aha...thats what i think...deluded? but i dont care..haa)

Pictureque scenery.. Sun so directly above that building. Its poetry with images.

Yep, i told ya i am a happy girl aint i? Woke up with a kiss...from my tan prince! ;)

Victoria Habour if i aint wrong...aint great with remembering names. We took the MTR to Kowloon because darling wanna bring me to to a fab Dim Sum breakfast at a fabulous chinese restaruant.

Ahh...its lovely fried Prawn wanton or dumplings. I love drinking chinese tea with Dim Sum.

Then he brought me to Hong Kong Museum which had 3 or 4 level full of different exhibition. There was chinese paintings , Hong Kong history (Opium War and sorts) and Pottery since 106 b.c or somewhere along that timeline. We spent 2 hrs there. I had such a good time there looking at all those exhibits, i almost wanted to sneak a picture or two..but decided against it.

( Yah...weird attire..haa i din care, i mix and match like crazy when i was over there. It was so much fun dressing up daily..haa)

My bf...cant resist scaring some poor bird take refuge at the ledge. haa...

After all the tiring yet fun experience at Kowloon, we quickly rushed back to hotel to change into more dressier attire to go to THE PEAK! Yep, the tram ride was shiok ar! Like going up on a roller coaster ride, just that there was no 200km/hr going down part. haa.. The panoramic view was worth ALMOST every cent of that expensive 10 minutes tram ride, ALMOST.

*Part of the Tram going up The PEAK.

We ate at the Burger King there. They had some burgers that you cant get in Sg, likewise that store din had my Mushroom burger.
The signs there were pretty funny, its not exactly iconic. Very picture-ress.

Well everyone would understand what they are trying to say isnt it? Good for them.

Even The Peak had a Mall.. see the que behind me? Its the tram que.

Blardy blood thirsty Hong Kongers...charge money for people to take tram then charge at the escalator again, to go up to the open air terrace for that breath taking view. Siao, i pay so much to take the tram liao, would i not pay more to get to that terrace for the view...SLY kias...

But well...it was genuinely lovely.

I Love the view. I love the man who brought me there.

We went to Madam Tussard and took lotsa weird photographs there. We almost had families and couples laughing at every of our hilarious poses. We din care...haa

He loves the Beetles. :)

But he dun like Jay Chou, that we know...Pretty obvious.

Call us the triplets. hehhee..

Part 2 of my Birthday at The Peak- Mdm Tussard coming up. FUN FUN FUNNNNN


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1:39 AM

MACAU Trip!!

We slot a "Macau day" in our Hong Kong Trip. We went on a Weekend, took a 10am ferry to Macau. The ferry was darn spacious and better than our stupid JetStar seats. Well, we paid SGD 60 for a 2 way ticket per person so well, not exactly budget either. Whenever Macau's name came up in any conversation, it is always linked with the idea of Casino or gambling. But we did none, we went for pure sightseeing. We only had 6 hours at the island before heading back to Hong Kong. So yah...

Packed with Tourists...

The famous St Paulo College or something like that. The place was fascinating. The buildings and the artefacts kinda opened my eyes to another religion.

The trip to Macau was made possible by my lovoly darling who planned, bought the tickets and brought me to all the places. Thanks for enduring with my niamings darling... :)

He looked so serene and happy... I am glad he was my companion on the trip.

We went to an old school cafe, served all the cheap cakes and pudding. So cute...and so affordable.

Ahh...my Fav scooter. Pinkishly cute..haa

Macau is really a beautiful place. All the dirty ah peks probably hang out at the Casinos, cos i only see lotsa families and aunties there. 6 hours were definitely not enough to explore the island...More more next time.


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1:11 AM

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Muahaha..i got a bouquet of flowers from my adorable buddies in the noon!

I just got back from Hong Kong yday noon ar. :)

Hong Kong very FUN man.. Capital F. hahhaa

i love Hong Kong and the culture there man. I wana go HONG KONG work ar!!!!!!! :)

Gonna show pics in next entry.

I went out with Jas n Shan the day my exams end, i was so freaking tired!!! upon Shan's recomendation, we went to some nice cafe at Bugis. darn niceee then we went Dempsy Road for Ben and Jerry!!! SHow pics next time!!

Jas got me a Channel Foundation

Shan bought me Masks, Eyeshadow

Cheryl bought me a Espirit Bag

Boyfriend bought me a Mango Bag, Breakfast at Kowloon Dim Sum Restaruant

PAAI and PacNet buddies got me the Bouquet of Flowers.

Yippee yeah! Gonna go Dinner at Crystal Jade with Lynn, Cheryl, Marian. Yipee.. :)
Sigh its raining cats and dogs daily...duno if the hiking if JI (Note: Theme is OLD SCHOOL-JI preferably) outing is still on onot.
Meeting 6+2 gang this week for dinner and crazy laughters
Meeting Kelvin for dinner n Movie tonight
Gg KTV with PAAI and maybe other pacnet guys on FRi Nite
GG out with Meiru and may be Sherin for Dinner... (hehe Meiru says anywhere i wan!!)


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3:36 PM

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