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SingaporeaNs Shy or What?
Tuesday, May 10, 2005
Haha..the title is not as harsh as it seemed .
Anyway just for an update , im currently a part timer who has a sprained ankle. Haiz....
I think i sprained my ankle last saturday while working with Pearl and her cousins. It was a carnival at Fort canning Hill , co organised by a Swiss bank (i think , because 80% of the people who came , was caucasians ) . Maybe while walking up the hill with bundles of table cloths (hey stop that sniggering ler , although its ONLY table cloths but it is kind of HEAVY k!!! ) or table that cause the slight sprain . Or maybe i hurt my ankle during my Street Jazz dance class last friday . In conclusion , im trying to say that i have no idea to why i hurt my ankle , i only realised i have hurt it when it HURTS. hahahhaa...sadly , its the truth .

My Legs Want a word with you all -> PAIN!!!!! PAIN!!! Cannot walk properly , have to wobble in such an ugly manner . We HATE MY Mistress...for not taking good care of us . We are such a nice and healthy pair of legs (hey its my legs voicing their opinions , not me! ) , and she did not seemed to treasure us . I think it is because she (Jolyn) always secretly habour hateful thoughts about us as she feels that we are the reason why she is so short and lack confidence among her peers . Wah lao ...she (JOLYN) dunnoe how to dance properly then dun go to the stupid dance class lah , pay so much to torture us ! Then she still wear ridiculous high heels that cause us undescribable Ache . Think she has a brain the size of a pea arh...torture us and never pamper us .
P.S : the above message is dictate by my pair of legs who seemed to be extremely unhappy with me . They tell me that as the 2 legs are adjoined , their feelings and thoughts are alike - therefore the suitable noun for the passage is WE .

Apart from my distasteful and rather boring life that i lead nowadays , i came across many similar accidents that prompt me to present the title above . Recently i believed many of you have come across controversial articles , about whether people should give up seat to the "needy" people . (needy is perceived differently by individuals , as there are people who feels pregnant women and young children under 5, are not needy .)
Personally , i have no qalms about giving up seats to people who really needs it , especially physically needy people . Hence i really do not understand intellectual individual who actually debate about individual's human rights and why they (perfectly physically well beings ) need and/or choose not to give up seats to pregnant and old , FRAIL people .

I actually read this article whereby this lady voiced her concern that one should not give up seats to anyone (especially pregnant women as when she was pregnant in the past , no one offer her a seat and she has never expect anyone to . ) as working adults are as tired and needy of seat in a CRAMPed train as needy people . I antagonize with the thought of agreeing with her or debunking her arguement as out of point . Rationally , she may be correct as i understand after a strenuous day of work (even in air conditioned office, work can be tiring ) , one will be physically and mentally drained. It is perfectly understandable but given due consideration , i still think we should put aside our strained mind and stressed body (yesh..i seriously believe body can feel STRESSED too .) and offer seat to needy people .

Can you sit there comfortablely and look at old ladies and men who are gray haired , wobbles at every train slowing down to a stop , holding their frail arms up and hanging desperately at the handles to prevent a FALL . A FALL that could have disasterous results. Can You bear that?
A probability of a Minor or major FAll of a pregnant lady is even unthinkable .

Maybe Singaporeans are afraid of rejections , that the offer could be rejected by the needy or offended a slightly plump woman by mistaking as pregnant . Believe me when i say this -Its Ok , i have been through that phrase before , yes it may be embarassing but the probability of rejection is low . Let me assure you that people and families with prams will be more than happy at your generous offer .

LAstly , sorry if i do offend anyone with this article . As numerous times in the crowded or even during off peak hours , many feign asleep or illusioned that they cant see the needy people , and some who appeared engrossed in their handphone , Books , newspapers .
No matter what dirty look i gave to people , they calmly ignore . Dirty look because once i gave a seat to a pregnant lady , a Healthy working adult dares to sit on it . AHHHh....

Once , on the same train ride i actually have to give up seats 3 times to different old ladies and a pregnant woman . I wonder why to many questions that ran through my mind that day .
Penned @
5:17 PM

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