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Blurz Me..
Sunday, February 20, 2005
To cut a long story short ..last friday i went to Tiong Baru Grand to watch Hide and Seek , to realised that it was the WRONG CInemA . I actually bought a Tiong baru plaza ticket , thinking that it was at Great world . Haiz...realisation dawned upon me when my ticket sub wrote HALL 6 , R05 and R06 and there was only Hall 1,2,3,4,5 ..no HAll 6. The Row of comfortable luring seats ended at row M..which i cleverly fathom with my primary school education that Row R is kinda far from M. Both my friend and I , was blankly staring at each other , wondering how could it be possible?? Till my friend took out his "enlightening" (pun of the bright light and the enlightenment that the mobile phone brings...heehee) handphone and saw the caption -TIONG BARU PLAZA !!~!!!!!

He was like !!!!!!!!! and i was like ??????? then the two of us went ..........................................
I earned a smack on my head and a deadly stare from him and yesh...if looks could kill , i could have been dead by then and no longer able to blog it out to you .

Blur event no. 2 : Yesterday i was with Marian and Max loitering in town . Due to the Chingay festival or whatever it is called , the whole place was packed like "lumps of ants around a cake" . Yuppie , why should i use the cliche "tins of sardines" when i feel that all these bunches ,or school or group (aiyah whatever the adjective for group of ants are called lar , i just think that they look like 1 lump here and 1 black lump there ) .
Stop Digressing ! Ok , then while the 3 of us were crossing a road , i tapped a girl infornt of me and chattered happily away with her , thinking that she was Marian . Till someone grabbed me from behind , which uncomfortably felt extremely like Marian's hand . That I-am-Not -Marian girl turn around and gave me a weird stare (why am i always getting the stares nowadays?? haiz...Poor me!) . Immediatly , i turn around and saw Marian grinning at me .

Ahh...woe is me . Stupid Me. Blur Me . A caution to all little kids or Full Time slacker out there , this is a story to warn you of the side effect that sleeping too many hours per day could harm you mentally.
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5:19 PM

The Real Me .
Thursday, February 17, 2005
Dear Diary :

I have officially been bumming around for 3 months and im seriously on the verge of Rotting away...till decomposing do us apart .
Most of my guy friends have gone to serve the national service while the girls start to work . That leaves me with little or practically no friend at all. How sad is that? Not very...because being the Full-time Bummer that im and a professional one at that , it would have to take more than 3 months to let me get sick of this "job" .

Anyway , recently one of my close friends has lamented that The Jolyn now has changed ..not for the better and sadly for the worse . He/She (the name -O) feels that im not as nice as before , the Jolyn that O used to know has vanished and leaves behind someone that has an undesirable character . Nope , O did not say it in an insulting manner , rather in a melocholny tone .
Being the usual Egoistical me , i find that somewhat depressing . I have no idea as to why O claims that and it hurts to hear that . I mean from the start , i have never try to lie that i have a "nice and ultra kind" personality . I reckon that to almost everyone , i have more or less "informed" one of the fact that i aint a very nice person , and only to certain people will i be nicer than "usual" .

I admit that i have always favoured O more than most of my friends thus resulting in them being green with envy , due to that . And for that perservance which i tried to be on my best behaviour around O , i have reaped in return ...a sad name -Changed .

Disclaimer : Im sorry , i have lied . I have tried desperately to shield you from the cold hard truth - that im a not a nice person at heart . I have omitted that particular crucial fact from you . I have tried hard to be nice , to shower care and concern and restrain any form of temper that may upwell along the way . Yes , i have behaved badly , im not who i show you to be . For that , i have lied .
But i don't think i have changed much , as i went to ask some of my close friends for some self reflections . I have always been this bad tempered and alittle nasty (if i may say so....alittle that is ) . And even if we were lovers , the honeymoon period has passed , and the real me cant be shield by the clouds always . Now the moonlight shone as brightly and clearer than ever . Im Sorry ...This is Me.

Lastly , what hurts me the most was O actually asked me if im a materialistic person . If i yearn for money more than feelings . Just because i have openly claimed that im shallow and everyone is more or less materialistic to certain extent , the question or rather the thought of O even questioning me of this "trait" was unforgivable (not literally , simply to portray my grieve ). My close friend , someone whom i held in high regard , actually fathomed me that way. Im ashamed and alittle insulted . Anyone can ask me that question , but not you , not any of my best friends . I forbid ! Is my intergrity worth that little in your heart ? How could you even think of asking me that question? I wonder at the question which at first seemed humourous but stings later .

*NAh , im just exaggerating alittle . Im just upset . It is just a small matter -heehee :)
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10:40 PM

Thursday, February 03, 2005
Hey all...Guess everyone is either busy working or Busy working.....*sad*
Except on Sundays when i get to play volleyball , i practically slack around every other day .

Ta da ...here it goes...my thoughts from this week of Bumming around .

Does everything or everyone in our life , has to fit well into our lifestyle or our circle of friends?
So what if a couple is deeply in love? They may break up because of their race's , religion and family's wealth differences , not because they are not in love . Once (many many years ago...sound very old har??) i broke up with my boyfriend of that time , due to our differences in character and lifestyle . I really like him alot and i cried buckets after that . From then on , i realised that loving someone is easy , maintaining that particular infatuation is rather tedious and hard . Love may be able to overcome all the obstacles coming ur way , but when harsh reality may set in and you may find that the loved one infront of you now is not whom you wants to marry and live "forever" with . Is'nt humans or the present generation -aka Us , kind of shallow then?

Are you not shallow or materialistic? Do you not want a pretty or at least presentable girfriend or boyfriend , so that you can proudly tell others that they are your the other half . Do you "dare" (i use the word dare because that is the most suitable word to use ) to find a boyfriend or girl friend who is plump , extremely short (oei...i am not extremely short k , just shorter than average people.. *bleah* ) and present them to all your friends? Which one of you has never fantasize of a handsome and pretty mate as your future half? The Bambi eyes , the Kawaii girls and lady with a hot saucy ,sexy body? Or men who have six packs and look like Zhen yi Jian?
Who wants to live in 1 room flat or stay with your in- laws full of parents , nephews and grandparents in a small flat? Who has never dreamt of a "Tai-tai" life , or even staying comfortablely in a 5 room flat ?

Women or ladies(whichever you prefer ) over the age of 20 or 25 , start to look out for Husband's material . When we (females , unless you are a gay ) were young , we have no limitations. Any kind of guy , regardless of race /religion (unless you are a racist ) or character (usually , the more "BAd-ess" he is , the more exciting he seems ) and even level of education does not matter to most of us . Because at that age , all that matters were present , and future seemed so far away , so untouchable .
But now ( okay , i am still young , maybe 5 years later ) , even the level of education counts , his monthly salary (whether it is more than hers ) and his circle of friends (whether they are ah bengs or not ) comes into stringent consideration . Women are more concerned about all these citeria, maybe because we have maternal intsinct , we want a comfortable life and life without constant battling with husband about money to pay bills , school fees .

Appearance that used to matter alot , cease to matter much now . As long as your partner looks presentable , all is well. Now we will look for guys less "bad-ess" , as it cease to be exciting to be with bad Boys anymore , the gamblers , racers , fighters (whether they are self proclaimed good or bad fighters , it does'nt matter because ultimately Fighters or aka ah bengs/boxers are not suitable as husband candidate , in case during a domestic quarrel , they intend to use their "powerful fist work" on you . ) will not be shortlisted anymore .

As scattered thoughts ramble on and on ...as you read

Car = convience . Bike = there may be hope to upgrade into a car . No bike , no car = Save money , hope to save for flat in the future. The older a woman is , the less age becomes a barrier . Younger women in their 20's seems to be particularly interested in MAture men in their 40's or 5o's ( funnily , wealth of these matured men always seemed to be a tangible asset of these suposedly "attractive" men , so claimed by these young women . Donald Trump 's wife is an excellent good example ..hee)

Soo weird - when we were teenagers , age always seemed to be a huge barrier , now it has evolute into an attractive package that comes with matured and well-to-do men . Now women over 20's loves nerdy , decent and more matured guys when in the past they detest these boys to the core( ok , maybe i exaggerate alittle ) , they disliked the stability and common-ess that these "nerds" have . And now these women crave for the stability , peace and "unexciting" men (does not include the sex life part) has to offer .

Women are weird creatures , are'nt they ? Do not bother to understand them , they are as changeable as chameleon , mood swing that patterns like the weather in Singapore - unpredictable . Do not even attempt to try to reason with them , as logic seems to fail in their conversation . Rules and regulations apply only to you (the boyfriend ) , it does not apply to us -the girl friends (yesh , its double standard...) . What they (women) can do , You Cant . What you Cant do , they Can . Women strives to trivialise the important matters and blow simple matters out of proportion . HAha ...learn to love your girlfriends and suppressed the unfair-ness that you feel .
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1:03 AM

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