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Thursday, December 28, 2006
Merry Xmas to everyone..
Im superby busy (ok..may be i was not , just busy SLACKING at home the whole holidays. ) Im using a different login account hence i dont have all the pictures , songs and other stuffs hence i dont feel like blogging either. Hmmz...
Cheryl Birthday 1st...we had a fun time at Bakerzin , Vivocity.
K.H actually dared to request for the complimentary cake that we had during lynn's birthday last month there.
Tada..Cheryl n Kenny on her happy 22nd Birthday!

Thats the 3 best friends

Thats Darling K.H and Moi~ :)

The Xmas Eve ...i meet up with the Triple J n Samantha for dinner at Changing Appetite in Marina Sq. The particular day happens to be DAnny n Jasmine birthday (yesh..i have lotsa birthdays this mth..)

Take pictures with handphone while we had nothing to do. haa...Gothic Shan n me;)
....Duno whats the hell wrong with Blogspot. I cldnt upload the pictures taken at Hilton Hotel. Sian...the Xmas eve party cum Danny's birthday was quite gd. I had lotsa fun especially the Bluff game n the countdown in Town
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1:19 PM

Rainbow..when will you come?
Saturday, December 23, 2006
There is a time n place for everything..
It isnt always what you expected , what you want...but the best that you are getting now may not be what you wish at all.
But there is nuthing you can do abt it. You can only sit and wait it out..
wait for the rain to stop..
for the drizzling to end
for the storm to pass
for the rainbow to come
for the colours to light up ur life
for the wind to blow through your hair
for the clouds to clear
for u to say i love u
for you to stay
for you to know i love you too

one day..faith will be there for fate to reconcile..
believing they say , will come true one day
one day ..do you believe ?
in me?
in you?
in us?

*P.S...dun understand? i dun understand whats most of the mumbo jumbo im typing away. enjoy the flow of words... ;)
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4:12 AM

Life should be Simple
Monday, December 18, 2006
One full week of slacking away. It is simply a luxury to not mug everyday away. I love life..the vibrant n colourful nature of ppl's personality, sometimes i love life..sometimes i hate life.

Life is ok without my results. When it is released...i will die... may my Wrath be contained. *sighz...
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5:40 PM

Monday, December 11, 2006
Tada~And the birthday gal goes Melaka 2 daes after her birthday on the 8th. Actually we went J.B 1st then set forth for Melaka on the 9th...

Wah...So fresh and happy at the start of the trip...Lets take pictures to kill boredom..The 8 people on the "special Educational Trip~" *winkz Dats Xiao Jing n Alex
Xiuwen n Roger
PeiShi n Derrick
Me n Mr K.H...


-Then after 30minutes later there was another way of Killing time..Couple by couple..down they go..except the Hyper Me~~ ;)

Was the journey this boring? Are we in a lecture hall? The Tired...the shagged..the slanted heads..the mouth... Ipod is wasted on u guys. *tsk tsk..waste batteries..haa
And My lynn was right abt Mr Sleepy Head..He sure is sleepy...
And so the gang..The sleepy gang...we sleep everywhere and anywhere. 8 of us went to watch a movie at some Melaka's cinema. 7 of us slept at one point of time. The 3 rd row..we were all sleeping..My my...the 1st time i came out with so many sleepy heads..haa
What a Tripz. It was Great FUn...other than the sleeping away part. Gonna upload what we actually did , other than sleeping away. The next post ba..im feeling Slpy oreadi *yawnz*
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6:19 PM

22nd...Oh...i aint Teenager anymore??
Life is getting kinda hectic the few days after my exams ended on the 5th. Cos my birthday was on the 6th and i prepared a mini bbq for close friends...(okok...my mini didnt exactly turn out as mini as i thought it would.) Lynn probably have lotsa comments abt my miniature bbq that was understaffed, not prepared n very disorganised. Its understandable since the organiser is me and i only have 1 day to prepare everything..yesh i mean EVERYTHING-6th. Lucky for me , i have organised friends and i dont mean Samantha...she is my gd friend not for nuthing...we share a "ad hoc characteristic" for birthday celebration. I decided that if any day i niam Sam about her disorganised bbq , could someone enlighten me about mine? Haa...
The Preparation Time :

See..my "De li Zhu Shou" ...The ones at the bbq pit is Cheryl n Kenny ..the Pigs....eat n eat nia...haaa
How can there be no best frnds? Cheryl n Lynn...My fav gals..
How could we forget The TripLe Js
The 10 yrs, lower sec best buddies n my melaka trip's mates. The shortest gang around. Haa

The taiwan buddies n the rest are either not in my computer or is in other people's camera. My 22nd birthday...Hell, messy as it was...it was fun. Especially the Mac gathering. My last Bbq , at least for the decade. haa
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5:27 PM

Monday, December 04, 2006
Miramar hotel was great..the food was yummy, 3 of us stuffed ourselves to the fullest man. Thanks the 2 of them sOoo Much...wanted to sms them and state how touched i was abt the chocolate cake that i gotten frpm Swiss Bake and the present. I was touched genuinely...everything wasnt cheap *the DIM SUM BUFFET WASNT..ok la for 3 person it wasnt, * and they did it for me . I din even do so much for them...WTH im ashamed at myself.

I Felt Loved...Im guity nowadaes...i was so freaking bz that when shan called me the past few daes i cant tok to her and jas had to make do with my short calls and you know what, they were calling me about my present. What i wan and so forth...couldnt i be more appreciative?? Assure you , i was but Bbq being the dae after my ;ast paper din make things easy. I wasnt that harped on the bbq..it aint a big thing.
Th point of bbq wasnt to be a HUGE WONDERFUL BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION...so dun worry guys, i just intended that so that i could celebrate the day with my good friends..people i wanna celebrate the special day with..To tell people thanks for being there and helping along the way. Im here...Happy cos of you guys..Im here smiling cos ya all helped me erased the unhappiness that once lingers..Im around n Jumping cos you guys din allow me to sit and mop.

6th dec...lets us all have fun and *pray* that everything will be sufficient and wun have bottlenecks. ;)

*due to the time contrainst and place..i could only invite less than 20 ppl... ;(
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1:42 PM

Friday, December 01, 2006
I received my 1st birthday present 2 days ago..from Xj, Peishi , Xw.. They are so nice..hmmz gonna post a nice picture of my presents when im free. Thanks gals for the day n present. X.W was so funny..cant wait for next weekend. ;)

Anyway..im going for dim sum lunch with Mei Ru n Pei jun. They gonna me treat me and i happen to Love~~ Dim Sum. haa.. Stupid Z.Q , ask me why i wun get tired of Dim Sum cos i always dragged him to Geylang for Dim Sum after our movies. *bleh*...

I Lovee Dim Sum...must wake up early tml so i can reach town by 11.30am. *dying*...
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5:38 PM

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